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What was that about? K-9 won by cheating. This is the most disappointing Contender ever. I have seen some close matches, but K-9's cheating alon
1 messages
09-06-06 02:25 AM
the fight between gay-9 and walter.
i call k-9 gay-9 due to all the grabbing he did in his bout against the true winner walter..yes when you think of this fight you might think of the b
2 messages
09-06-06 02:15 AM
walter and k9
I hope k9 wins the fight. What Walter has been saying , about ill embarasse you like i did your home boy, is very wrong...
1 messages
09-05-06 08:54 PM
Walter vs. K9
I think this is going to be a very interesting fight. I do have to agree with walter that ever since K9 won he acts like a coach and thinks he knows e
3 messages
09-03-06 07:13 AM
Rnd2 Fight1: Forbes v. Acevedo
I expected Forbes to be the victor in this fight. But I thought he would have won the fight by a rediculous margin. Totally outclassing Acevedo.
5 messages
09-01-06 06:56 PM
Horrible away outcome
Every week the editing gives away the winner of the fight before the fight ending is determined...only possible exception was Walter vs Andre. But yo
Wacko Jacko
5 messages
09-01-06 06:50 PM
aron may be a showboat but the fact is he won the fight gary got his ##### kick I'm a x boxer who no's boxing who are the judges because
6 messages
09-01-06 06:45 PM
Is K-9 5ft. 6inches ?
On the Contender website it has K-9 listed as 5ft 6inches tall and Michael Clark is listed as 5ft 9. When they fought I could have swore that K-9 was
2 messages
09-01-06 06:39 PM
Official RTVW Summary: Contender 2, Episode 8
[center][h2]Only the Strongest Will Survive[/h2][/center] This is the first episode of the second round. We are looking
0 messages
08-31-06 01:54 PM
Official RTVW Summary: Contender 2, Episode 7
[center][h2]Itís A Two-fer!!![/h2][/center] When we last saw our potential Contenders, Michael Stewart had ju
2 messages
08-25-06 08:23 AM
C2 Episode 7 highlights
2 fights. Jeff Fraza should change his nickname to "Pitty-Pat," because he can't throw a punch with any power behind it. Nick was clearly th
10 messages
08-24-06 06:15 PM
Final 4 fights
Who are the final 4 fights? Forbes-Acevedo k9-Wright Who are the final 2?
1 messages
08-23-06 08:56 PM
why doesn't fraza step up
what's with this guy. he leaves the first show because of the chicken pox. they give him another shot, and he just sits there trying to get air ti
13 messages
08-22-06 03:31 PM
Official RTVW Summary: Contender 2, Episode 6
[center][h2]Donít Count Him Out Just Yet![/h2][/center] This episode begins with a recap of Gradyís win over Vinr
0 messages
08-17-06 12:10 PM
Thoughts on Episode 6
Who do you think will fight??
3 messages
08-13-06 00:21 AM
Official RTVW Summary: Contender 2, Episode 5
[center][h2]Put Up or Shut Up![/h2][/center] We begin this episode where we left off last time. In the ring, with W
4 messages
08-11-06 04:47 PM
C2 Episode 5 thoughts
This was boxing ... on its dirtier side. In the end, the only thing Vinroy Barrett had going for him was his ability to fight dirty. Aft
2 messages
08-09-06 04:55 PM
George Foreman
For those interested in heavyweight icons from the not-too-distant past, here's a video Q&A with George Foreman in which he talks about everythi
0 messages
08-09-06 01:37 PM
the contender
i think that your account of the recent episodes has been brilliant, so much so, i would rather read your version than watch the show. C2 isn't
mama boxer
1 messages
08-08-06 04:13 PM
Guess no one cares about the Contender anymore.
so sad. Brinkley lost the other night....if anyone cares.
Wacko Jacko
11 messages
08-08-06 02:28 PM
Official RTVW Summary: Contender 2, Episode 3
[center][h2]Stand Up and Take it Like a Man![/h2][/center] We begin this episode where we left off last time, with
1 messages
08-08-06 02:23 PM
Episode 2 Thought
Thank god Torres is gone. I could not stand listening to him any more. Three great fights, although I like all three winners...none are
Wacko Jacko
20 messages
08-07-06 04:25 PM
Too much girly gossiping going on
I watched The Contender season 1 and loved it... I was so excited that season 2 was created because I wasn't sure if they would continue the sh
1 messages
08-07-06 12:44 PM
Episode 4 thoughts
A complete mismatch. Not even Burnett's editors could spin the fight between Walter Wright and Andre Eason, because Eason was totally outclassed.
8 messages
08-06-06 01:04 AM
Ok, This may be a dumb question. But i know the fighters [so they say] pick whos fighting who. But do you think that anyone else like sugar ray
0 messages
08-05-06 12:44 PM
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