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Does Marie have a point?
I saw Marie Osmond being interviewed on an entertainment show and she said that she thinks it's unfair that people that have dancing experience (i
14 messages
10-05-07 09:40 AM
Cheryl Burke Fans
She just did a STUNNING maxim photo shoot! What do you think? Hot or Not: [url]
11 messages
10-07-07 09:35 PM
Wayne Newton's moustache; his dancing
When I saw his moustache, I hoped that it wouldn't fall off while he was dancing... or, what would be even worse, if half of his moustache fel
1 messages
10-09-07 09:18 AM
Even with Mark Cuban's hip replacement, and Helio's ankle problems......
It's still so much more painful to watch Mr. Newton....... I'm sorry, but it just is. I don't know who to feel more sorry for-him
2 messages
10-09-07 09:19 AM
So we are a wee bit early, but I always say "practise makes perfect" 1a. Take a sip whenever Samantha Harrris says something unintell
21 messages
10-09-07 12:26 PM
Dancing With The Stars #5 Episode #6 East Coast Update Thread
Despair before the unstoppable vote-gathering power that is Wajaya! No, seriously. Start despairing early and avoid the rush.
73 messages
10-10-07 02:04 AM
Jane Seymour
I'm tired of everyone saying jane has had work done--she has her own line of skin care and it totally works. natural advantage. she's never had su
2 messages
10-11-07 01:13 AM
Dancing With The Stars #5 Episode #7 East Coast Update Thread
Sorry, Mark -- but I did tell you: if you'd just made a pay-per-vote offer...
38 messages
10-11-07 09:57 AM
Mr. Newton
Sure am glad he's gone, now I can watch again. Who do you think will/should be next to go.
6 messages
10-11-07 11:50 AM
The Pros Cant Choose the Music???
I was SO flabbergasted on tonight's results show to hear that the couples get assigned music. This is shocking to me, as I would have t
8 messages
10-11-07 11:59 AM
Let's all vote...Drew replaces Samantha Harris!
Let's phone in our votes...let Samantha Harris enjoy her new bundle of joy. The show is now perfect. Drew rocks. I can't bear to have the mumbl
13 messages
10-11-07 12:59 PM
new dancer
does anyone have more info about the new male dancer partnered up with the cheetah girl? i love his dancing moves. he has a great stage presence a
2 messages
10-16-07 02:09 AM
OK, Who told Len Goodman about OUR DRINKING GAME???
Boy, something was going on with THAT man last night! Smiles? Higher scores? Was he stroking out or what?? I was holding the phone in
2 messages
10-16-07 11:34 AM
"INTERNETS" question
Hello everyone! Does anyone know where I could see last night's show?? For some goofy reason my friends and I call the internet the "inter
5 messages
10-16-07 02:48 PM
Drew/Cheryl last night
Sure enjoyed watching them last night, he's still got it, tho don't know how long they practiced for.
1 messages
10-17-07 09:51 AM
Dancing With The Stars #5 Episode #8 East Coast Update Thread
And stay tuned after the show for a new ABC comedy about a woman who suffers traumatic amnesia and has to rebuild her entire life from scratch. It'
55 messages
10-18-07 10:59 AM
Who are you just loving this season?
And who just annoys the heck out of you? For me, I am LOVING Helio..what a charmer. On the flip side, Jenny Garth is surprisingly whiney and ann
16 messages
10-18-07 02:16 PM
Dancing With The Stars #5 Episode #9 (results) East Coast Update Thread
Please remember: you are playing either the 'stupid time filler' or 'stupid Samantha Harris statement' drinking game. Not both. We're n
34 messages
10-18-07 04:39 PM
DWTS Results Show of 10/16
I thought I set my timer to record the results show of 10/16 because I heard Drew and Cheryl danced. I missed it as my timer did not set. Could so
4 messages
10-21-07 06:50 PM
Did I miss a wardrobe malfunction? Continuation of last night's episode
that has gone on very long, into over 65+ posts...... Anyway, except for the Mark Cuban black out, which I assume was a mooning for
4 messages
10-23-07 04:21 PM
Professional Dancer's Review of Week 5
Armando Martin, Fred Astaire Dance Studio's National Dance Director has posted his comments on Dancing with the Stars Week Number 5. Click here to
4 messages
10-23-07 04:24 PM
Dancing With The Stars #5 Episode #10 East Coast Update Thread
It's Wardrobe Malfunction Week. You have been warned.
62 messages
10-23-07 05:36 PM
Dancing With The Stars #5 Episode #11 (results) East Coast Update Thread
Now: what are the odds that the voting public gets rid of Marie 'for her own good'? (More or less than the odds of the show getting rid of
37 messages
10-25-07 01:22 PM
The Music
Hello All - I'm new here, and wondering if anyone else is really annoyed by the music they choose. I'm much more of a traditionalist, but I'
4 messages
10-25-07 09:21 PM
dances for Monday 10-29
Andi - Does anyone know what the dances are for next week? i've watched both shows last week and either they didn't say or i just zoned out and
5 messages
10-29-07 01:12 PM
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