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Great show, but..............
I've noticed a few inconsistencies. I'm a fan of the show, I have not missed a single one. Tonight's show was just that, a show -
11 messages
05-16-05 12:59 PM
Finale Fight with Co-main event
Does anybody know if the co-main event will be with the finale fight or is it going to be in the morning with the people's choice bouts? There see
9 messages
05-16-05 09:54 AM
why did my post about torrents get deleted
If it clearly says tv torrents are LEGAL why did it get deleted. Some people like me( was at the citadel military college cant have a tv) couldnt
1 messages
05-14-05 01:33 PM
Anyone know much do these guys get paid? Per episode, per season, or otherwise? I'm talking about the show, not the bouts at the finale.
1 messages
05-13-05 05:07 PM
hey, i'm a newcomer here, so could anyone tell me where i can download high quality episodes on the contender from.. thanks. LATIN SNAKE FOR TH
1 messages
05-13-05 03:13 PM
From 4 to 2....and.....Jesse vs. Alfonso
Does anyone know how they will go from 4 to 2 fighters? What will the next challenge be like? Also, depending on how the the fig
5 messages
05-12-05 12:11 PM
Anthony making it thru the 5th would've caused a draw
I know that conspiracy theories usually are full of bull, but this one could have some teeth to it. According to the YAHOO video when Sly
5 messages
05-12-05 11:59 AM
Boxing Writers Awards
Hi all, Greetings from Vegas, from the Mandalay Bay specifically, after a tremendous evening: the Boxing Writers Association of Ame
9 messages
05-12-05 10:00 AM
Jesse v. Joey in Reno - July/August 5/05/08/98982.php WHEN/IF this happens, I'm hoping someone will kindly po
1 messages
05-11-05 02:59 PM
SERGIO MORA....who like him most
for me Sergio the best among all of them...... he's such a nice person...lovely..and i hope that he will brings the victory not for h
wati mora
9 messages
05-11-05 11:54 AM
Can't get video feed to work? Suggestions?
I just downloaded windows media player 10 because I haven't been able to view the video. It still doesn't work. It sais buffering, initializing%
4 messages
05-11-05 04:02 AM
wat was the theme song that was available for download becuase someone stretched it out? i dont know wat happened to the last post.
1 messages
05-11-05 01:21 AM
Poll: Who do you like? Dislike? [View All]
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 03-09-05 AT 02:21 PM (EST)[/font] Being I am from the West Coast, I am going to have to say my
34 messages
05-11-05 01:16 AM
I know this isn't about The Contender, but it is about boxing and there is a special reason, so...Tonight, one of the greatest fights of all-t
10 messages
05-10-05 10:12 AM
The Mother of Anthony's kids?
I was wondering what happened to the mother of Anthony's kids. It was never said on the show or on the Contender Website. Does anyone know what ha
Wacko Jacko
3 messages
05-10-05 09:14 AM
The Headbutt
Anyone else slow down the Manfredo headbutt from last week and watch it frame-by-frame? It could be a trick of angles/slow-motion, but it sure l
7 messages
05-10-05 02:46 AM
Is the show rigged
Is it just me, or does anyone else think the show is rigged. I find it very interesting that in every single match so far that one boxer wins 2 rou
6 messages
05-10-05 00:15 AM
The Contender episode 12 download ?
I missed it yesterday and my TV errored and did'nt record. Any spots that offer it for free download ?
Digital Christ
3 messages
05-09-05 09:50 PM
does anyone the name of the song they play when they fight or the introductions, im not talking about the theme song
0 messages
05-09-05 09:00 PM
My picks for the best undercard fights!
This is of course assuming that none of these fighters are in the finals. Since Ive worked hard not to find out Ive added who I think the final fight
10 messages
05-09-05 04:27 PM
Vinyl/Nylon Sweatsuit Jesse was using.
Exactly how effective are those vinyl/nylon sweatsuits that Jesse was wearing in tonights episode? I saw the water just pour down when he lifted t
Lazt Boy Scout
6 messages
05-09-05 02:53 PM
East Coast Spoiler Thread - Discussion of 5/8 Episode
Where is everyone? I'll have to pick up the slack. ;) Two hours until "game time" ..
12 messages
05-09-05 09:40 AM
last fight
I don't know much about boxing but I thought that last fight was a street match as Ray called it. yeah Anthony was winning by being a bully, he a
0 messages
05-09-05 09:35 AM
David Travejo from "The Next Great Champ"
I know this is off topic, but how is David Travejo(sp) doing after he left that other boxing reality show "The Next Great Champ"? Is he e
1 messages
05-09-05 00:43 AM
The Opening Song of the show
Hey I was wondering if there is ANY way i could get a ringtone of the theme song by Hans Zimmer, cuz i absolutely love the tune and was just wonderi
4 messages
05-08-05 07:08 PM
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