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Conferences For Love Or Money Forum (Protected)
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rob's a great guy
actually, i'm good friends with rob & his family. i've known them for over 24 years and he's actually a really great guy. his family is of
15 messages
07-07-03 04:16 PM
Possible spoiler
Okay, I have to say this out loud just once. In FLOM2, why would Rob return to the show unless he is the new host????? I have no insid
0 messages
07-07-03 11:16 AM
Secret revealed on TODAY show 7/7/03
Matt interviewed both surviving girls and when Erin was asked what her "thought process" would be if she were selected, she replied and ended th
1 messages
07-07-03 09:44 AM
And the eliminated girl is.... (and a great twist)
Okay, time for that filler... filler filler filler, now I wonder what I could use for filler to keep the secret off the top page at the moment...%
13 messages
07-04-03 05:57 PM
Lauren - where have we seen her before?
Does anyone else recognize Lauren? I'm sure I've seen her on TV before, but I just can't seem to place where.
6 messages
07-03-03 11:09 PM
Kelly. ::Sigh::
Kelly REALLY makes me sick. The tragic label queen bites the dust, finally. But how needy is she, and what kind of esteem (if any) does she
5 messages
07-03-03 04:46 PM
For Love Or Money 2 info from NBC
NBC has posted a small description of FLOM2... the biggest news seems to be that the second run is 8 episodes. [i]The sequel to one of
0 messages
07-01-03 11:28 AM
Can't they pick a guy with normal hair?
Joe Millionaire aka (the dude from the beverly hillbillies) and this new dude on for love or money. egads! That hair is sick (and I don't
2 messages
06-28-03 09:57 AM
NBC Bets on Second 'For Love or Money' ml?31963 Excerpt: "For Love or Money 2" will follow the format of the
1 messages
06-26-03 03:24 PM
NBC spoiled the elimination
Did anyone else notice the spoiler? When the commercial showed Rob looking at the checks, it showed only three checks with the final names clearly
5 messages
06-25-03 06:26 AM
For Love or Money -- Alima "forced to resign" teaching job /entertainment/6063926.htm With all the talk (some inaccurate about Mr. Campos and
12 messages
06-24-03 03:50 PM
did anyone see last nights show?
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 06-24-03 AT 12:11 PM (EST)[/font] [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON
2 messages
06-24-03 03:08 PM
"Consulting" by producers
What did that disclaimer about the producers counseling contestants on their choices say exactly? Is that why Rob left the Paige vs. Cristy C. deci
0 messages
06-24-03 12:13 PM
Possible Ending
I do know that Rob asked a female friend of mine on a date about a month ago. That was not long after the show finished filming. So it seems to me he
0 messages
06-20-03 03:53 PM
Interesting twist
During last night's Dog Eat Dog, there was a commerical showing an upcoming twist. It started out with the usual yadda yadda "...the one he pic
5 messages
06-19-03 10:58 AM
Someone pointed this out to me this weekend...
5 messages
06-18-03 11:41 PM
For Love or Money
Anyone see the show tonight? My Tivo stopped recording the last two minutes!!
9 messages
06-18-03 00:20 AM
Found another website
0 messages
06-17-03 10:51 PM
Can you believe that?
Oh My Goodness
11 messages
06-17-03 07:21 PM
"I Always Get What I Want... But Sometimes I Don't" *tear*
Quote of the Summer! "For Love Or Money". I hate myself more and more for watching this show. And that has to be one of the longest
0 messages
06-17-03 09:44 AM
Did anybody else watch this last night...
on AMC? I hope I put this under the correct forum. If not then please lock it and move to the proper forum. You knew it was bound to happ
1 messages
06-17-03 08:50 AM
For Love or Money/Rob lost his job? What a surprise! LoL
LoL, I heard on the news today that he lost his job because of the latest news about his military experience and from Monday nights showing. Why am
17 messages
06-16-03 06:42 AM
Dating show star let go by law firm
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 06-12-03 AT 11:13 AM (EST)[/font] /batc
0 messages
06-12-03 11:10 AM
For Love or Money / Forget the it's just down to money
My wife was watching last nights show with me and commented, " some kind of a sick joke. This guy has is foot on this womans butt
13 messages
06-12-03 00:08 AM
Rob from For Love or Money is a bad boy oc_o_day.shtml Here is some of what he did. If you want to know it all, read the above
12 messages
06-11-03 08:28 PM
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