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Contender Season 2 Update
"Contender season two will debut on ESPN July 18. Reportedly the network will prohibit children of the fighters from sitting down at ringside as was
6 messages
07-06-06 04:28 PM
Where can we view Contender fights? Not on Yahoo anymore.
I used to watch all the Contender fights on Yahoo, that site is now down. Anyone know what site I can watch all the previous fights?
0 messages
05-24-06 05:05 PM
Thoughts on Contender Fighters One Year Later
To me, I don't want to get into each fighter and where they stand in their careers. I would like to comment generally on how the fighters have us
Wacko Jacko
0 messages
04-28-06 05:03 PM
Mora and Gomez on ESPN May 4th
May 4th on ESPN at 9:30 EST at the Aladdin in Las Vegas. Mora fights Archiak Termeliksetian. Gomez I am unsure. Others??%
Wacko Jacko
0 messages
04-27-06 04:29 PM
Peter Manfredo Jr to take on Jeff Lacy next?
In an interview with, Peter Manfredo Jr.'s new trainer Freddy Roach said that he would like Peter's next fight to be against Jeff
0 messages
03-31-06 05:12 AM
What Was That Song From Episode #9 Challenge
It was the April 24, 2005 show that ended with the fight between Sergio and Ishe. They played a rap song during the medicine ball challenge that Jes
J Pok
8 messages
03-09-06 09:46 AM
Joey Gilbert vs Jimmy Lange
I saw a totally Differnt Joey Gilbert beat Jimmy Lange in 3 rounds on Saturday the 18th of Feb., Fight had to be stopped. Joey is stronger,, fa
2 messages
02-28-06 11:51 PM
Update: Manfredo Jr. says "no" to Mora-3
"Sergio Mora 3 will never happen. Sergio Mora didn't want to give me the chance (of a 3rd fight) and now all of the sudden he wants to fight m
3 messages
02-23-06 07:47 PM
Contender Fights 2/13/06
Anyone ahve the chance to watch the Contender Fights last night? I did there were three. First was Jonathon Ried vs Mr Siad %2
Wacko Jacko
3 messages
02-15-06 06:02 AM
Who's the greatest Heavyweight Champ?
Who's the greatest Heavyweight Champ of all time? Apolo Creed, Ivan Drago, Rocky Balboa, Mr. T or Joe Frazier?
D Trump
0 messages
12-18-05 11:19 AM
Jonathan Reid interview .htm Anthony Bonsante
0 messages
11-07-05 05:29 PM
Shrewd Scumbag Mark Burnett
Ratings were apparently low even though it was a great show. The dumb bastard was so clever. He realized that the best way to start a season would be
0 messages
11-06-05 00:15 AM
Contender Re Match Poor Judging [View All]
I watched the fights and the last two fights were not called right. I have been a boxing fan for a long time and this sport more than any has som
26 messages
10-31-05 03:18 PM
Miguel Espino vs Johnathan Reid
On the rematch there were a few extra fights which were not televised on ESPN. Miguel Angel Espino TKO 5 Jonathan Reid Juan De La Rosa
0 messages
10-31-05 03:14 PM
Strange Coincidence
Anthony Bonsante, Brent Cooper, and Alfonso Gomez are all born on October 28th. Just found that interesting.
1 messages
10-29-05 05:38 PM
What about the other fights???
Are they going to broadcast the fights between Espino and Reid; De La Rosa and can't remember the guys name??? What's happening
1 messages
10-27-05 08:08 PM
contender rematch: i'm half surprised
after reading everyone voice their opinions regarding the rematch that aired on espn, i figured i'd give you my take. i was at staples center that
3 messages
10-27-05 03:03 PM
Total Disgrace, Embarassing, Fix, Lost All Credit....
Having watched the Contender Rematch on ITV2 last Thursday I was totally shocked & disgusted with the decisions of the final two fights. What where
1 messages
10-26-05 04:00 AM
Contender rematch
The rematch was a shambles the judges were crap and Peter was robbed. As for the latin snake Peter made him look more like the Latin worm completely o
2 messages
10-24-05 09:59 AM
About rematch
Does anyone know whats going to happen to manfredo?
0 messages
10-22-05 12:15 PM
What Has Joey Gilbert Been Up To???
Can someone please update me on some of the contenders? What has Joey gilbert been up to? I heard him and Tarick fought last saturday but i dont k
2 messages
10-21-05 11:18 AM
Peter's future
Am I the only one thinking Peter should leave the Contender - I think he's ready to take ona ll the so-called 'big names' out there - he'd be
5 messages
10-21-05 10:33 AM
Jesse & Anthony Fight
I couldn't believe what i saw lastnight. Anthony absolutely, without a doubt won that fight! What the hell are these judges on.......
1 messages
10-21-05 10:13 AM
I hate Sergio more than ever! er101405.jpg Did you guys see that? It was a picture taken at the weighin on Friday. %
5 messages
10-21-05 09:51 AM
Gomez versus that skinny guy who fought Sugar Ray
I forget his name, all I remember is that he used activator and he was very lean. I think that guy from Webster trained him, but I'm not sure. A
5 messages
10-19-05 07:04 PM
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