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Conferences Love Cruise Everything (Protected)
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Notice concerning Love Cruise boards:
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 08-21-01 AT 03:54 PM (EST)[/font] It has been brought to my attention that someone is posting on
0 messages
08-21-01 02:55 PM
Love Cruise "Deception" Preview (Many Pics)
Okay... I vidcapped another of the million previews that Fox is running for this show... I won't be able to do all of them, but I might get one or
11 messages
08-20-01 04:00 PM
Dancing idea...
This is from the Woman's Own article.... it seems to clarify a couple of things about the dancing scenes that were being considered for possible spo
1 messages
08-20-01 01:01 PM
Love Cruise "Steamy" Preview (With Pics)
Here's the third preview in the series... I'm calling it the "steamy" preview. [B][U]Preview Transcript[/U][/B]
5 messages
08-19-01 02:28 PM
Love Cruise "Bonding" Preview (With Pics)
There are several new previews of Love Cruise out... I plan to vidcap them all and post them, but I will only post shots not appearing in other prev
7 messages
08-19-01 02:03 PM
Positional Analysis...
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 08-19-01 AT 01:05 PM (EST)[/font] OK, maybe these two photos are from Day 1 and there's nothi
1 messages
08-19-01 12:46 PM
More pic's of cast.....
From the FOX are some pic's of the men and women of Love Cruise.....go to the site for even more pic's and contestant bio's%0
shakes the clown
7 messages
08-18-01 03:26 PM
Theme Song!
Well, I assume it's the theme song....go to the webpage and give it a's kinda like a sexy saxy "Love Boat" like melody....%0
1 messages
08-18-01 02:59 AM
Review of LC
In Soap Opera Weekly, they gave a favorable review of LC. A quote from Mary Ellis Bunim, "W ethink they're quite likeable. Some of them beco
4 messages
08-14-01 05:27 PM
Interview Videos
of the cast have been added at the FOX site. Find out what kind of woman shakes thinks would complement him. I am going to show much restraint and n
2 messages
08-10-01 11:54 AM
Love Cruise Launches at
The new website was added to the page tonight... and on the page is an important announcement: The show will premeire on Septembe
3 messages
07-09-01 09:59 PM
Love Cruise air dates
HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - In the past few years, Fox Broadcasting Co. has made a habit of announcing one fall series in May that somehow doesn't e
0 messages
07-05-01 10:08 AM
Love Cruise Preview Vidcaps (Many Pics)
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 06-13-01 AT 03:43 AM (EST)[/font] Okay... here we go with the first installment of Love Cruise pr
17 messages
06-30-01 09:11 AM
New Love Cruise Commercial tonight
They showed a new Love Cruise commercial during Boston Public tonight. There were new pictures of some of the guys in tuxes with that same bug-eyed b
1 messages
06-18-01 02:23 AM
I saw the commercial for "Love Cruise"!!!
Yup, last night I saw the commercial twice - things must be heating up for Shakes "Love Cruise"-wise, which could explain his sudden disappear
10 messages
06-12-01 10:48 AM
Woman's Own magazine article on Love Cruise
Here, I transposed an article from Woman's Own magazine about LC...this article was out in the March edition...and don't ask cause I never heard
shakes the clown
11 messages
06-06-01 03:45 PM
LC cast photo [View All]
..this comes from the Entertainment Weekly article that was out in December....a little grainy, but you get the idea.... http:/
shakes the clown
61 messages
06-05-01 04:46 PM
I've got a real Love Cruise Spoiler!!!
I think that I have a true spoiler about LC... I think that shakes the clown (aka Mike) survives until at least the second episode... H
6 messages
05-11-01 01:37 AM
Love Cruise Spoiler...
Says shakes regarding his evil master plan... >>It was always my plan to try and infultrate a website, become one of the more respect
12 messages
05-11-01 00:42 AM
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