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Darin and Tomiko an Item?
Just checking out those party photos. A lot of them have Darin and Tomiko sitting/standing right by each other. Are/were they dating after the cru
1 messages
10-12-01 03:35 PM
Not over yet with Anthony and Tont
We will definately see more of Anthony and Tony, just because they made such spectacles of themselves on the show and on these boards. Tony will mos
9 messages
10-12-01 12:37 PM
Michael Nose
Yes, this is my personal theory about why Michael is going to win, it's that Roman nose of his. Honest, I mean it; noses like that, not t
2 messages
10-12-01 11:38 AM
Mike SUCKS!!! [View All]
Mike SUCKS! He should have been one of the first voted off. His big dumb overweight jew role is pathetic. I can't stand to hear his voice anymor
46 messages
10-12-01 07:08 AM
Just a Suggestion
I have just spent the past hour reading through anti-Mike threads, and as many of you have stated, these are redundant, dull, and not really w
2 messages
10-11-01 05:43 PM
What was said in the chat last night?
I missed it! Did Shakes explain how Toni ended up getting the boot after the two-two tie in the men's jury? Did he mention
6 messages
10-11-01 05:41 PM
Let's Analyze How Jury Will Vote
I hate the way that this show keeps changing the rules. Bringing a 3rd couple into the finals is just not fair. However, based on the preview for th
3 messages
10-11-01 02:01 PM
uncontrollable Bob cravings
Last night episode did it... it renewed my unexplained interest in passive-aggressive Bob. MY, Bob sure looked confident in his role as the unoffic
12 messages
10-11-01 11:28 AM
Love Cruise Chat tonight
Hey guys, As you know I've been away for a few days and am just getting a chance to look at the boards. So, I plan on stay
shakes the clown
16 messages
10-11-01 08:56 AM
My theory on why Mike wins
Ok here goes. I think Mike and Jeanette win, based on information I have gleaned from Shakes personaility. Go with me on this one. Ok%2
19 messages
10-11-01 08:42 AM
Bye Bye Toni
Loved last nites episode. Especially the last ten minutes. Anthony if your reading this I liked how you played on Toni. you played her so right she
17 messages
10-11-01 07:28 AM
Lisa or anyone who knows her-come in here!
Both my sister and I watch the show avidly and she is a huge fan of Lisa:). She would love to get the chance to talk to her, so if any of you kn
1 messages
10-11-01 02:56 AM
Anthony's "secret"
Remember how he said he was a diamond and to Tomiko that he wasn't showing a certain side of himself? Everyone is wondering what is so
1 messages
10-11-01 02:01 AM
Rudy B. the Seal slated for Love Cruise II
I just want to start a campaign (KidHell, ya listening?) to get Rudy Boesch, the old ex-Seal from Survivor, on the next Love Cruise (ass
3 messages
10-11-01 01:54 AM
Off beat question for ya all
What is with the bananas? lolol Maybe I am missing something?
1 messages
10-11-01 01:45 AM
I have new found respect for Anthony after last night........
First of all let me say that this is my first post ever on the RealityTVWorld web site and I guess it is pretty much an admission that I am hooked on
2 messages
10-11-01 00:56 AM
Condolences to SkyRaider. . .
I don't know what you're going to do to stay awake during the finale, because THE BANANAS ARE GONE! Yup. Unceremoniously discarded for a bunch
George Tirebiter
9 messages
10-10-01 11:26 PM
Does Lovecruise really suck?
Is this the most forgettable reality show ever? I say yes. The rules are being made up while we go. It is advertised as a really hot "love" c
3 messages
10-10-01 09:02 PM
Two faces
Oh please Toni is such a fraud, anyone who share the money with her, has got to be CRAZY!!!!She has got two faces alright, but preaches
9 messages
10-10-01 09:00 PM
HEY, Michael!!! Are you still practicing law???
I was just curious what your firm has thought about your being on this show. I'm an attorney, as is my husband. My husband works for a big firm%
0 messages
10-10-01 07:52 PM
Questions for sleeeve
I read all of your hypothesis, but after what i've saw tonight... Well what do you think is gonna happen next? Because in the preview
3 messages
10-10-01 07:47 PM
Hey kidhell, is that you?
Just wondering if that's you shown out partying with the cast in the photos of the winter reunion in Chicago. kidhell... Kenny Hull... Hull's a d
1 messages
10-10-01 05:18 PM
Now I'm totally confused!
We all know Toni is a drama queen/cry baby, but I don't get it. What's her angle? Is she in love with Greg? Does she really like Jeannette
3 messages
10-10-01 04:42 PM
Spoiler!!! [View All]
I just looked again at my tape of last night's show. In the previews for tonight's show where it shows Mike hugging Jeanette on the beach, I saw
21 messages
10-10-01 04:29 PM
Pull up anchor
How many people out there wanted them to pull up anchor when Toni ran off the boat to hug Jeanette? Too bad big brother rules didnt apply and that w
4 messages
10-10-01 04:08 PM
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