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"Possible Spoiler....Contender Experience??????"
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Wacko Jacko 2434 desperate attention whore postings
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09-06-06, 09:46 AM (EST)
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"Possible Spoiler....Contender Experience??????"
I did not want to post this earlier since there have been no spoilers and this is a real minor spoiler and may not mean anything but I wanted to post it anyways because I think it is really interesting.

So here it is. Early this summer. I was in my office. I work in the 11th floor of an office building in Suburban Detroit. I just so happened to look out my window and the roads were semi-closed outside my office. On the road I noticed a police escort of a pickup truck with someone sitting in the back of it. And some people running behind it. While watching the Contender....I have seen every episode a similar image. So what appeared outside my window looked exactly like the scenes from the Contender. It did not connect with me right away not until I started watching the Contender. I am convinced that it was one of the fighters from the show training for a fight.

So what does this mean? Well there are TWO fighters living in Detroit. Everyone knows about K9 that he is from Detroit, but what has not been said on the show is that Steve Forbes also lives in the Detroit Area......on the show it says he is from Las Vegas which I am sure is true, but he lives in Detroit as his wife is attending an University in the Detroit area. I am convinced that they were filming footage for an upcoming episode. I could not tell who the fighter was but I have a gut feeling that the fighters will return home at some point to train for their fights. I can't wait to see the upcoming shows.

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