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Dancing With The Stars #4 Episode #19 (endless filler/results?) East Coast Update Thread
Please keep all discussion -- oh, who am I trying to kid? Please try to keep from falling asleep until the show finally gets around to revealing
52 messages
05-23-07 07:31 PM
And the Winners are... Don't look if you don't want to Know!
Don't look Spoiler Don't look Spoiler SPOILER SPOILER Apolo Anton Ohno...I knew this about 2 pm this afternoon
2 messages
05-24-07 08:52 AM
I'll Say It Again -- CTV SUCKS!
ARGGGGGGGH! OK, so I am cheap and don't have cable. That means that I have to rely on CTV (here in Canada) to get Dancing with t
5 messages
05-24-07 07:29 PM
Laila Ali- what's the attraction
Someone help me out? I don't understand what the appeal is for Ali. There is something odd about her dancing. I feel she is still too stiff and
21 messages
05-30-07 06:12 PM
men contestant have it easier than woman !
Apolo's partner dances provocatively to make it look like he really can dance. What will Julianne do next; undress!
12 messages
05-30-07 08:04 PM
Got some names!!
According to a website that I was just reading on Season 5 of Dancing with the stars (I'll post later, since I left it to come here) the follo
8 messages
08-28-07 08:07 PM
trade partners
since I dance, I think it would be interesting to see how well these folks would do if they mixed everyone up and put them with different partners a
2 messages
09-15-07 08:17 PM
Any buzz on this season yet?
I'm on the edge of my seat, wanting to know who's on the show this season, and I have heard absolutely nothing except that the cast will be an
34 messages
09-19-07 09:36 PM
Does anyone know how the partners are picked??
Just wondering....Is there a particular system? Priority, pulling straws, names from a hat, the producer decides?? Just wonderi
0 messages
09-25-07 09:54 AM
Dancing With The Stars #5 Episode #1 East Coast Update Thread.
Three nights. Three episodes. Three total minutes of actual content.
64 messages
09-25-07 01:39 PM
I'M IMPRESSED--Wow what a premiere
The pros are doing some great choreography here and the women (except the first one) all did a good job. The Fox Trot is actually a harder dance t
12 messages
09-25-07 03:59 PM
Warning to all prospective Mark Cuban bashers.
He's a member here, which means that bashing him for who he is, what he does, and everything else in the area of his personal life falls under
24 messages
09-26-07 12:18 PM
Dancing With The Stars #5 Episode #2 East Coast Update Thread
As part of the series' season-long attempt to ensure a woman wins the trophy, each male contestant who dances tonight will be made to do so with e
92 messages
09-26-07 12:48 PM
Josie Maran
Josie Maran is going to be on this season of Dancing with the Stars. She is so unbelievably hot!!! I can't wait!! Here are some
9 messages
09-26-07 05:32 PM
Is it just me, or was Floyd's Cha Cha up there with the rest??
And I'm certainly NOT calling a race card here, I just don't understand why HE got 6's all around, and the others who did less or the same e
6 messages
09-26-07 06:35 PM
Dancing With The Stars #5 Episode #3 (results) East Coast Update Thread
Tonight: Kenny Mayne will attempt to tap-dance. So basically, I'm trying to give you several hours' worth of head start. %0
40 messages
09-26-07 11:21 PM
Dancing With The Stars Love List V5.1
Rank 'em if you got 'em, from the ones you quasi-love the most to the ones you would like to follow Kenny Mayne into the ocean, never to be se
11 messages
09-28-07 08:53 AM
Samantha, congrats on the baby
and, please, have another, RIGHT NOW! I would much rather see and hear Drew as co-host. I thought he did a good job as a foil
11 messages
09-30-07 01:25 PM
Wayne Newton: move your hips! Marie was good! Jane was prim and proper.
Why won't Wayne Newton even try to move his hips? Maybe he had hip replacement surgery; but if he did, would he even be in this competition?
2 messages
10-02-07 12:37 PM
Wayne Newton
If he doesn't go tonight, I will quit watching. He should have gone last week, even all his fans can't really think he is any good. Think it
1 messages
10-02-07 09:39 PM
Dancing With The Stars #5 Episode #4 East Coast Update Thread
'Having gotten rid of the supermodel, we will now start the next step by getting rid of anyone who might have looked at, worked with, or known
101 messages
10-03-07 01:56 AM
Bye for now
I just can't believe Wayne didn't go last night. Do all those fans really think he can dance, or do they like him looking like a fool. I just
1 messages
10-03-07 11:30 AM
Dancing With The Stars #5 Episode #5 (results) East Coast Update Thread
And now, a moment of silence for Jane's mother. ... And now, a moment of silence for all those who made the mistake of wat
36 messages
10-04-07 10:31 AM
Big mistake elminating Albert & Anna
This is a contest "on dancing" so why is Wayne and Mark still there. Albert had the moves, had more difficult routines and should still be ther
2 messages
10-04-07 10:37 AM
Derek Hough isn't as good a choreographer as his sister and he fell down while dancing.
While watching I was thinking that the producers will not ask him to return for the next season.
9 messages
10-04-07 02:40 PM
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