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Official RTVW Summary: Dancing With the Stars - Episode 5
[center][h2]Fox, Tigers, and Deer Oh My![/h2][/center] * Before I begin, I just wanted to add a little note t
5 messages
07-19-05 11:56 AM
why does everyone think that the ending was set up?
I think kelly did great. I watch gh too and she's great on that!!!!!!!
1 messages
07-22-05 12:47 PM
ABC meets with reporters to discuss the judging!
Today's NY Times has an article that discusses an interview with ABC, the producers of the show and reporters that focused on the controversy surr
7 messages
07-29-05 11:47 AM
Were the judges trying to save Rachel?
I don't know, it just seemed to me like they scored her higher than they should have. Carrie-Anne said it was boring and I agree, I totally zon
2 messages
08-05-05 01:10 AM
Dancing With The Stars "Farce"
What a bunch of bologna this show turned out to be!The couple who won was clearly not the best and did not give the best performance.The show was ri
44 messages
09-11-05 11:01 AM
Dancing Rematch cles/story.php?s=1004292 Looks like this was all planned from the get go so ABC cou
6 messages
09-21-05 07:17 AM
Well, There Ya Go
I guess that settles it. Or does it? :-) ds/User_files/42ee374d72ece9ea.gif
2 messages
09-22-05 11:02 PM
Kelly Monaco fans
I watch general hospital regularly and am a big fan of kelly manaco- she is actually a good actess - which is rare sometimes on daytime- and she seems
11 messages
09-25-05 02:22 PM
O'Hurley Sour Grapes and Trophy
John O'Hurley is sickening and low class. All he could say throughout the Tuesday night show was sour grapes. "Oh, boo hoo, everybody says I s
8 messages
09-25-05 10:59 PM
Kelly Monoco was ripped off!!!
After winning the DWTS title, she gets "called out" on her win. So what! Does any other tv reality show give second chances to people just bec
7 messages
09-27-05 05:39 PM
$124,000 vs. $126,000
Does anyone know what this is about? Kelly's charity received a check for $124K, and John's received a check for $126K. Now%
0 messages
09-28-05 01:29 PM
I'm not ok with it
I think that Kelly should have stayed the winner. First of all it was for charity, so John shouldn't have been such a baby and complained for a r
0 messages
10-16-05 02:22 AM
I saw the previews this weekend for season 2 but there was no mention of who the "stars" would be. Anyone heard/read anything?
0 messages
11-28-05 12:47 PM
I still don't think Kelly is that good.
Am I the only one. It looked to me like she was stomping on bugs when she was doing the jive and yet the judges seemed to really like her.
8 messages
12-01-05 03:33 PM
what are your thoughts on the dance-off?
Does any one else think that America voted for John just to get him to quit belly-aching? I agree that he and Charlotte were the better couple but t
3 messages
12-06-05 00:36 AM
DWTS part 2 Who are the celebs going to be
Does anyone know/heard who the celebs are going to be for Dancing With the Stars 2? Anyone going to watch or is this a one time only sh
4 messages
12-16-05 01:04 PM
New dancing stars line up
A very bronzed George Hamilton, a sometimes crazy Tatum O’Neal, ex-“Wayne’s World” cutie Tia Carrere, NFL great Jerry Rice, ex-“Acce
pink lady
1 messages
12-23-05 06:35 AM
the hosts dress 1/5/06
hey i just started watching this show today 1/5/06. the gf really like the green dress she was wearing. anyone happen to know what kind of dress
2 messages
01-06-06 12:55 PM
Lisa is an idiot
I really can't stand this woman. She referred to J. Peterman as "O'Reilly". She only has 4 names to remember, and misses one of them?!
13 messages
01-06-06 03:26 PM
1/5/05 episode
I forgot it was coming on, so missed almost the whole thing. What did everyone think? Who are your picks to go to the end? %0
20 messages
01-06-06 09:04 PM
Tatum O'Neil
It really seemed to me that Tatum was on something on Thursday night. She had really odd face-twitches, and said the same sentence 4 different ways
8 messages
01-13-06 10:06 AM
Kenny Mayne....Absolutely Hilarious
This show is still lame, but Kenny Mayne was absolutely hilarious, and I am really sorry he did not last through to the next round.....the rest of
mocha madness
11 messages
01-13-06 01:06 PM
Official RTVW Summary: DWTS - Episode 1
***PREFACE*** I’m an idiot. I don’t watch TV on Friday nights EVER and actually sat down to watch that new show, InJusti
10 messages
01-13-06 01:07 PM
What's up with Master P
Why did kenny mayne get voted off last week and not this p fellow.....He was awful last week and thought he showed more movement this week he was stil
1 messages
01-13-06 01:45 PM
"Master P'...for Pain the derriere
How sorry do I feel for Ashley DelGrosso???? She really was wronged by getting this individual to instruct and dance with. His "t
1 messages
01-13-06 04:30 PM
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