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A thought
Does the host (name) think anyone is watching because he is hosting? Do the judges think anyone is watching because they are judging? Tha
21 messages
01-31-06 05:37 PM
Choices, Choices
Well, actually there is no choice! Owing to my lack of technology (Tivo, DVR, etc.) I will be missing tonight's show in order to watch t
10 messages
02-03-06 08:30 PM
Carrie Ann Inaba is a hypocrite.
Last week when Drew and his partner were dancing to Michael Jackson's Thriller they added a couple of the dance moves from the video. CA thought it
13 messages
02-04-06 03:02 PM
Who do you think will get voted off tonight
I think Master P will stay, I think George and Edyta will be gone. The host don't rember his name(sorry)is fed up with MP still being in the c
30 messages
02-04-06 11:38 PM
Question about Friday nite show
How are the couples announced on the Friday night show? Does the couple who are announced first have the most votes (call-in and judges votes)%
1 messages
02-05-06 08:13 PM
February 3 Results Show
Another great performance by Stacy. Last night was a little better, but this was still great. And thank God they've got good music - Barry Manil
14 messages
02-06-06 08:36 PM
So, when's the wedding?
I was grinning ear to ear and practically had tears in my eyes when George was "proposing" to Stacey. Hey- age difference in Hollywood d
1 messages
02-11-06 03:16 PM
Season 1 vs. Season 2
It seems to me that this season, the final dancers are better than the final dancers of last season. I think that Drew, Stacy, and Lisa are all
2 messages
02-11-06 10:27 PM
America's Ballroom Challenge
For those of you who love watching ballroom dancing whether there are celebrities or not, I thought you might find this interesting. PBS is showing
6 messages
02-13-06 04:34 PM
Feb 10 Results Show
I'm beginning to enjoy the results shows even more than the dancing show. My favorite was those kids from the dancing school doing the
13 messages
02-15-06 12:46 PM
Dirty Dancing
How about the show getting Patrick Swayze and Jen Grey on for a dance? Tonight they have a Dirty Dancing routine scheduled, but with those two da
5 messages
02-15-06 01:27 PM
Tonite sure was tough, It was also nerve wracking. Who will make it to the finals.Last week Jerry/Anna won the fan votes with Stacy and Lisa on th
12 messages
02-17-06 07:51 PM
lisa voted off
I love Jerry, he sure can play football. But face it...HE CAN'T DANCE!!
1 messages
02-18-06 00:50 AM
Lisa should not have been eliminated.
My thoughts on shows with judges should be that the judges are the only ones to vote until the final 2 contestants. That way when America votes they w
3 messages
02-18-06 00:51 AM
disgusting, absolutely disgusting
Jerry Rice is great, almost on a par with THE man, Joe Montana. But Dancing-With is disgusting, absolutely disgusting. First we had Master P p-i
2 messages
02-18-06 00:52 AM
A Look at the Odds Pre-Competition
It's kind of amusing to see the odds of the dancers before the competition...and how bad the casinoes will be paying smart gamblers unless Stacy gai
0 messages
02-18-06 12:23 PM
Pair Hook-ups?
There's a post in the "Skating With Celebrities" forum about Lloyd Eisler and Kristie Swanson hooking up IRL. I've been curious about whether
9 messages
02-18-06 02:34 PM
Kelly Monoco
Kelly, you have been treated unfairly. Does this mean that any one in competition can go back and redo their competition? How can we teach our y
2 messages
02-18-06 04:11 PM
Who will be the spoiler?
I think it's pretty clear to everyone that Stacey and Drew are the best ones left in the competition. With crazy viewer voting, (see Master P%2
18 messages
02-18-06 11:19 PM
Tom and Ashley
I thought their two-step was adorable and a lot of fun to watch. I was so happy to see Ashley finally have a partner who was into it and didn't jus
3 messages
02-21-06 10:07 AM
DWTS finalists on Larry King Live tonight
Including Lisa Rinna and George Hamilton. CNN Info: Larry King Live at 9:00 p.m. ET on Monday, February 20, 2006
7 messages
02-21-06 07:02 PM
Lisa vs. Jerry
I was very disappointed that Lisa was not chosen. I have enjoyed watching the dancing, but I feel that they should be judged on their dancing, n
5 messages
02-23-06 10:43 AM
fair or not
Dancing with the stars is a program to my understanding to see how untrained dancers do in a competition. So none of the them have had any dancin
0 messages
02-23-06 11:27 AM
I wish I would have seen...
Hey everyone, I am an intern at UMVD and was listening to the new Kulcha Don album [i]It's All About You[/i] when it dawned on
0 messages
02-23-06 09:01 PM
Is DWTS a reality show per se?
I ask this question because recently I had a long discussion about the reality tv genre and subgenres and this one came up. My opinion is
1 messages
02-24-06 12:15 PM
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