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Conferences For Love Or Money Forum (Protected)
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There was a good article in People magazine....
about Erin and Chad.
1 messages
09-18-03 01:45 AM
Ebay Auction for the Rings and Props
Check out Ebay. They are auctioning off some of the props and stuff from the show. Most of the stuff is autographed. They have all the guys rings,
8 messages
09-15-03 07:51 PM
WHY did Chad choose Erin?
Can anyone figure out WHY Chad chose Erin over the $1 million? I honestly do not think that Erin is all that great. WHAT did Chad see in her tha
4 messages
09-14-03 07:41 PM
Did anyone tape For Love or Money 2?
I'm looking for a copy of the second season of For Love or Money. Anyone who taped or Tivoed any of the episodes, please let me know asap. Thanks%
1 messages
09-13-03 01:28 AM
Erin's check she wrote out...
I have a small bet going on this one...can anyone help? The check Erin wrote while Chad was standing right there- was it $500,000 or
2 messages
09-12-03 03:09 PM
the circle of rings gave it away
Did anyone notice that when they were going through the whole which guy will it be thing, and they were switching back and forth, that when they w
1 messages
09-11-03 00:41 AM
Wade is wonderful but...
Ok, don't bash me, just my opinion. I think Wade seems like a wonderful person, but kinda came across as a dope b/c n
5 messages
09-09-03 09:46 PM
Anyone catch Chad and Erin on the Today show?
I didn't see their Today or Regis apperance. Anyone see it? Did it look as if they are still together? If they are, I don't think it
5 messages
09-09-03 09:13 PM
I just finished watching the finale on satellite. So I know the result. So if you don't want to know, don't open this post. ...........%0
9 messages
09-09-03 06:13 PM
HELP - anyone with a copy of the "For love or money 2" reunion
I'm competely addited to this show and the only one I missed was the "for love or money 2" reunion show. If anyone has this on tape I'd be mor
1 messages
09-09-03 03:52 PM
Is anyone actually happy for Erin?
I thought that it was really sweet and I actually wish Chad and Erin the best of luck I wonder if they're still together and can't wait to find ou
7 messages
09-09-03 03:08 PM
For Love or Chump Change 2
Not sure if anyone caught the fine print that was shown at the end of each episode, but it said that the money (both the one million and the two m
11 messages
09-09-03 02:10 PM
Reunion show [View All]
I'm surprised not to see much posting on the reunion show. Did no one watch? Was everyone enjoying Zack and Amy on "Paradise Hotel"?!?
28 messages
09-08-03 11:46 PM
If PAIGE had won, there would NOT have been a FLOM2!!!!! [View All]
Guys, these shows are ALL set ups. Do you think that if Paige had been chosen by Rob that there would have been For LOVE OR %2
23 messages
09-08-03 11:33 PM
Erin's blue blouse on the reunion
Does anyone know how I can find out where Erin got that blue blouse she wore on the reunion show????
7 messages
09-08-03 11:07 PM
does anyone know what kind of watch erin is wearing?
can someone help me find out what kind of watch erin wears when she is dressed up. my girlfriend said she like it and i would love to try to get it f
0 messages
09-08-03 10:40 PM
Hey, what happened to the host that had been there all season. Some woman just appeared on the 01 Sept review show.
10 messages
09-08-03 05:44 PM
Reunion Episode
I missed most of the ruin my sister was over and ruined my night of couch potatoeism (i doubt thats a wrd) I was wondering did they find out that
1 messages
09-08-03 05:32 PM
The Finale
How long does the finale last? ds/User_files/3dd2e4dc402fadbf.gif
1 messages
09-08-03 05:30 PM
Who's It gonna be?
Pls click reply and then change the subject to who you think Erin will chose to keep....feel free to add y u picked taht guy
7 messages
09-08-03 03:28 PM
Just for fun...
Which FLOM1 contestant, and FLOM2 contestant would you like to see hook up. Last night some audience members said Vic and Kelly, and
4 messages
09-04-03 03:02 AM
Personal reflections [View All]
Rob Campos is an intelligent man but as well extremely gullible. Ms. Brodie fooled both he and Paige into believing her to be other than he
38 messages
09-04-03 02:54 AM
girl u r crazy!!
she is crazy for not picking Rob!
13 messages
09-03-03 02:17 PM
breast augmentation?
Does anyone else think that Erin got a boob job? She had boobs in that shirt she was wearing on the Reunion show. Didnt she?
5 messages
09-03-03 02:13 PM
Finale party
Anyone in the NYC area having or know of any bars having a For Love or Money finale watching party? I'd really like to go to one, watching alone
0 messages
09-03-03 12:27 PM
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