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Conferences Love Cruise Everything (Protected)
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Ralph the weasel...
How come this guy is getting a free ride from everyone? First he leaves Michael out to dry when Chitown was exposed, now tonight he doesn't giv
18 messages
10-18-01 12:57 PM
LIve Chat with Michael tonight at 11:00 est
I'm going to be on the radio between 8-10 est with Jeanette, Bob and Ralph, but if I make it back from that in time I would love to do a chat an
shakes the clown
6 messages
10-17-01 10:00 PM
I want a second opinion...
...or a third, fourth, or fifth. I'm inviting anyone who actually participated on this show, worked on, or produced LoveCruise to step up a
0 messages
10-17-01 04:16 PM
A few things I'd like to know:
1. Did Anthony find himself homeless after the show? (Not to be a #####, but if anyone deserves it...) 2. Who did Tomi
0 messages
10-17-01 04:05 PM
What's on the t-shirts
Just curios... more than one time during the series you saw Mike wearing tshirts that someone felt the need to edit the content off of. Were just jus
0 messages
10-17-01 03:47 PM
What was censored on Michael?
Last night and once before, whatever was displayed on Michael's shirt got fuzzed out. Was it something to oscene even for Fox? Or was it a plu
Fast Eddie
1 messages
10-17-01 03:43 PM
Thank You Shakes/Mike
I enjoyed this show. I really did. There was no way to know that people would be so sick of NEWS, that we would NEED some fluff. Well we did ne
Drive My Car
6 messages
10-17-01 03:04 PM
No offense Mike
but Love Cruise was horrible!! Very disorganized and the finale was even more boring. However, did great on the show and I am very impressed w
6 messages
10-17-01 03:04 PM
did the right people win?
were melissa and darin the right people to win? I think so, basically because i didn't like michael very much. What i don't agree with is the
0 messages
10-17-01 02:57 PM
After the show
When are we gonig to be able to get up dates about the people now that the show is over..I would like to know what happend to everyone and who Mellisa
1 messages
10-17-01 02:50 PM
Someone was gay on that ship
I totally think Tony came out to Darin during thier "special" conversation the night before Tony left the boat. Or maybe not, but why was he bl
0 messages
10-17-01 02:08 PM
I hope they all get therapy...
...because this was one screwed up bunch. I do have two main questions, though. What do they mean by a trip around the world? What w
7 messages
10-17-01 01:52 PM
My thoughts on this catastrophe
Basically Moronic Productions (borrowing from Planet Sucks on that one) really screwed this one up. Their editing was some of the worst ever, t
5 messages
10-17-01 01:43 PM
Tony's problem?
So Darin tells Melissa that he and tony had had a really good conversation the night before Tony left the boat. And then Melissa starts on about "w
0 messages
10-17-01 01:42 PM
michael was the real winner...
its just too bad mikey lost all those leis... i mean votes, to all those whiners. he was the show.. the michael cruise show.
5 messages
10-17-01 01:16 PM
Episode Seven Preview (with pictures)
[font color="#009900"][b]****Warnin- ... this thread contains major plot spoilers of the season finale of Love Cruise. Do NOT
11 messages
10-17-01 01:09 PM
This is what I thought of the whole thing
DUD! I knew they were gonna win. Poor Darren! He let himself be played. That is his own fault. I thought Melissa's outburst was hysterical. She
2 messages
10-17-01 12:49 PM
I HATE This F-ing SHOW !!!!!!!!!!!!! s/User_files/3ad2708a6db60330.gif
Drive My Car
7 messages
10-17-01 12:36 PM
Chessmaster Michael = Stale Mate
If Michael is the "Chessmaster" he will forever go down as the "Stale Mate". This guy was such a dud that he couldn't even garner a single v
0 messages
10-17-01 09:41 AM
So Did MELISSA do the world with DARIN???
At the end of the showshe said they would do the world... but she didn't say they would do it TOGETHER. Sincer the show was taped long ago.. does an
3 messages
10-17-01 09:35 AM
Life after the Cruise
I was reading on a message board somewhere (cough... cough.. fox... cough) that allegedly Lisa was on a Radio morning talk show recently and had s
5 messages
10-17-01 02:06 AM
Lisa, The Reality Show Circuit & Other Observations
Am I the only person on this messageboard that realizes that Love Cruise is not the first "reality show" that Lisa has disgraced with her presence
20 messages
10-17-01 01:07 AM
Love Cruise Chat tonight
Sorry for the late notice, but I will be available for chat tonight at 11:00 est. Feel free to come in and ask some questions about the
shakes the clown
4 messages
10-17-01 00:33 AM
Toni and her Tirade
Okay, so im a bit late but im watching that final scene again with toni going nuts and i have a question for the more dedicated followers of teh sho
7 messages
10-16-01 10:59 PM
Ralphs Fan Club
OK Yall here is the Deal.....about 50 people just all gathered in my house to watch the final LC. We all decided to post and let Ralph know, or th
0 messages
10-16-01 10:33 PM
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