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is FLOM washed up?
Maybe I am growing cynical, but with the crummy success record of all these dating shows is anyone else getting bored? I am getting so much more
5 messages
08-09-04 11:57 PM
Summary writer sign-up thread for NBC's For Love Or Money 3 [View All]
This thread is the episode summary writer sign-up thread for [ ney3/|NBC's For Love Or Money 3],
37 messages
08-09-04 11:14 PM
FLOM 4: Episode 4 Official Summary
[b]Four Dates and a [strike]Funeral[/strike] Elimination[/b] (Taps mic) Is this thing on? (
Mon Cherie
2 messages
08-08-04 11:44 PM
Family Feud has FLOM males vs. females.
I would have said more and given some details, but that was all I got before I automatically threw the television out the window. Sorry.
1 messages
08-06-04 08:04 PM
Anyone still watching? [View All]
Haven't seen any new posts and I was just wondering if anyone still watched. I wonder what Rachel will do...
31 messages
08-06-04 07:24 PM
Preston and PJ
In Star Magazine the July 26th issue there is a story and great picture of Preston and PJ> Its title 5 reasons their Love will last. #1 Prestonis
5 messages
08-06-04 01:33 PM
FLOM 4: Official Episode 3 Summary
Yet again I find myself recapping a crappy show no one is watching. I suppose that's good, if I miss something no one will notice. And
4 messages
08-04-04 02:36 AM
FLOM 4: Episode 2 Official Summary
Previously on FLOM 4: Andrea and Rachel further sought to extend their 15 minutes of fame by returning to the big pretty house for a second chance a
Mon Cherie
3 messages
07-23-04 09:46 PM
Andrea of FLOM
Andria is dating Jammy Kennedy. They met on his show when they were doing a skit together. She was Betsy Ross and he was Ben Franklin. she says she
0 messages
07-22-04 04:43 PM
Is the show rigged? [View All]
Alright tonight started the 3rd installment of For Love or Money with Rachael & Andrea squaring off and the men having to choose one to stay. In the
29 messages
07-21-04 03:19 AM
Do you thk it wus the right choice?
Hello everyone... Do you think preston made the right choice ?? or do u thk he should have chosen rachell.. elaborate pleass
11 messages
07-20-04 06:02 PM
FLOM4 Episode 3 Vidcap spoiler?
I was looking back through last week's For Love Or Money intro and noticed the below vidcaps. But first, NBC's description for Episod
3 messages
07-20-04 04:19 PM
FLOM 4, Ep 1 Official Summary "In Search of the Perfect Cat Fight"
I didnít actually watch the premiere of this show real time. You see, my bestest friend in the entire world was defending her doctoral thesis. N
5 messages
07-16-04 04:51 PM
wanted: tape of finale
Like a moron I didn't leave enough free space to record more than 8 minutes of the finale. So now I'm desperately seeking a tape of the
2 messages
07-12-04 05:53 PM
FLOM 3 Ep 5: Official Summary
Mission Predictable In what can only be described as the most riveting hour and 5 minutes of scheduled television, For Love or Money wrap
8 messages
07-09-04 11:38 PM
Rachel a setup?
Does anyone else feel that Rachel is a setup. When you watch her she totally overacts, especially with her facial expressions. I think that they p
10 messages
07-07-04 11:55 PM
Help On Theme Song
Hey, does any one out there know where I can find The theme song to For Love or Money?? The name of the song would be great, or a website with
4 messages
07-07-04 04:44 PM
hey can anyone gimme the title of the theme song for flom 3. some of the lyrics are "true love is all I need.......if I can't find love will money
1 messages
07-07-04 02:54 PM
Next Week
Does anyone know who the women will be on the show next week?
11 messages
07-06-04 08:30 PM
what happened on the finale?
okay, I blew it and missed it and my tape didn't work and I am beside myself. who did he pick and did they pick him or the money and what was the
10 messages
07-06-04 07:58 PM
Episode 4 thoughts and rants anyone? [View All]
So what did everyone think of last nights episode? I'm kinda torn now when it comes to the women. Rachel still very much seems like sh
23 messages
07-04-04 09:43 AM
FLOM 3: Episode 4: Official Summary!
We start the show with the final four: PJ, Rebeka, Rachel, and Andrea. At breakfast, the girls are discussing the amounts of thei
9 messages
07-02-04 07:09 PM
Andrea on FLOM
My cleaning Lady went to school with Andrea. She lived in Vorhees, New Jersey. She was a former cheerleader for a pro football team I think the Ph
8 messages
06-29-04 09:15 AM
FLOM3 Ep 2: *** Official Summary ***
FLOM3: Episode 2 *** Official Summary *** [font size=1 color=teal]First off, I apologize for the tardiness of this
9 messages
06-29-04 08:44 AM
FLOM3: Episode III Official Summary
[center][font size=1]For Love or Money 3: Ep. III Summary[/font] [font face=mistral, size=10, color=dark pin
Tiger Lily
7 messages
06-29-04 00:29 AM
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