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K9 versus Walter Wright
If you go on to the contender site on espn and clik on Walter Wright's picture it says he is going to fight K-9 in the second round. Last week after
4 messages
08-04-06 02:44 PM
And I have no spoilers and hope anyone who has heard anything will refrain from posting, but I see the final two being Walter Wright and Steve Forbe
Wacko Jacko
0 messages
08-03-06 09:48 AM
Official RTVW Summary: Contender 2, Episode 4
[center][h2]The Ole Switcheroo!!! [/h2][/center] They recap the fights we’ve seen in the past 2 weeks (3 epis
0 messages
08-03-06 09:32 AM
Episode 1 Thoughts
Both fights were great especially the second one. One thing I found funny was that Michael Clark was talking smack about the guy from Detro
Wacko Jacko
11 messages
07-30-06 06:00 PM
Did I not pay attention or did Norberto get screwed on not getting any type of reward for himself or the blue team after winning last weeks fight?%0
2 messages
07-27-06 01:52 AM
So Glad it's Back!- The Contender
I am so glad this show was picked up by ESPN. I hope everyone out there is watching! Who do you think will be this season's Alfonso? I miss h
0 messages
07-26-06 05:31 PM
I would like a chance to win on your show
What are the requirements to be on the show?? What ever it is I can achieve it if I haven't already done it?? My name speaks for itself. The
1 messages
07-24-06 11:08 AM
HELP! What day does Contender air?
Hello all - I can't figure out when the new Contender comes out each week? Which day? Is it Tuesday nights? (I notice nothing
1 messages
07-24-06 06:10 AM
Just to let everyone know, the contender themes can be downloaded for free at php Enjoy
1 messages
07-23-06 05:24 PM
Official RTVW Summary: Contender 2, Episodes 1 & 2
[center][h2]Confidence Will Only Get You So Far…[/h2][/center] Welcome to season 2 of The Contender! Are you excite
0 messages
07-21-06 10:36 PM
The second fight was a great fight, lots of ation, and some great exchanges. To bad another Cali judge forgot to watch the fight.
2 messages
07-20-06 00:25 AM
Who would be nice to see in Season two?
I would have killed to see Rodney Jones up there, he is a bit over rated but I think his character would have ruled. Also how about Soliman,
6 messages
07-19-06 11:40 AM
Contender 2
Welterweights this time. Jeff "Chickenpox" Fraza gets to return. Show begins Tuesday, July 18 with a two-hour season premiere on ESPN (begin
9 messages
07-19-06 00:19 AM
True Champ
I think the new champ in the contender is Ishe Smith. He easily saw off a previously unbeaten fighter Ahmed and deserved a victory against Sergio. The
3 messages
07-18-06 11:57 PM
End of Boxing...
hey ya all... have been watching boxing for many years now, I used to be a big fan, just I cannot take the stupid calls by the refs... if they don
2 messages
07-18-06 11:51 PM
first fight and one judge was druged
lol majority decision!!!! When will they start to drug test these judges
0 messages
07-18-06 11:20 PM
From 10 to Midnight??????
Geezo, us on the East Coast are getting screwed. What kinda of time slot is that?
Wacko Jacko
5 messages
07-18-06 08:24 PM
contender theme song
Does anyone have the contender theme song MP3 or know where to download it?
0 messages
07-16-06 05:17 PM
peter manfredo
i m really glad that sergio mora won the contender season 1 i really didnt care who won just as long as that ugly peter manfredo didnt win what sister
0 messages
07-16-06 05:00 PM
Contender Season 2 Update
"Contender season two will debut on ESPN July 18. Reportedly the network will prohibit children of the fighters from sitting down at ringside as was
6 messages
07-06-06 04:28 PM
Where can we view Contender fights? Not on Yahoo anymore.
I used to watch all the Contender fights on Yahoo, that site is now down. Anyone know what site I can watch all the previous fights?
0 messages
05-24-06 05:05 PM
Thoughts on Contender Fighters One Year Later
To me, I don't want to get into each fighter and where they stand in their careers. I would like to comment generally on how the fighters have us
Wacko Jacko
0 messages
04-28-06 05:03 PM
Mora and Gomez on ESPN May 4th
May 4th on ESPN at 9:30 EST at the Aladdin in Las Vegas. Mora fights Archiak Termeliksetian. Gomez I am unsure. Others??%
Wacko Jacko
0 messages
04-27-06 04:29 PM
Peter Manfredo Jr to take on Jeff Lacy next?
In an interview with, Peter Manfredo Jr.'s new trainer Freddy Roach said that he would like Peter's next fight to be against Jeff
0 messages
03-31-06 05:12 AM
What Was That Song From Episode #9 Challenge
It was the April 24, 2005 show that ended with the fight between Sergio and Ishe. They played a rap song during the medicine ball challenge that Jes
J Pok
8 messages
03-09-06 09:46 AM
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