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Conferences For Love Or Money Forum (Protected)
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Episode #3 thoughts and ponderings...
[font colr=purple]Just when you thought the dates on this show couldn't get any cheaper...home movies and a tent in the backyard? Poor PJ an
15 messages
06-24-04 10:28 AM
For Love or Money Episode One Official Summary "I'll Buy That for $1"
I was wondering what they might have to do to improve matters this season. I mean, letís be honest here, last season, FLOM was one letter awa
15 messages
06-18-04 08:23 PM
SPOILER: NBC's For Love Or Money 3 Episode 3 description
[i]FOR LOVE OR MONEY Episode #304 06-21-2004 9:00PM Last summer's top-rated reality series': "For Love or Money 1
3 messages
06-16-04 07:17 AM
The Money amounts- how did they decide?
I am wondering how the producers decided who got what amount on their check. They knew Preston and all the girls from interviews, did they giv
Drive My Car
7 messages
06-16-04 07:05 AM
FLOM 3 second episode thoughts on tonights episode
Any thoughts? I can't wait until Rachel sees her check is only for $1.00.. ds%2
12 messages
06-15-04 06:44 PM
FLOM 3 Premiere Episode Discussion [View All]
Post your thoughts on tonight's (6/7/04) show here. :-) So, what did you all think?
Tiger Lily
27 messages
06-14-04 01:50 PM
Hi. I need to know where I can purchase that unreal dress that JAMIE wore on the night of the First 2-hour show!!! CAN ANYONE HELP M
1 messages
06-14-04 11:42 AM
VIDCAPS: For Love Or Money 3 - Episode 1 Intro
I took a bunch of vidcaps from the introduction sequence that ran at the beginning on last night's FLOM3 Episode 1 broadcast. I knocked out the "
5 messages
06-08-04 06:49 PM
SPOILER: NBC's For Love Or Money 3 Episode 2 description
NBC released the following episode description for next week's episode -- I have to say, as far as episode descriptions go, damn, now *this%
3 messages
06-08-04 05:29 PM
Are Erin & Chad still together?
Anyone know? I read that Erin is moving to LA to "pursue a showbiz career." The article didn't say anything about Chad. Also, I
9 messages
06-08-04 10:26 AM
Is FLOM for real or fake?
Hi I know that a lot of people relay want (or don't want) this reality series to be true, so forgive me for asking this question. %
3 messages
06-08-04 07:50 AM
The Previews for FLOM2
Has anyone besides me seen the long preview of FLOM2 with them introducing a couple of the girls? I think I am going to skip it this season. I will
1 messages
06-04-04 01:51 PM
What are the details on Chad V
We have all this info on Erin, but does anyone know where Chad V is from and what his occupation is or was?
10 messages
05-09-04 09:21 PM
Status of Erin and Chad
Does anyone know if they're still together? You hear so much about the bachelor but I haven't heard anything about them!
3 messages
01-29-04 02:02 PM
paige on the abcfamily movie...
To all Paige fans, She will be on the ABC family original movie called "I want to marry Ryan Banks...premiering Sunday January 18th on
0 messages
01-09-04 02:02 PM
Chad v??
hey! i was wondering if anybody has ANY pictures of chad v from FLOM2. i cant find any, and im desperate! haha you can send them to me at girldu
0 messages
11-26-03 10:07 PM
Did Erin Win The Biggest Payout On Reality TV?
Does anyone know if Erin won the biggest payout on a reality TV show at $2 million?
2 messages
11-25-03 09:17 PM
I was wondering if someone could provide me with a tape of the last two episodes of "Joe Millionaire", on Fox, and the second to last no
0 messages
11-13-03 03:56 AM
Final reflexions upon FLOM#1-3 [View All]
I purposly let a few days elapse before posting my final thoughts. I will begin with Paige, since she is the reason I watched FLOM in the
46 messages
10-12-03 00:20 AM
Erin on Pyramid
I actually saw Erin on Pyramid today. She was the celebrity playing for and with the civilian guest. She actually helped to win 10k for her guy, a
4 messages
10-07-03 07:55 AM
Could some one please tell me WHY she did not cut him in for a million? [View All]
Talk about love or money, she said split, 50:50 not 75 : 25%, wow that was cheap, put your money where mouth is sweetie
45 messages
10-06-03 07:06 PM
Erin On Howard Stern
Did anyone catch the interview this morning?
7 messages
09-27-03 01:38 PM
More Wade....
So here I am sitting at work...reading the next issue of In Touch magazine, due out sometime by 9/22...and it mentions Chad's last name (Viggi
1 messages
09-24-03 04:38 AM
Missed Last Episode...please help!
I also missed the last episode of For Love or For Money 2. If anyone has a full copy of this episode, please email me at
0 messages
09-22-03 09:13 PM
Missed Last Episode
I was stuck on a plane when the finale aired on tv and NONE of my friends would tape it for me. Did anyone tape the finale, if so, please contact
0 messages
09-20-03 02:12 AM
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