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Conferences Love Cruise Everything (Protected)
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Does this game have any actual rules?
This show gets more confusing and arbitrary every episode. Why go to the trouble to vote people off when they can arbitrarily be brought back during
2 messages
10-10-01 04:02 PM
Michael: Newsflash!!!
How far did you think playing ugly sweet guy would get you? Unlike some of you supporters, I don't think that it's any monumental feat that yo
2 messages
10-10-01 03:42 PM
Ralph is a Hottie
Ok, here is the deal...I am posting like a wild woman on these message boards trying to get the word out that I know what Ralph needs to slove his
6 messages
10-10-01 03:39 PM
First time here - Summary of last nights show
Michael made a Chicago alliance with Melissa, Toni and Ralph. He then realized that Andrea found out about it so he told her that she is also includ
18 messages
10-10-01 03:31 PM
And the Psycho Chick of the Year award goes to.........
Yes it was a close one friends. The competition was fierce and there were many deserving competitors but in the end we must choose only one and so%
3 messages
10-10-01 01:43 PM
We are playing for $100G
I think people on this show forget that this is a game and the winners will each get $100,000. This is not the Brady Bunch, or a Frat house at
3 messages
10-10-01 01:37 PM
Aruba Sonesta Suites
Did you see the private island? Did you see the harbor and boat launch? Too bad they showed the loser inn. Aruba Sonesta Suites overlooking the oc
2 messages
10-10-01 01:21 PM
Need Clarification
So, is there anyone (cast members included) who knows exactly how the winners will be chosen in the final episode? Even Toni and Gina did n
1 messages
10-10-01 12:40 PM
Toni is delusional
Okay. For someone who likes to accuse others of "playing the martyr" she did a damn good job of it last nite. I know BMP has bad editing, but
0 messages
10-10-01 09:53 AM
HELP! I missed
last nights show - can someone PLEASE let me know what happened? Thank you:)
0 messages
10-10-01 08:57 AM! My VCR failed me!
Lord! I missed tonight"s episode..came home from work..all set up with my Decaf coffee and my vcr never recorded!! Please..could someone give
4 messages
10-10-01 02:23 AM
I hope Toni and Anthony win
Yeah.. I do, I really do. I hope they win, sail off, get caught in a storm, and stranded on a naked rock in the middle of the ocean. And then
2 messages
10-10-01 01:23 AM
Drown Michael.....
I can't believe that Michael is still on the show. He's such a jerk and bragger. I hope Darin and Melissa win. Toni got her t*t
0 messages
10-09-01 11:44 PM
Michael, where are your summaries?
I have to confess... I only watch the show to read your episode summaries-- really they're the only entertaining thing about Love Cruise.
3 messages
10-09-01 10:53 PM
Opinions on Episode 5! **Please come read and reply!**
So, today Mike seemingly screwed himself. Basically, he manipulated people and "hurt them maliciously", as Anthony puts it. He told two girl
11 messages
10-09-01 09:08 PM
No one was voted off? What was up with that? AARRGGHHHHHH! [b] GOD BLESS AMERICA [b]
15 messages
10-09-01 07:57 PM
Hey, does anyone chat during the show??
I'm new here. I have a hard time watching the show by myself. I seem to yell a lot during it. It would be nice to vent after it's done or to get r
3 messages
10-09-01 07:02 PM
Melissa Got the Switch Card
Last night...didn't Melissa end up winning the switch card?? I didn't see anyone getting voted off...I'm hoping that Michael will
0 messages
10-09-01 06:53 PM
My favorite Loser Island Photo
My favorite among the new exclusive photos we just posted tonight: Darin and his donkey
6 messages
10-09-01 05:16 PM
I have a class tonight and might not be home in time to watch the show and my tape player won't work...=( so guess I'll have to rely on
4 messages
10-09-01 05:07 PM
Gina claims VICTORY!!
Again, she is emailing people, now telling them that she wins the game! Whether this is heresay or not, I don't know. What I do know is that
10 messages
10-09-01 04:47 PM
Did Melissa forgive Mike?
We never saw the end of the conversation between Melissa and Mike... the question of the hour is: did she forgive him??? If she did
8 messages
10-09-01 04:16 PM
exclusive pics = give away
Ok, I am new here but I just wanted to get some others opinions. The pictures Michael posted from "loser Island" doesn't that show that he wa
3 messages
10-09-01 03:49 PM
Bad news about the preview, Episode 6
Yup... it was bound to happen... The tape that I recorded Love Cruise on broke... right in half... right in the middle of the preview.%0
3 messages
10-09-01 09:43 AM
"Monkeyboy can hang there for a week!"
Okay looks like Toni finally gave up my secret, so I guess it's time for me to come clean. I'm actuallY Darren. You thought my sig-n
7 messages
10-09-01 09:34 AM
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