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Look who's crazy!
hey guys, here is an email that Toni sent to Lisa in response to an interview that Lisa did with a different website. Lisa doesn't know that I am
shakes the clown
7 messages
12-01-01 02:31 PM
What Was So Bad About Andrea?
I watched every episode and I never could figure out why she was so despised. Granted, her thing about wanting Jeannette to win was proven to be fak
2 messages
11-26-01 03:43 PM
UNofficial SB E7 SUMMARY: "Lei Me Down"
[font size=”4” color=”ff8000”][b]Love Cruise: The Maiden Voyage Episode 7 ̶
16 messages
11-15-01 02:20 PM
A message for Greg .....
This message is for Greg, one of my favorite contestants on Love Cruise: Hi, Greg! I truly think that Toni lacks cl
15 messages
11-12-01 03:09 PM
Another round of answers
Okay guys, I know I said that I would come back and answer some more questions, but I just haven’t had a chance until I h
shakes the clown
5 messages
11-02-01 04:41 AM
Post all questions here! [View All]
Hey guys, If you have any questions about the show, the cast or anything else just go ahead and post them on this thresd and I will be
shakes the clown
44 messages
11-01-01 11:24 AM
Not that anyone cares.....
But I rode in the elevator with Ralph this morning. He obviously works in my building, and thinking back, I'm pretty sure I've seen him a lot.
9 messages
10-25-01 10:16 PM
How bout some answers already.......
Okay guys, I’m going to try and answer all of your questions as thoroughly as possible. After I post this I will post a thread for any
shakes the clown
16 messages
10-25-01 10:08 AM
Thanks for the inside scoop...
Mike-- I would never have watched this show except a friend from DHS called on premiere night to say you were on. I have to say I fell on
0 messages
10-24-01 09:56 PM
Sorry Shakes...but "Boot Camp" was better!
Love Cruise and Boot Camp both had low Neilson ratings, but in hindsight Bot Camp was much better. BC had a very regimented set of rules that never
9 messages
10-23-01 06:55 PM
Little update about what's up now with the winners
Well, Melissa and Darin are NOT dating, but they ARE going on the trip together. That's right, they havent gone yet. They haven't even gotte
12 messages
10-23-01 11:24 AM
Tomiko's website update
Just thought I would let everyone know that Tomiko has added more to her Love Cruise website. She talks about the finale, and she hints that Meliss
2 messages
10-22-01 01:33 PM
Mike was the biggest weasel on the show
he was such a jerk to everyone! He and Anthony were exactly alike & he hated Anthony for being the same way. Mike & Jeannette got exactly what t
1 messages
10-22-01 12:55 PM
I Am Sick of Everybody Defending Toni
I just have a real problem with everybody justifying a BRIBE by Toni. The most important part of playing a game is that you don't CHEAT. I've hear
16 messages
10-22-01 10:18 AM
No more Love Cruise ;(
Shucks, what will I watch on Tuesdays now? uh, Let's see.... hey there's something called [i]Smallville[/i] now on one of the net
1 messages
10-22-01 09:56 AM
Love cruise castmember webpages
Does anyone else besides Tomika have a website? If so, Please post it. Thanks!
2 messages
10-21-01 10:05 PM
Question for Shakes - Please Read!!
Hey Mike...I have a question. From what I saw on the show, I decided I really liked Melissa (neither in a lesbian nor psycho sort of way.) I kno
0 messages
10-19-01 02:12 PM
lisa's hand job
On a radio show(in Chicago I believe), the Spike Manton show, it ws stated by one of the love cruise guests (melissa, micheal jeanette,
5 messages
10-19-01 12:42 PM
Bob the beatnik
Hey, our odd Bob must have mistaken "mondo hotseat" for a Kerouac convention, snapping his fingers away. I read on Tomiko's website that Bob
1 messages
10-19-01 01:10 AM
What the "F" is so good about Michael? [View All]
Someone please tell me who let the support gate open and flooded this board with so many Michael sympathizers? Michael this and blah blah Michael th
22 messages
10-19-01 00:37 AM
What's Next For Mike?
Personally, I think he should be slated to host the next Love Cruise, I'm certain it would be unwatchable without him. Yep, that's what he
14 messages
10-18-01 07:19 PM
I need Answers
I'm still ---- uh, I don't even have the words to describe, aw forget it. Someone please tell me the following: 1)Ho
12 messages
10-18-01 05:02 PM
Thank god it was only three weeks... [View All]
...I don't know if I could have wasted seven weeks wondering about this thing only to see it end so lamely. -SB
32 messages
10-18-01 01:58 PM
One thing that needs to be cleared up.... [View All]
It has really bothered me in the last week to read all the posts ripping on Jeanette about playing the "need money for my kid" card. I wanted to
shakes the clown
22 messages
10-18-01 01:39 PM
Melissa's article in the Rockford Register Star
Local woman wins grand prize on ‘Love Cruise’ By GERI NIKOLAI, Rockford Register Star A year after she
1 messages
10-18-01 01:22 PM
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