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"Official RTVW Summary: Contender 2, Episode 4"
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08-03-06, 09:32 AM (EST)
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"Official RTVW Summary: Contender 2, Episode 4"

The Ole Switcheroo!!!

They recap the fights we’ve seen in the past 2 weeks (3 episodes), but I won’t bore you with that. We begin this episode with the blue team up in the loft discussing Aaron’s loss and quickly switch over to the gold team, who are happy they finally have control of the match ups. Gary returns to the loft to applause. Tommy and Jeremy want to give the guys their next reward. He gives them Polaroid digital cameras, plus he tells Gary he has a special reward on his bed. Gary goes into the gold team bedroom and finds a framed photo of the fight with Aaron.

The blue team is wondering who the gold team will pick to fight next. Grady tells us that he is prepared for Vinroy to call him out and that he wants to get the ball back in their corner. The producers have been hyping this pairing and the tension between the two fighters for three episodes now. Can we get on with it? Will Vinroy call out Grady? Vinroy has told us he thinks Grady is a coward. Maybe he should step up now that he has the chance!

When we return from the commercials, Sugar Ray gives Gary his gold necklace and his name plate to put on the bracket wall. He adds his name in fight number 12, the last pairing of the second round, next to Norberto Bravo. Bravo now knows who his next opponent will be and tells us Gary’s in for quite a fight.

The next morning, the guys get back to their training. Tommy has them throwing tires in the back of the Toyota truck, stack them, then run alongside the truck while he times them. He calls it some good, old fashioned training. Grady spars with the other trainer, Jeremy. Vinroy tells us that Grady is scared and he’s going to win. Walter is also sparring today and tells us he wants to get his fight out of the way. The guys have realized that the longer they wait to fight, means there are less choices they have for their opponent and less spaces available on the bracket wall for the next round. Plus, they need to factor in the issue of resting between fights, especially if they get past the 2nd round. Andre is sparring too and Walter tells us that Andre is not ready. At 12:30 am, all of the guys are sleeping except Andre, who is still in the gym working out with his Everlast sauna suit on. Gee, can we get any more product placement on this show???

After the next bunch of commercials, we see Grady visiting with his family. We meet his wife and get a glimpse of his two kids. He’s crying. I don’t recall why. Maybe he was overwhelmed with the experience or maybe he missed his family. Cut to Steve Forbes, who questions Vinroy’s ability to take on Grady. So will Vinroy call out Grady? It's only been being hyped up for 3 episodes now! Let’s see!

The teams line up on the apron. I'm sure Grady is waiting to be called out. Sugar Ray asks the gold team who will fight and… it’s not Vinroy! Instead Walter steps out and toes the line! He chooses to fight Andre. Back in the loft, Grady says the gold team is playing mind games! …and he asks Andre to get him this win, so he can call out Vinroy himself. He’s frustrated, of course, because he was prepared to fight and now he has to wait again.

Now we get the fighters stories. Andre tells us about his hometown of Brooklyn, his favorite teacher and his family. All Walter can talk about is winning, how good he is and how he’s a champ. Blah, blah…

The next segment shows K9 and Andre in the blue team bedroom. K9 reads Andre a bible passage for inspiration. Then the guys have to get ready for the fight. Over in Walter’s locker room, he tells us he lost his first fight and now he wants to focus, so he doesn’t want his family there to distract him. Tommy will be in his corner and tells him some stuff to get him pumped and ready. Andre is seen as the underdog. His mom and brother visit his locker room and we are told that his older brother is a two-time Golden Gloves champ. Jeremy tells Andre to “execute him”.

Now on with the fight! In round 1, Andre gets Walter against the ropes for a moment, but then Walter gets in several good shots and actually knocks Andre down! After the bell rings, they stare each other down in slo-mo and we’re off to more commercials. In round 2, Walter gets in a few good jabs, then it looks like Andre is punishing him! …and the crowd starts chanting for Andre. Of course, we only get about 30 seconds of the round on TV. Jeremy tells Andre to stay inside. Round 3 has Walter very much in control of the fight, but Andre gets a few good hits in there. Round 4 has Walter putting a serious hurtin’ on Andre! Andre gets a bit of a second wind, but is it too late? The bell rings. In round 5 Andre gets a few good shots in the beginning, then Walter continues to put a hurtin’ on him! The fight is over and we’re on to the scores! All 3 judges score the bout at 50 – 44 for Walter.

Afterwards, Andre says a few words about the loss and having heart. He hangs his gloves on the wall next to Aaron’s and leaves the gym. If you’re keeping track at home, this now means each team has 2 wins.

Next week: Walter’s arrogance bothers the blue team and Sugar Shay Mosely steps into the ring!

...and will we finally see Grady and Vinroy fight? ...or will one of them wimp out and call out somebody else?

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