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Toni, take your own advice...
While you're in a position of power you're quick to mention that it's "only a game", yet that doesn't stop you from balling out your eye
6 messages
10-03-01 04:23 PM
Drama Queen Toni is so phoney!
Why didn't Toni save Adrian? I thought it was jacked up that Toni let Adrian get voted off after he helped her win the switch card! She told eve
4 messages
10-03-01 04:20 PM
The Chessmaster and The Chestmaster
...the bulging-eyeball, floppy hat weasel showdown is nearly here! :) Not to mention Anthony's "hurting people... maliciously%2
2 messages
10-03-01 02:26 PM
Hey Chessmaster!
OMG! This was the best Ep. yet! Shakes... I have to tell you, you're my "Nick" *giggle* You're staying out of the personal controver
14 messages
10-03-01 01:04 PM
Love Cruise singalong
based on Bob Seiger's "Night Moves" [b]Love Cruise[/b] We're just into fall Waitin' for some new shows%
1 messages
10-03-01 12:59 PM
Christopher Darden was ripped off by Michow: "We have a breakdown of the integrity of the jury."
Or subtitled: "Hell hath no fury like a momma's boy scorned." Really showed that Lisa, didn't he? Quite a man, that Mic
1 messages
10-03-01 12:40 PM
Sig pic up for grabs! if the shoe fits...
2 messages
10-03-01 12:33 PM
Is Lisa for real or we all being "had"? [View All]
The more I think of how obvious Lisa was in getting Greg the ax in episode 3, the more I am beginning to think that noone could be so stupid than to
22 messages
10-03-01 11:03 AM
When are some of the girls going to make out?
Come on, folks. Some of these girls have to be a little "bi-curious," if you know what I mean. I want to see some lesbo stuff and I want it
13 messages
10-03-01 09:57 AM
Episode Four Preview (with pictures)
[i][b]Announcer:[/b] Next, on the Love Cruise... [b]Michael:[/b] I think I'm becoming kind of the chessmaster on
14 messages
10-03-01 01:08 AM
Tomcat Cruise - Entertainment Weekly
Let me preface everything I'm about to write by saying that in no way am I trying to diminish the tragedy that our country is going through by expre
3 messages
10-02-01 11:57 PM
Most ironic comment
Anthony... to Michael: "You hurt people... maliciously" Damn, where have I heard that comment before??? :%
9 messages
10-02-01 11:46 PM
Ep4 Vote Time
1) Post the name of the people that you think will get the boot as the title of your thread. 2) Post any analysis (and any other pred
29 messages
10-02-01 08:55 PM
Lisa! Say it isn't so!!!!
I hope that what we saw tonight was Fox's editing and not Lisa being evil. Yikes! Talk about a set-up better than the Trojan Horse!
17 messages
10-02-01 08:38 PM
Shakes the Clown
Hopefully you recognize the username from somewhere else. What is up? The show is hilarious. We have been looking for you to show up lately. If y
7 messages
10-02-01 06:46 PM
LC Chat Schedule
Is there a Love Cruise chat schedule? Windjammer Bar and Grille? Did I miss it? d
4 messages
10-02-01 05:39 PM
who will pair up?
The girls will be choosing again.. who do you see pairing up?? From the preview it looks like Ralph and Lisa are bunkmates..any other speculatio
5 messages
10-02-01 04:57 PM
Did Helen Keller do the Sound Editing on this piece of crap??
This lame as$ed show was taped a year ago, they had plenty of time to edit the sound, the cinemaphotography, the sequencing - all of it - ye
2 messages
10-02-01 04:35 PM
you haven't seen the last of gina
see more of gina at
15 messages
10-02-01 02:37 PM
Whats LOVE got to do with it?
NOTHING! These people have zero chemistry. They don't even really like each other. All this love connection crapola, is gonna give
4 messages
10-02-01 12:45 PM
Toni is NOT FAT! [View All]
I keep reading that girls say Toni is FAT! Nothing could be further from the truth! If we ignore her breast implants, Toni has a fine "R
21 messages
10-02-01 09:56 AM
Strange Show
This is the strangest reality show I've seen to date! There doesn't seem to be any point to the actual game, unlike most other reality based
1 messages
10-02-01 09:35 AM
anyone tape episode 1
Is there anyone out there that taped the first episode? I would be willing to pay for a copy of it. Please help me if you can i need it for my colle
1 messages
10-01-01 11:06 PM
bring back sideshow
if someone would just chop michael bolton's curly locks, he might just get some leg... i mean off loser island what about bob
0 messages
10-01-01 11:05 PM
Are we voting for bootees this episode or not?
Don't want to step on any toes by starting a vote thread, but the show is on in less than 6 hours.
25 messages
10-01-01 09:07 PM
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