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Sergio Mora On ESPN talks about the verbal war in the Manfredo corner.
Sergio Mora Was a guest host on ESPN Friday Night Fights. He did a great job I might add. When he was asked what happend with the Manfredos
11 messages
05-30-05 06:39 PM
Thanks Everyone!!!!! [View All]
This is the one and only Ishe Smith. I want to thank you people for all the post you have made about me and my family. (even the bad ones). As y
23 messages
05-30-05 06:06 PM
The Contender RERUNS start tonight on CNBC
The first episode of the Contender (90 minutes) airs tonight on CNBC. It is at 9 p.m. Eastern time. The episodes are as follows this week:%
1 messages
05-30-05 05:28 PM
The Contender is BACK, Baby!!!! July 5th! [View All] dlines//EEEZpuyFkuQlVHVIhX.html July 5th!!!! VegasFightWriter -- Ishe needs
21 messages
05-30-05 12:04 PM
The Contender Return
Hi Everyone, I am a mother and wife whom puts up with alot of sports in our family with all boys. Normally I really dont care who wins o
Ginas Gifts
3 messages
05-30-05 11:52 AM
The Everlast Website
Hey I went to check out Everlast website and they have a picture of the west side Contenders...I wonder why they don;t have the east? c
4 messages
05-30-05 01:39 AM
Something wrong with Peter?
This post isn't meant to be a debate about whether or not Peter lost the Contender finale, but rather an inquiry about why he looked so terrible%3
16 messages
05-29-05 06:21 PM
The Champion of The Contender! [View All]
Congratulations to the man they call 'The Latin Snake' Sergio Mora! Undefeated Sergio Mora out boxes Peter 'The Wrap up king%2
32 messages
05-29-05 06:33 AM
I am disgusted with The Manfredos!
I liked Peter. Then I could not stand him cus they found a loop hole to bring him back. Then Alfonso said to forget it and get over it, so I did.
12 messages
05-28-05 02:11 PM
The contender is coming back
its in negotiations with espn
2 messages
05-28-05 11:03 AM
IS THE CONTENDER COMING BACK?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?
1 messages
05-28-05 11:01 AM
MC Hush
does anyone know the name of the song that the guy Hush sang, and also where to get it?
5 messages
05-28-05 10:51 AM
Sergio has NO class [View All]
Am I the only one who lost all respect for Sergio as a person last night? They had to bleep out several seconds because of his classless trash talk
78 messages
05-27-05 07:33 PM
for all those that attended the fights ???
Was it worth the money? What was the atmosphere like? Its seemed like it was just going crazy in there. Very exciting. Was there really
1 messages
05-27-05 04:14 PM
Is there going to be a rematch between manfredo and mora?
17 messages
05-27-05 02:46 PM
Ishe Smith Interview
THE TALKINGBOXING.COM SPOTLIGHT TalkingBoxing with "CONTENDER" ISHE SMITH "I would also like to thank all of my fans and
Master B
0 messages
05-26-05 10:12 PM
East Coast Spoiler Thread for the final fight [View All]
Let's chat it up here and keep the discussion on this thread until the west coast has had a chance to see the show.
59 messages
05-26-05 05:46 PM
Fan Favourites fights???
Hi, Im a huge contender fan from the UK and cannot view the fan favourites fights, or any contender content from the yahoo site. It says it is bec
3 messages
05-26-05 03:11 PM
ESPN: Contender finale running diary. ry?page=simmons/050525
0 messages
05-26-05 11:33 AM
The Contender in a nutshell
Although I was really excited about the boxing sport finally being televized on public stations, after all the smoke clears, I have to admit it fe
14 messages
05-26-05 08:18 AM
Mark Burnett saya that if NBC doesn't want Contender they'll go elsewhere.
Read this article posted today.
4 messages
05-26-05 05:18 AM
i know about the contender not getting many viewers compared to other shows, but i believe that the viewers that it does have are loyal viewers who
4 messages
05-26-05 04:14 AM
The Finale' from a fan of both = unbiased declaration/rationalization.
Avid fan/observer of boxing for 20 years. Mora - Manfredo I like both guys but the truth is Sergio was more focused and the be
Digital Christ
2 messages
05-26-05 00:18 AM
The Ring magazine?
what is about The Ring magazine?? I saw ray gave it to mora
Master B
2 messages
05-25-05 08:54 PM
I needed a drink after that [View All]
I have to tell you, even though I get to sit ringside and watch and write about a good many big fights, I don't think I will ever get used to be
22 messages
05-25-05 08:49 PM
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