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We okay fred?
1 messages
05-24-05 03:31 PM
Bonsante/Fraza - What weight will they fight at???
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 05-23-05 AT 02:20 PM (EST)[/font] I have been rooting for Bonsante the whole time and am curious
9 messages
05-24-05 02:53 PM
Good Website
I stumbled on this website a while back. You can find good info about boxers (records, opponents, etc). It is so fresh it already has been u
0 messages
05-24-05 02:44 PM
Jesse fought Mora 3 DAYS after Bonsante!
According to, Jesse fought Sergio only 3 days after he got pummelled for 4 1/2 rounds by Anthony. Peter fought Alfonzo only 5 days
1 messages
05-24-05 02:43 PM
Ishe fight
Not too impressed so far...thought round one would be a little better....well except for the very end!
8 messages
05-24-05 02:29 PM
WOOOOOOOHHHH Yeah Jeff I knew you would do it! I think that second judge was crazy, giving a round to Brent?! What do you all t
4 messages
05-24-05 01:58 PM
GO TO they say Fraza fighting Brent and Ishe fighting Anthony. Is this true??
20 messages
05-24-05 12:55 PM
Fight Details
Got some good info about today's fights from the Reno Gazette: 5/05/23/1001
9 messages
05-24-05 12:54 PM
Undercard streamlined on Yahoo
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 05-24-05 AT 09:44 AM (EST)[/font] I am hoping that someone can explain to me how to watch the und
5 messages
05-24-05 11:27 AM
What are the matchups for the Undercard [View All]
Hey guys.....I just wanted to know what the exact matches are for the bronze undercard fights....also if you could also tell me their fan favorite ran
Italian Stallion
21 messages
05-24-05 03:46 AM
Should Peter have to win twice?
MY question is this. Since Peter was already beat once, then should he have to beat who he is fighting twice? If not then he had the advantage o
12 messages
05-24-05 03:35 AM
Caliber of the fighters
I've been a faithful viewer since the beginning but because of the way the fights are edited it makes it hard to see how truly good these guys are.%
8 messages
05-23-05 09:11 PM
who wants 2 make a bet if you are intrested
1 messages
05-23-05 07:29 PM
What fight was I watching?
It would have appeared that the version that I watched between Jesse and Sergio wasn't allllllll Sergio. That's why I hate that edited crap becaus
9 messages
05-23-05 06:09 PM
Who would be the best fighter in a real full length fight?
Sure, these 5 and 7 round format fights need to be done to allow this type of tournament, but if this were done over a year instead of a few weeks
5 messages
05-23-05 03:05 PM
Final Fight
Mora Vs. Manfredo jr. This should be a gr8 fight i really feal that these 2 are the best 2 in the compition sergios arms are frekin lons
5 messages
05-23-05 09:31 AM
Questionas about finale/caesars palace, please help!
Does anyone know if they will allow picture cameras inside for the bronze medal matches? What about backpacks? I am leaving Caesars Palace and goi
salsa king
1 messages
05-23-05 00:09 AM
Contender Fan Favorites Match ups rites.html Jimmy Lang vs Tarick "The Arabian Prince" Salmaci 12 am pt Jeff "Th
Master B
13 messages
05-22-05 09:50 PM
Contender Punchout
I made this flash movie lovingly for my fellow Contender Fans. Unfortunately, if you didn't play video games during the 1980s this might not make
5 messages
05-22-05 09:19 PM
No east coast update thread for us west coasters?? (AKA impatient fans)
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO i have to wait for 8pm PST?? That sucks.
1 messages
05-22-05 08:59 PM
Najai Turpin Tribute Song by Hy3rid
[b] hi guys, my brothers and I made a song as a tribute to Najai Turpin. The song is available to listent to on the soundclick website...I do h
Alfonso S Gomez
8 messages
05-22-05 08:35 PM
Just noticed last night that there has been a contender marathon at cnbc, for those of you that have cable. My daughter was visiting, and flippin
2 messages
05-22-05 04:36 PM
Help me out!!! Please!!!
Hi everyone. I am looking to buy every episode of the Contender off someone because I just started watching the show and I love it. I really want to
1 messages
05-22-05 11:56 AM
Hey Yahoo!, Tabulate This!
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 05-21-05 AT 09:51 PM (EST)[/font] I have to admit that until this moment, I honestly thought SO
4 messages
05-22-05 07:07 AM
Why is joey medically suspended ?
Note: Joey Gilbert has been medically suspended by the Nevada State Athletic Commission and will not be able to participate in the Fan Favorites Fig
2 messages
05-21-05 12:53 PM
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