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Songs Performed
Can anyone tell me what the songs were that were performed? Especially the one with Stacy?
4 messages
01-14-06 03:08 AM
Episode 2 01/12/06 Discussion
I didn't watch last season but I'm hooked on this season. I love Drew Lachey. I voted for him and Cheryl. I also liked Stacey and Jerry
4 messages
01-14-06 08:01 PM
I am still blown away the Tatum was knocked out before "P" U!!!! Who is voting? Anyone out of High school? With all of
1 messages
01-14-06 10:50 PM
Is the FIX in??
I missed the first episode but this is from our on RTVW news. Why would they choose someone who already knows all the dances. http://
4 messages
01-15-06 05:44 PM
"P" should have been knocked out by now!!!
I'm not sure how the voting works. Is is 50/50 based on equal decision by judges and public vote? If this is the case, there needs to be cha
1 messages
01-15-06 09:26 PM
Is this DANCING with the stars, or Gangsta(monsta) Mash?
This show has been such a kick. Now I wonder if it is fixed! How can the one who chooses NOT TO DANCE make it to the third round%3
1 messages
01-16-06 07:35 PM
Dancing With The Stars DVD
Has anyone else heard about the Instructional DVD that John O'Hurley and Charlotte Jorgensen has made? I read about it on www.learntoda
1 messages
01-20-06 02:25 AM
What is up with George?
OK I might be missing something here but why oh why are the judges giving so much praise to George Hamilton. Is he a pretty good dancer and I just don
4 messages
01-20-06 10:22 PM
I dont think Drew is that good.
I'm not that big on Drew really. Is he good? Yeah he's okay but the over exageratted judges comments overdo it. It's so annoying... "Thee ro
0 messages
01-20-06 10:32 PM
Screencaps for Jan 19th's show
Does anyone happen to have any screencaps of Carrie-Ann from tonight's episode? I love her hair and I'm looking for a picture of it. Thanks a
3 messages
01-21-06 02:56 AM
Friday Recaps
We've decided to skip the Thursday show and just watch on Fridays. No need to sit through all the yabbering and fluff on Thursday when they show the
8 messages
01-21-06 03:22 AM
Who got booted?
I missed tonight's episode! Who got booted? Thanks!
4 messages
01-21-06 02:04 PM
Dancing With the Stars
I'm so disappointed with this show -- it's not a talent show, it's a popularity show. Master P shouldn't even have been invited and he cert
5 messages
01-21-06 05:32 PM
What an insult!
I'm sorry. I know the public calls in votes and Master P is obviously very popular, but I think it is an insult to the dancers (both stars and
7 messages
01-21-06 05:33 PM
"P" is for pukey
What is up with these voters? Obviously, they are out there en masse. Stupid people who vote....Reminds me of the elections of 2000 and 2004. Anyw
4 messages
01-21-06 05:34 PM
Voting system helps Master P
On Dancing with the Stars, people get to vote for there favorite dancer and the person with the fewest votes is treated as having finished last. Ho
8 messages
01-24-06 08:38 PM
Jonathan & Gizelle
i thought they were 100% better than master p. as a side note, the p should stand for "p"athetic dancer or "p"issy attitude. i thought t
5 messages
01-25-06 03:11 PM
I really wish the show would do a better job with the music.
Half the time the songs do not reflect the style of dance. The vocalists are usually not that great and distract from the dancers.
11 messages
01-25-06 03:43 PM
Dallas/FW viewers-1/27 results show
In the published listings, the results show tonight is replaced with a St. Jude Children's Hospital special. I emailed the ABC station, and rec
0 messages
01-27-06 07:14 PM
Gangsta Cha cha? Master P you stunk!!!
There was a time when most black people had some kinnd of rhythm, and could let it go and dance. Those times are gone. In this trifiling age of ever
big brutha
70 messages
01-28-06 01:10 AM
guest singer from last night's show
can anyone tell me who the guy was that sang the cha cha song when those professional dancers were on? the host said his name but i couldn't make
0 messages
01-28-06 12:44 PM
New Results Show Format
I really enjoyed the new format for the Results Show, especially the video montages at the end. It's nice to see that the show is upping its game
1 messages
01-28-06 03:23 PM
Voting System
I need help here as I am in a debate about the voting system. Are you allowed to vote 7 times for each star's 800 number? Or
3 messages
01-28-06 04:43 PM
who won tongiht i was out
1 messages
01-28-06 07:06 PM
Tom Bergeron's joke about Webster
Did anyone else hear it? More importantly, did anyone get it? Explain it to me if you did. Thanks. http://community.realityt
3 messages
01-30-06 11:49 AM
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