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Ideas for series 2???
If anyone has any ideas for series 2 post them here! I think they should bring back all the boxers but bring back 2 new boxers 1 replacin
2 messages
06-20-05 04:14 PM
SALSA KING..and anyone else interested in season 2!!!!!!!
good job with the petition...we need to send it our to other forums....start sending it to some espn boardrooms or boxing websites boardrooms...we nee
5 messages
06-20-05 11:49 AM
Boxer Stats
I'm trying to create the boxers from The Contender in EA Fight Night 2005 but I can't seem to find any of their height stats. Could someone tell m
7 messages
06-17-05 04:37 PM
Article about the Contender
Ran across this article on another web-site....pretty interesting. The article is pretty long, but take the time to read it. Makes you wonder.......
3 messages
06-16-05 07:21 PM
Tyson vs. McBride
Did anyone watch?
4 messages
06-16-05 10:11 AM
peter manfredo
Hey guys i was just wondering if peter mannfredo had said anything about the fight the coverage of the final over here was terrible%0
7 messages
06-15-05 03:02 PM
Contender merchandise wiped clean at Caesers Palace
Been a while since I last posted because I forgot my password. Here under a new name. Anyways... I was just in Vegas and searched Caesers P
4 messages
06-14-05 06:16 AM
Did you guys know? [View All]
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 03-14-05 AT 10:32 PM (EST)[/font] The show did not mention this but Brandy Collins, Ahmeds ex f
26 messages
06-13-05 04:06 AM
July 5th Contender Match up
Does anyone know who will be fighting on July 5th? As soon as the information becomes available, please post it here. TIA
8 messages
06-12-05 09:13 PM
The show ended on the 24 of May and they are still under contract to not fight? last week jonathan reid was denied his chance to fight.. when can th
0 messages
06-12-05 01:55 PM
song in episode 1
Hi Does anybody know who sings the song that is in the first episode? It plays whilst we hear all the fighters stories containing the lyr
Gina T
1 messages
06-11-05 01:50 PM
Jeff Hellraza Fraza
I just wanted to cheer on one of the contenders, my cousin Jeff Fraza. Good luck Jeff!
5 messages
06-09-05 01:06 PM
Sergio=BS [View All]
Peter dominated the fight and all Sergio did was steal rounds at the end. Sergio is terrible thats all he has done the entire show. The ending was a d
46 messages
06-09-05 04:59 AM
Manfredo strategy misfires?
Not at the finals, but in the semi, when he took on Gomez instead of Mora. I guess this is the "game" part of a reality show I'm thinking a
9 messages
06-06-05 05:17 PM
no more re-runs on cnbc
cnbc has been re-running the contender starting from the first episode, they showed I believe #4 last night, it was sergio fighting nadia(the
4 messages
06-04-05 04:43 PM
What's with the Ishe lovers?
What’s up with all the “Ishe was crucified on the show”, “everyone talked about Ishe”, “they edited the show to make Ishe look bad”%
4 messages
06-04-05 01:42 PM
VFW's Contender Review
Hi people, FWIW, here's my snapshot summary of what I thought were some of the main good and bad elements of the series: http://www
10 messages
06-03-05 08:55 PM
Petition to bring The Conteder Season 2!!!! [View All]
This might not make a difference but its worth a try right? Please consider this petition, thank you! http://www.Pet
salsa king
33 messages
06-03-05 12:32 PM
I derserve my rematch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [View All]
If my memory serves me correctly it was Mora who was hurt at the end of five rounds, Mora is a 5 round fighter, 7 rounds at best. Come on people i
37 messages
06-03-05 11:35 AM
First ex-Contender to fight tonight
According to the Nashville Tennessean, Jonathan Reid is scheduled to fight Anthony Bowman at Nashville's State Fairgrounds Sports Arena. %
1 messages
06-03-05 07:49 AM
Mora's Manager?
Hi, I was playing cards in Vegas the night before the fight with a young man wearing a suit and a plastic snake around his neck. Said he's known S
1 messages
06-01-05 05:31 PM
SERGIO on Regis and Kelly!
HEY Sergio is coming on Regis and Kelly in a couple of minutes! Maybe The Contender will get some props and make some new fans! Anyway to those w
17 messages
06-01-05 01:10 PM
ALRIGHT we all loved sergio on the show for the most part he was great..but i do have a problem with him being the winner. I just think he is a fluke.
6 messages
06-01-05 02:36 AM
VEGAS FIGHT WRITER..what do you think?
first off Great Article on your other thread... secondly, about there being a season 2..i think there is a good chance. Ive heard rumors about movin
1 messages
05-31-05 07:33 AM
Why has someone locked my posting?
Ok I may not be familiar with postings on websites, etc. But why on earth would someone "lock my thread"? I am not sure what it means, but
Ginas Gifts
3 messages
05-30-05 07:46 PM
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