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Conferences Love Cruise Everything (Protected)
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Who's safe this week?
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 10-01-01 AT 01:16 AM (EST)[/font] OK, who do we know/speculate is safe this week? %0
6 messages
10-01-01 08:13 PM
Please help I will pay
I know you must have all seen the 1st 2 episodes, but I am wondering who taped the 1st episode? I will pay for the tape. I was suppose to write a
1 messages
10-01-01 06:41 PM
****OFFICIAL LOVECRUISESINKS EPISODE #2 SUMMARY:.........."The Never Ending Subplot"..******* [View All]
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 09-29-01 AT 08:44 PM (EST)[/font] [b]THE NEVER ENDING SUB-PLOT[/b] Wow
shakes the clown
28 messages
10-01-01 06:26 PM
NOT-SO-SERIOUS Questions for Mike-Shakes
1--Ok, if you're hangin' with people from the show, you don't REALLY dislike them, do you? 2--Why are you wearing Fisherman J
10 messages
10-01-01 05:11 PM
Top Ten Reasons Michael Cannot Dance
Here is my first attempt at a Top Ten List.... From the home office in Suburban Chicago, Illinois, here is the Top Ten Reasons Michael
14 messages
10-01-01 02:59 PM
Love Cruise review and preview per TV guide
Here's an article recommending the Love Cruise from TV guide. It also has some information about tonight's episode. If the intelligence test is
Mumbo Jumbo
0 messages
10-01-01 01:29 PM
Love Cruise Sinks picked as Editor's Choice on
Here is a link and the text to a story from Apparently, my mediawhore star keeps burning brighter and brighter...great job to
shakes the clown
4 messages
10-01-01 01:20 PM
Episode Three Preview (with Pictures)
Okay... so it took me forever, but better late than never... Here's the preview for the next episode: [b][u]Previe
4 messages
10-01-01 12:38 PM
Love Cruise opening and possible spoilers
Two shots from the opening that I'm wondering if they might have spoiler value... 1) there's a shot of Greg right when he's introdu
0 messages
10-01-01 02:40 AM
Just wanted to say.......
Hello to everyone, new here to this board. I had heard lots about this Love Cruise but didn't really pay much attention to it, except for that c
7 messages
09-30-01 00:25 AM
***LOVECRUISESINKS OFFICIAL EPISODE #1*** ....."Toni's got a squeeze box she wears on her chest" [View All]
[i]Before I begin with the summary let me just say a couple of things (like you actually have a choice). As most of you know, I am a
shakes the clown
44 messages
09-30-01 00:19 AM
Newsflash!! Shakes the Clown is REALLY Bob! [View All]
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 09-28-01 AT 01:48 PM (EST)[/font] As you are probably aware, I have maintained from the sight o
29 messages
09-29-01 06:08 PM
Did you see Shakes do his belly flop?
In Episode 2, when they were doing dives off the boat at midnight, right after Laura did her perfect dive, did anybody else catch Shakes doing a
6 messages
09-29-01 11:34 AM
My read on these people
I could be totally off, but... DUDES 1. Ralph= loud funny guy, no bs, in your face badda bing badda boom.. definitely a
5 messages
09-29-01 01:51 AM
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 09-25-01 AT 09:56 PM (EST)[/font] The reviews were wrong... Lisa was NOT dragged crying ove
18 messages
09-28-01 11:55 PM
Next Two? Adrian and Lisa
New guy, blahblahblah. Looking at the photos on that spolier page, I make an educated guess that the next two voted off are Lisa and Ad
1 messages
09-28-01 10:33 PM
Tubbs is Alive and Well on Luv Snooze...
Is it just me or does Adrian look EXACTLY like Philip Michael Thomas from Miami Vice? Not sure if this question has been asked or spoken
0 messages
09-28-01 01:04 PM
This show is such a ........
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 09-26-01 AT 02:18 AM (EST)[/font] Steaming pile of sh!t. One of the aspects of reality t
14 messages
09-28-01 12:44 PM
Fitting shot of Toni in the opening...
Anyone else notice it? ds/User_files/3ba54c651dd9e63f.jpg
13 messages
09-28-01 09:49 AM
Love Cruise Main Theme? [View All]
What's the theme song on that show?? Or does anyone know where I can get it?? Thank you!! :)
25 messages
09-28-01 09:29 AM one started a Gilligan Isle Theme song yet?
I was waiting for someone to start this...but I couldn't help myself. Here we go: (sung to the Gilligan Island theme song) %0
1 messages
09-28-01 07:48 AM
Behind the scene video clips on
Hey guys, thought you might like to know that there are a whole slew of behind the scene video clips (real player) at the official site. %0
shakes the clown
0 messages
09-28-01 02:10 AM
Negative Nielson Rating a First...
[u][b]TV Analyst Gazette[/b][/u] 26 Sep 01 [center][i]FOX Network's [b]Love Cruise[/b] recorded th
7 messages
09-27-01 11:30 PM
How we met Michael and Bob
Me and my wife were in Grenada on our honeymoon. The place we stayed was the Coyaba Beach Resort. It was really cool. The only bad thing is, all
5 messages
09-27-01 08:02 PM
Jeaneete & Melissa... did they fall overboard?
Damn, this editing is even worse than The Not So Amazing Race -- did anyone even see these two in the show? And did Andrea get to say
10 messages
09-27-01 05:49 PM
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