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Go Michael
Michael/Shakes, I hope tomorrow is a REALLY good day for you and that you kick some ass :) Even if you don't win, which I don't t
2 messages
10-16-01 10:31 PM
Anthony the Clown didn't let me down, he asked a real good question, got some good reaction...he's a sore loser, and a loser (Anthony, i
0 messages
10-16-01 10:20 PM
The only damn reason I watched!
Mike=Good TV! Yeah, It would have been nice to see you guys get a few votes, but what the hell! Thanks Shakes for making the show watchabl
0 messages
10-16-01 09:56 PM
Preshow Spoiler?
I was just on the FOX site and lo and behold there are three women who are not covered up with the little ship graphic that shows that they've been
1 messages
10-16-01 08:41 PM
Who's Gonna Win... VOTE NOW!!! [View All]
Yes, that's right. The sails are down and the ship's sliding into port. It's time to figure out which two of these whores will get
23 messages
10-16-01 08:04 PM
****LoveCruiseSinks Official Episode #6 Summary..........."EYES WIDE SLUT"....******
[b]EYES WIDE SLUT[/b] For those of you who are too lazy to read this entire pile of crap that I liberally call a summary,
shakes the clown
16 messages
10-16-01 02:12 PM
Love Cruise mentioned on Howard Stern this morning
Howard and Robin agreed the show has been overlooked and they dig it. I'd bet money he'd talk with shakes on the air. Gotta grab those 15 minutes-
0 messages
10-16-01 01:46 PM
the obvious winner and why......
Ok, Everyone’s theories on who wins have some validity. But no one has mentioned the obvious winner. Justin, the ho
1 messages
10-16-01 11:51 AM
Tomiko's Love Cruise site
Hey guys, Tomi gave me permission to post a link to her LC site...she's still working on a few things, but she has some cool stuff in
shakes the clown
7 messages
10-15-01 12:36 PM
Toni's health
Is anyone else concerned about Ms. personal trainer's health? Seems to me if she keeps exploding as she has been, she's lining herself up, i
Frau Hexe
4 messages
10-15-01 11:08 AM
weigh-out west..
my local broadcast listings for 9 pm, tuesday, october 16, 2001... channel 36... life with mikey (1993) (comedy) channe
0 messages
10-15-01 09:35 AM
Mike is a BIG BIG BIG BIG Winner.....
Just thought that I would start a nicer string:) hehe Actually I like Melissa the best and Darin but Mike is playing an awesome game. Anthon
1 messages
10-14-01 10:16 PM
Why jeanette shouldnt win (even though she probably will) [View All]
Argh. i just saw the 2nd to last episode and im pissed that jeanette is still there. I'll start with why i think she shouldnt win. Michae
49 messages
10-14-01 11:58 AM
Episode #6 summary to be posted tomorrow afternoon.
Sorry for the delay, just been way way too busy to sit down and even read the boards, yet alone post anything. Started writing the summary today
shakes the clown
4 messages
10-14-01 01:04 AM
Final Episode Preview
Sleeve, I was wondering if you are going to post a final episode preview with the pictures? I have never posted here before but I scan the message
0 messages
10-13-01 07:44 PM
Questions, Rantings, and Props. (all purpose thresd)
Dear clown.. first things first... *SMACK!* ;-) I have to say that you NEVER cease to amaze me. There's alot I have to say, so hold off
19 messages
10-13-01 02:22 PM
"im over here" anyone catch this line between toni and darrin?
Okay, its another pointless post but I had that last episode on my tivo and flipped through it because i had to confirm something. About
4 messages
10-13-01 01:56 PM
Mike's Attitude
"And besides, the fact is that I dislike ALL of them anyway so what’s to figure out?" I can't understand why Mike sai
4 messages
10-13-01 01:37 PM
toni the "martyr"
is it me, or does toni not know the meaning of the word martyr, she kept calling michael a martyr. but a martyr is someone who sacrafices themself
5 messages
10-13-01 01:28 PM
Autosuggestion and my prediction .....
I have a portfolio, And a coy ego. I own Gucci And Legg Mason tees. I make a prophesy
0 messages
10-13-01 12:40 PM
DUMP the "Episode Summary" Page
The episode summaries have become pathetic. Did someone commit to something he can't deliver? Can you delete the entire page and make your websi
0 messages
10-13-01 11:24 AM
mike is a BIG BIG BIG LOSER [View All]
i don't know why your fat ass did not get booted off to LOSER island where you OBVIOUSLY belong, no one liked you , Lisa only kissed you b/c s
24 messages
10-13-01 00:27 AM
Who do you think is gonna win?
My opinion about it? I DON'T KNOW who is gonna win!!!-_-* BUT I hope that it will be Tomiko. People never talk about her, BUT
2 messages
10-12-01 07:17 PM
Anthony... playing the game or not?
You know something has been bothering me... (and I hate to admit that something from LC is actually bothering me...) when shakes was bei
0 messages
10-12-01 04:36 PM
Discouraging Casting :'( [View All]
A topic many seem to be oblivious to is the blatant prejudism on this show. I have always wanted to be on a reality show (Real World, Road Rules%
52 messages
10-12-01 04:15 PM
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