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Bronze match and fan favorites
I'm just curious to see if anyone's sure that these fights will be televised. Does anyone know for sure? Also, can't wait to see
5 messages
05-07-05 02:22 AM
Boxing and Pay per view
Is it just me or is Pay per view the single biggest reason why nobody but the hardcore fans watch boxing anymore? I'd love to see some of these g
6 messages
05-04-05 11:56 PM
Will one boxer be disqualified !!!!
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 05-03-05 AT 08:29 PM (EST)[/font] [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON
6 messages
05-04-05 08:28 PM
Finale tickets now available
Not sure if this has already been posted but if you are interested and available (and have the cash), you too can go see the finale live at Caes
0 messages
05-04-05 06:04 PM
The Link For Next Season's TryOUTs.. [View All]
Hi guys, My brother in law informed me of and there was a invite to certain cities where they were having tryouts for th
D mOs hEYE
21 messages
05-04-05 05:55 PM
Ishe Smith is a freak and hyocrite [View All]
I think this guy has a few screws loose. First he becomes cowardly until reluctantly he fight Ahmed (after crying like a baby). Ishe f
63 messages
05-04-05 05:49 PM
local paper interviews with Joey
Here's a link to a interview Joey did with the Reno Journal-Gazette. Some highlights: “On one of the first days we were down there%2
0 messages
05-03-05 10:00 PM
Episode 12 details
From NBC: [i]THE CONTENDER #112 05-08-2005 8:00PM "Heavy Hands" - It has come down to the final fig
3 messages
05-03-05 08:27 PM
Why does Jesse refer to Bonsante as "Harry"
I'm sure everyone's picked up on that. Anyone know the story behind that and what it's supposed to mean? I think it's "cute" perso
11 messages
05-03-05 02:50 PM
5 round fights are nothing!!!
No offense to Gomez or Joey, but their so lucky this show is only five rounds. Otherwise they both would have gotten knocked out. I understand ther
14 messages
05-03-05 10:29 AM
Rank the fighters 1-16
I'd be interested to know how everyone would rate the 16 contestants. Obviously the results so far have give a few clues, but the final 4 aren't
11 messages
05-03-05 10:19 AM
Joey's injuries
Anyone know how many stitches Joey ended up getting? And, was his rib really broken (or just bruised). Just curious. I guess they'll tell
4 messages
05-02-05 11:01 PM
32 messages
05-02-05 09:40 PM
East Coast Spoiler Thread - Discussion of 5/1 Episode [View All]
Once the episode starts, please limit all discussion of the episode to this thread until after midnight Eastern time. This is a common practice on
48 messages
05-02-05 08:03 PM
How many rounds????
Just wondering if anyone knows if the final fight will be longer then 5 rounds? I think it would better if the fight were atleast 10. I mean come on
4 messages
05-02-05 08:02 PM
Episode 13 details
From the NBC website: [i]THE CONTENDER #113 05-15-2005 8:00PM "The Final Four" - As the remaining boxers
1 messages
05-02-05 07:09 PM
i want o know spoliers about next episode? anyone know?
hey i really want to know what happends next round does anthony get knocked out does anyone know any spoilers?
1 messages
05-02-05 07:18 AM
SPOILER - Discussion of 5/1 Episode [View All]
Folks, our guidelines are clear - do not reveal spoilers in the subject line or first 200 characters of a post. This thread has been st
21 messages
05-01-05 10:00 PM
Is this survivor or contender
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 04-24-05 AT 09:13 PM (EST)[/font] These guys all moan about never getting a chance to fight and t
biggest brutha
8 messages
05-01-05 09:06 AM
04/24 Episode Discussion [View All]
We have two hours tonight! WOO and HOO! Let's talk about tonight's episodes here!
92 messages
04-30-05 05:09 PM
Vote for your fan favorite
OK, let's try a non-spoiler version of this. Who would you vote back in as your fan favorite? Please, do not include spoiler infor
18 messages
04-30-05 05:01 PM
Tell me it ain't So (Possible Spoiler)
I am totally rooting for Anthony. I absolutely love that guy. He is such a great father, and deserves the money the most out of all of them. I ha
Italian Stallion
3 messages
04-29-05 07:03 AM
Jonathan Reid returns to the ring, June 2nd
According to the Tennessean, ex-Contender Jonathan Reid is returning to the ring on June 2nd in Nashville, TN at the State Fairgrounds against an
0 messages
04-28-05 10:56 PM
The Contender -- The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly
Well, here's my second attempt to create this thread! I unfortunately "lost" my first post 95% into its creation. Oh well, here I
13 messages
04-28-05 09:28 AM
Go Jesse, beat the straight guys!
Now, I'm not gay, and I'm not anti-gay. I just think it would be such a unique twist for the one gay (maybe bi) boxer to have won over al
9 messages
04-28-05 09:16 AM
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