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"Thoughts on Contender Fighters One Year Later"
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04-28-06, 05:03 PM (EST)
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"Thoughts on Contender Fighters One Year Later"
To me, I don't want to get into each fighter and where they stand in their careers. I would like to comment generally on how the fighters have used the show to further their careers.

For the life of me I don't understand why only about a half dozen of them continued on in the Contender family. I can understnad why they might not of fought each other. Seems like some of the decisions to those fights were not made on who actually won the fight but award the fight to the ones that the Contender can market better.

Manfredo for example used the Pemberton fight perfectly. First off any show with a Contender stamp on it will promote the Contender fighter more than the other guy. As far as I know only those fighters that fought with the Contender stamp assigned to their fight got a National TV fight.....those fights appearing on ESPN. Other fighters have gone onto fight outside of the Contender Ring and really have received next to no coverage. Certain Contender Fighters after the series ended fought real hard to get out of their Contender contracts. I myself do not think this was a good idea. If anything the promotion these fighters get from being on ESPN betters their chances of having a championship fight in the near future. Even Jonathon Ried, to me this guy should just retire and I think he would if it wasn't for the fact that he is getting these national tv fights and probably a better pay day for it. Seems many fighters on this show let their pride get the best of them. If they would've stuck it out........not fight other Contender fighters but non-contender fighters they would of been better off for it.

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