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Way to go Rob!!!
Rob finally grew a pair and told Erin off! I hopw he's right, she doesn't get what she wants.
20 messages
09-02-03 09:26 AM
when is the finale on?? Monday night it's only on for 1 hour????
Anyone know when the finale is on??? It's on for 1 hour on Monday only, don't finale's usually last for 2 hours???? Am I
2 messages
09-01-03 07:58 PM
Eric from For Love Or Money 2 [View All]
Hey guys! I haven't been around the boards in a while, unfortunately, but there's something that's REALLY been bothering me since I first
60 messages
08-31-03 09:58 PM
I have a question!!!!
Hi everyone, I'm new to the board. I'm hoping someone can answer a question for me. Do the guys now have to make the decision to pic
1 messages
08-29-03 12:10 PM
Was anyone able to read the fineprints at the ned of yesterday show?
I was only able to read the first 2 lines where it was saying that the contestants were told about the chances of winning... Anyone please?%
8 messages
08-27-03 10:48 PM
Erin needs to wear shirts
that have straps, then she wouldn't have to keep pulling those tops up all the time. I find that very annoying. Wear something else for God's
2 messages
08-27-03 03:39 PM
Bye, Bye, Rob :(
He boosted up their ratings this time-and did look pretty good too. He'll survive. Who do you predict now?
9 messages
08-27-03 11:43 AM
What is this CONSOLATION PRIZE for Erin????
Each show has said in the opening, that Erin either walks away with the man of her dreams AND 2million dollars---or she walks away with noth
1 messages
08-26-03 04:46 PM
Erin's elimination tonight...whoa!
Wow...I am actually in the middle of the episode right now and I was so surprised...Erin seems to be really falling very hard for Chad I al
7 messages
08-26-03 04:24 PM
what is a DAW?
I am fairly new to the reality tv world community and I have seen people writing DAW all over, what does it stand for? Just very curious. Thanks%2
4 messages
08-26-03 01:05 PM
Didn't set VCR
Can anyone help me? i forgot to set VCR to record last night's episode of FLOM2, and would love to see it. Does anyone have a copy - we checke
0 messages
08-26-03 12:22 PM
This show is so frickin' lame. They bring Rob back. As a contestant in the game. WTF is up with that?!?! They contri
18 messages
08-26-03 03:26 AM
I wonder who gets booted off tomorrow (Mon Aug 25)?
I honestly think that it is gonna be Rob...I can't stand him anyway! He's boring and annoying. I don't think that it will be either Chad or Wa
1 messages
08-25-03 04:43 PM
The Final Twist (I Hope)
I think a great final twist is to have Rob spill the beans to the other guys about evrything that has happened before. Then they would also be told a
1 messages
08-25-03 04:37 PM
consolation prize for ERIN.. she walks away WITH something NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS....
They always say during the show before commercials or at the end of the show... that Erin will either walk away with the guy and the 2 million dolla
1 messages
08-25-03 12:57 PM
Something bothering me about this Rob idea of coming back!
Hi everyone, I really hope someone could answer me on this one... On FLOM1, Rob was aware that if he chooses a girl that will choose hi
13 messages
08-24-03 11:17 PM
Just thought about it!!
On the last show the 4 men had to answer questions on Erin and the one that knows the most Erin gets to decide who will go on which date. At first si
1 messages
08-23-03 08:19 PM
Is Eric Really a Virgin?
I read in an interview that Eric confessed to being a virgin on Meet My Folks and in an interview given shortly after he won the trip, he maintained
8 messages
08-23-03 07:09 PM
Erin needs some of her own medicine...
Seems Erin is sweet on Eric and could care less about the love aspect. She is trying to see which guy she can convince to choose her over the money.
9 messages
08-21-03 02:14 AM
Rob's return [View All]
Rob just did an interview with He said NBC told him they'd give him a second chance with Erin. He took them up on it 'Cause I really
22 messages
08-21-03 02:09 AM
Well,well, what will Erin do now? [View All]
I would like to think that what comes around goes around about now, but I think Erin will get rid of Rob next elimination. I don't think she was
44 messages
08-20-03 08:43 PM
Who seems most sincere?
I am actually kinda debating and going back and forth on who seems to have the most sincere intentions and would choose Erin over the money. So far,
5 messages
08-19-03 09:35 PM
Styling product abuse!
What's up with the overly generous application of hair product? We wouldn't need to import fuel if we just squeezed the oil off these guys' ha
6 messages
08-19-03 09:10 PM
For Love or Money Reunion Show
Monday August 25th we're going to be getting contestants from For Love or Money Seasons 1 & 2 together for a special Reunion show. If you would l
2 messages
08-19-03 04:47 PM
Extra 8 minutes
What's the deal with the scheduling of this show -- it seems to be scheduled for 68 minutes ending at 10:08 this week, and seemed to go past 10%
2 messages
08-19-03 03:06 PM
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