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"contender rematch: i'm half surprised"
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Original message

varock 4 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "American Cancer Society Spokesperson"

10-26-05, 05:12 PM (EST)
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"contender rematch: i'm half surprised"
after reading everyone voice their opinions regarding the rematch that aired on espn, i figured i'd give you my take. i was at staples center that night and the reason I say i'm half surprised at the results is because YES, it's true: anthony clearly beat jesse. i don't know what fight the judges were watching but it was clear as day who the winner of that fight was.

but as for sergio vs. peter, i'd have to disagree with the majority of people. having witnessed the fight firsthand, i could tell that mora was landing the cleaner punches throughout. manfredo did have his moments and he certainly did outhustle mora with punches in the first few rounds but the later rounds belonged to mora. in my opinion, it was a draw. but i don't think manfredo did enough in the later part of the fight to really seal the deal. he looked like he was content with his performance so far and decided to take a step down and be more conservative. i mean c'mon, you're in the guy's backyard in front of all of his fans. in a perfect world, the scoring system would be completely impartial but manfredo's not a stupid guy. crowd reactions (like the reactions when mora was rocking manfredo with an array of unanswered punches on the ropes) will certainly influence a judge's scoring.

here's a guy that seems to agree with me:

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 RE: contender rematch: i'm half sur... lt619 10-26-05 1
   RE: contender rematch: i'm half sur... varock 10-26-05 2
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lt619 15 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Got Milk? Spokesperson"

10-26-05, 05:48 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: contender rematch: i'm half surprised"
>after reading everyone voice their opinions
>regarding the rematch that aired
>on espn, i figured i'd
>give you my take. i
>was at staples center that
>night and the reason I
>say i'm half surprised at
>the results is because YES,
>it's true: anthony clearly beat
>jesse. i don't know what
>fight the judges were watching
>but it was clear as
>day who the winner of
>that fight was.
>but as for sergio vs. peter,
>i'd have to disagree with
>the majority of people. having
>witnessed the fight firsthand, i
>could tell that mora was
>landing the cleaner punches throughout.
>manfredo did have his moments
>and he certainly did outhustle
>mora with punches in the
>first few rounds but the
>later rounds belonged to mora.
>in my opinion, it was
>a draw. but i don't
>think manfredo did enough in
>the later part of the
>fight to really seal the
>deal. he looked like he
>was content with his performance
>so far and decided to
>take a step down and
>be more conservative. i mean
>c'mon, you're in the guy's
>backyard in front of all
>of his fans. in a
>perfect world, the scoring system
>would be completely impartial but
>manfredo's not a stupid guy.
>crowd reactions (like the reactions
>when mora was rocking manfredo
>with an array of unanswered
>punches on the ropes) will
>certainly influence a judge's scoring.
>here's a guy that seems to
>agree with me:

Thank you. Here are my score cards.

Ok I just got done watching the fight.

I don't care about either of these guys either way.

Here is my score card.

Jesse Brinkley vs Anthony Bonsante

Again if you ask me, Teddy Atlas, Joe Salami and Tommy Gag-on-nuts were totaly ripping Jesse and not giving him any credit. Jesse landed some very nice power shots and the commentators are talking about the what color they are going to paint there house.(no this was not said just giving an example) But Teddy talks alot of non sense.
Teddy Atlas in my opinion talks too much and does not do enough talking about what is actualy going on in the ring. He has gotten to big for his britches. If he would just stick to calling the fight and not talking about things like muscle heads from venice beach and ##### like that. (reminds me of Sly when he said there are 58 muscles in the leg) Do you remember? Did I need to know that #####? USELESS FACTS.) Teddy Atlas has become totaly dependant on the compubox scores/stats. I think this fucker is so afraid of going against the numbers and is swayed by them.

That is the way I feel about it. I would of liked to have seen Bonsante win but the Boner was just to scared to get hit and he was using his jab alot but that jab was not accurate. Effective yes but not on target. Had the Boner just took the fight to him he might of won or got knocked out like he did last time.


More about them - - cum-pew box numbers.

Knockouts certainly do simplify things.

The problem with boxing officiating is that there's no consensus on how to score a fight that goes the distance.

Those who follow boxing talk about this problem, but two men, Bob Canobbio and Logan Hobson of CompuBox, have tried to do something about it. They produce the numbers on HBO's fight telecasts for such things as "Jabs Thrown and Landed," "Power Punches Thrown and Landed," and "Percentage of Punches Landed."

How do they get these numbers? The old-fashioned way -- they count them. It takes a highly trained eye to accurately assess punches thrown and landed by the pros, and no one doubts that Messrs. Canobbio and Hobson are up to the task.

"When we started out," says Mr. Canobbio, "I would score a fight, then go back and watch it in slow motion to check my perception of what happened versus the reality. I have to be honest, it's amazing how often I counted right the first time."

Punching Numbers
In the CompuBox system, observers watch each of the fighters, hitting computer buttons to tabulate their man's power punches and jabs. Between rounds, they turn the results over to TV commentators. Judging by their accuracy, it's a shame the people who ultimately do the scoring don't get the CompuBox numbers.

To be sure, there are those to whom the idea of trusting the outcome of a match to CompuBox numbers is unacceptable. "The concept of 'power punches' is in itself a bit subjective," says Mr. Canobbio. "Some guys can land a jab with a flick of their wrist that has more power than another fighter's straight right hand. Nonetheless, I would think that the fight judges should find our scoring results at least as useful as those doing the TV commentary."

My own objection to "power punches" is that no two fighters land with exactly the same kind of power. For instance, Rocky Marciano never lost a pro fight, but under CompuBox rules, he might never have been able to win a decision. With shorter arms and slower hands than his opponents, Mr. Marciano's bludgeoning power blows might have dazed his opponents but left him behind in the scoring. Mr. Canobbio concedes the possibility, but says his stats wouldn't necessarily short a fighter like Rocky. "A guy who lands a clean power shot is going to get maximum credit for it," he says. "With a puncher like Marciano, the advantage is you can almost always see the punch land."

Reliance on Compubox numbers has been often maligned in boxing circles, and with good reason. The system, which debuted in the 1985 HBO telecast of the Livingstone Bramble-Ray Mancini rematch, simply quantifies punches thrown and landed for each fighter. The power or effectiveness of the punches is not a factor. The judges don't have access to the Compubox stats, which is appropriate because punching volume alone is not to be factored into scoring rounds. The fear, voiced often in the early days of Compubox use, was that the stats would prove a red herring for the viewer, giving a skewed impression of who was winning the fight.

To me a jab alone does not win fights and it never has it has to be followed by some combos and power punches. If throwing jabs alone wins fights than I am ready for the ring. What do you guys think?

SERGIO MORA vs Peter Manfredo Jr.

I read on another forum that some one watched the fight again but with a twist. This person said he watched the fight and wanted to give Peter the benefit of the doubt. If I am not mistaken this person said he watched the fight without the color commentary. So, I said what the hell. I sat down started the tape and hit the MUTE button. I was rooting for Peter and trying to give him the benefit of the doubt. I wanted Peter to win this fight. I was praising him for his adjustments he had made in comparison to his last fight against Sergio in May where Peter was simply dominated. There were several things that stuck in the back of my mind about what Peter said after the fight. Peter said that Sergio never hit him. (Oh how wrong he was) For his sake I wish it were true so I could give him this fight. He also said in and interview that he wanted to make the judges think that he was hurting Sergio in the 3rd round but Sergio was not hurt and he came right back and not only was he not hurt, Peter was actually running. What can I say? That is a fact. When you have some one hurt in boxing, you don't retreat, you go for the kill. Peter did not.

Here are is my score card and I was being generous when I gave Peter round 2. Actually it was insane but I am trying to give Peter this fight.

Round 6 was a toss up and neither fighter was really doing #####. Peter tagged Sergio twice in the beginning of the round and I don't see much action here at all. This round could go either way and it should of gone to Mora but I am trying desperately to give this fight to Peter.

To read more about this story please click the area below that says (Read More.....

Well folks as you can see from the score card, Sergio did win this fight. There is no way in hell I could of given this fight to Peter not even if I tried. I mean how could I? Sergio was still taxing that #####. And that my friends is the bottom line.

I got a funny feeling Ishe is also blowing smoke up our tail.

He is still saying he want's Mora and that he will knock him out. That he beat him on the show. I tried to get the MB crew to release the DVD and they say the footage belongs to NBC and that the people at NBC could careless about the Contender or waste their time producing a Season One DVD.

I have a suggestion.

Ishe fight Manfredo on FEB in a 10 rounder and the winner fights Sergio for the last time in June or July in a 10 or 12 rounder. And then everyone goes their separate way. Win lose or draw, you men have been great and there should be no more hard feelings or resentments. Because let's face it people Peter is being a sore sport about this and I have yet to hear Peter demand a rematch against Sergio.

This brings me to the topic at hand. Teddy Atlas, Joe Tesatori and Tommy Gallagher did a terrible job of commentating this fight. Why? That is beyond me but I think someone should question these people and ask them how they could sit there and call the fight so unevenly and make the less knowledgeable spectators believe things that were not true or happening.

I am honestly disappointed in Teddy Atlas because I always thought that he was the voice of the fighters. He was this hero and cape crusader of the sport and would avenge the injustice of terrible judging. But that night at the staples center Teddy himself was committing a crime. In truth folks all I have heard from Teddy is bitching and moaning since he has been on ESPN. On October 15th 2005 Teddy Atlas was so so busy pointing his finger at the judges and yet he had three of his own fingers pointing right back at him.

From now on, when ever I watch a fight and Teddy Atlas or Joe Tesatori are calling a fight, I will hit the Mute button turn on some music and enjoy what I am watching and not be influenced by these biased commentators.

The crime that was committed here in this rematch of Sergio Mora vs Peter Manfredo Jr. was not committed by the judges. It was committed by Teddy Atlas, Joe Tesatori and Tommy Gallagher along with Peters poor sportsmanship.

So, was the commentating shockingly brutal or cruel? I say it was both.

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varock 4 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "American Cancer Society Spokesperson"

10-26-05, 07:46 PM (EST)
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2. "RE: contender rematch: i'm half surprised"
thanks for the comment. yes, i forgot to mention that commentary too. it's a much different fight if you learn to ignore the commentary because they tend to make a statement and only see the things that support their statements, rather then praising the other fighter's work. all boxing commentators that i know have been guilty of this some time or another.
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lt619 15 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Got Milk? Spokesperson"

10-27-05, 03:03 PM (EST)
Click to EMail lt619 Click to send private message to lt619 Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
3. "RE: contender rematch: i'm half surprised"
>thanks for the comment. yes, i
>forgot to mention that commentary
>too. it's a much different
>fight if you learn to
>ignore the commentary because they
>tend to make a statement
>and only see the things
>that support their statements, rather
>then praising the other fighter's
>work. all boxing commentators that
>i know have been guilty
>of this some time or
No problem.
Here is a site and forum that has articles about the matches.


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