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Well not quite. The Oxnard Rec Center in Oxnard, CA is hosting a vast array of boxing tournaments this weekend that I was able to check o
5 messages
09-19-05 03:22 PM
Casting for The Contender 2
If anyone has any information at all about casting for the new Contender, I would be greatly appreciative!!!
Douglas Lilly
1 messages
09-09-05 08:55 AM
ESPN Picks it Up!!!
The deal's gone through... here's the press release from "The Contender," the reality television series about profess
8 messages
09-09-05 08:52 AM
I miss the contender :(
Hey everyone! Does anyone really miss the contender like I do? I feel like I've really bounded with the boxers, especailly with Jes
0 messages
09-08-05 12:11 PM
Tarick Salmaci's open letter to Joey Gilbert
I think it's safe to say Tarick wants a piece of Joey Gilbert! ************************
3 messages
08-24-05 04:35 PM
ok well all of u need to hear the latest!! The Contender is back and the 2 finalists are fighting again Ocober 15th at the Staples center in LA!
1 messages
08-24-05 06:58 AM
The Contender rematch
Hey fellow Contender fans! I just heard Mora and Manfredo are having a REMATCH at the Staples Center Oct. 15th! My friends and I are picking up ti
1 messages
08-21-05 05:51 PM
Its OFFICIAL the Rematch is on! (link inside) .html Itís the news youíve been waiting for, The Contender champion Sergio %9
salsa king
4 messages
08-19-05 09:01 PM
Latest Updates on Season One Fighters
The next fight card featuring Season one Contenders is now supposed to take place on October 15th., although we've heard such promises before. The
9 messages
08-18-05 03:41 PM
Jimmy Lange
Hey guys, I'm new to the board, but I got some updates involving Jimmy Lange. Jimmy will be fighting Perry Ballard (17-0-0) on 9/17/05%
5 messages
08-15-05 00:13 AM
Ishe Pulls Out of Fight!
Ishe Smith Pulls out of September 24 Brinkley Fight .htm Well, first o
8 messages
08-01-05 10:44 AM
Ishe's forum
Hey guys, Ishe has now set up a message board on his site; he asked me to be sure to spread the word among everyone here. You can check
1 messages
07-29-05 11:02 PM
Whats good all? Woman here not in to too many sports, but got STRUNG OUT on the Contender. I know Alfonso Gomez and Ishe Smith have the
1 messages
07-29-05 01:39 PM
What'll make the cut? (Season 2)
If the ESPN deal goes through and season 2 is greenlit, I highly doubt each episode will still have a $2 million budget. And I doubt they'll go
8 messages
07-24-05 00:21 AM
Sept 1st
dies anyine know all the matches and if there will be a rematch of manfredo and mora. Will it be on nbc?
1 messages
07-20-05 05:15 PM
Contender 2 Fights [View All]
Wow....look out it looks like Sept. 1st is the Contender 2 fights at Caesar's Palace.....Jesse and Ishe are finally going to get it on! Two brawle
30 messages
07-19-05 10:40 PM
Hopkins Vs. Taylor
Though it is unrelated to The Contender, I thought it would be a good discussion post. I was somewhat surprised by the result of the fig
0 messages
07-19-05 00:17 AM
3 messages
07-18-05 07:23 AM
About this show
I have loved reality TV, survivor big brother and so on. The first season of Contender was my favorite I beleive. This was a very very good show.
0 messages
07-16-05 07:28 PM
The Contender II and upcoming fights
EXCLUSIVE: ESPN to pick up Contender Season 2? By G. Leon Special Thursday Night Fights On Setpember 1 featuring contender stars%2
2 messages
07-15-05 08:31 AM
Man was that Ricky Hatton fight something
Ricky Hatton is probably one of the best boxers for his weight class that I've seen. Put him on the contender!
3 messages
07-14-05 11:36 PM
Kaddour shoots off his big mouth again
[ 1.htm] Its too bad his boxing skills arent as good as his talking skills. Ishe would
6 messages
07-05-05 11:11 PM
vegas writer
thanks man im knew 2 this whole forum im from england i watchd da show an i luvd dat much iv got it on dvd sorry if i offended u but just needed sum p
1 messages
07-04-05 06:03 PM
Status of Second Contender Season!
..I was searching for Contender Updates and i ran across an interesting article on is very important snippet... "E
2 messages
07-01-05 06:04 PM
can ne of you guys tell me wether segio is getting a shot at any titles cos what was the point of contender if not?????
1 messages
07-01-05 05:49 PM
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