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Conferences For Love Or Money Forum (Protected)
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Erin in US magazine
Did anyone see the latest issue of US? It seems to imply a certain ending to the show, which I found a bit surprising... [spoil
6 messages
08-19-03 12:22 PM
LOL! Greg *slams* Erin!!!
We have to take those small, priceless RTV minutes as we get them. From Zora and Evan's "Disney" date, to the Survivor II elimination of Je
19 messages
08-19-03 09:16 AM
Erin lame or what??
I have to admit, in the first series of FLOM I really liked and respected Erin, although I was slightly disappointed she took the money. However%
17 messages
08-19-03 02:12 AM
Someone Fill me in please!
Can someone please fill me in....i was out tonight and my tape ran out right at the part where erin was asking rob about is intentions....please, so
1 messages
08-19-03 01:44 AM
I missed tonight's episode (Monday, Aug. 18), and my mother and I are going nuts! If anyone has it taped, I will be HAPPY to pay for a t
0 messages
08-19-03 01:16 AM
Final previews of the last 3 episodes
During last Monday's show, they showed a recap of what FLOM was all about...starting with how Erin chose the money over Rob, blah blah...yaada y
0 messages
08-18-03 06:02 PM
It just occurred to me that they could be filming a FLOM3 with Paige at the same time that they are filming FLOM2.
8 messages
08-14-03 00:01 AM
I have been watchin Paradise Hotel b/c FLOM2 is boring the crap outta me..but out of curiosity what kind of chemistry is there b/t Erin and each o
5 messages
08-13-03 02:34 PM
Who will she choose?
I think easily after tonight she picks Wade, Eric, or Chad, my money is on Eric, because she's always liked him and now she thinks he'll p
6 messages
08-11-03 08:49 PM
So NO-ONE has anything to say about the previews for next week [View All]
I must say I was totally shocked to come online today and see that noone had anything to say about Rob showing back up on the show. I guess we all exp
23 messages
08-09-03 06:32 PM
Who will be the last man standing?
I am not sure who it will be...yet... I see that Erin has the chemistry with 3 out of the 4 guys right now (Wade, Chad and Eric) but not Gr
1 messages
08-08-03 06:36 PM
Is it Jordan or Joe ?
Welcome to "For Money or Money Fear Factor style" I love the way all the contestants (oh wait...that's supposed to be suitors) tr
0 messages
08-07-03 02:56 AM
"They" TRICKED us-its all faked!!! [View All]
I waited for the last episode of "For Love or Money" all week and after all the suspense, what do we, the viewers, get is BULL!!! Eri
28 messages
08-06-03 09:15 PM
What Sorority did Erin Belong to at USC?
Hello All, Does anyone know what Sorority Erin Belongs to at USC?
0 messages
08-05-03 10:45 PM
I am currently reading "Women of the Pleasure Quarters" by Lesley Downer which talks about ancient Japan and the tea houses and Geisha. %0
3 messages
08-05-03 09:45 PM
Who took the money? ds/User_files/3de9a05a15baa514.gif
6 messages
08-05-03 12:14 PM
Is Rob the final man standing and Erin chooses him???????????
Looks like!!!!!!!! Next week the game is revealed to every one after VIC or someone takes the money and runs away.
2 messages
08-05-03 06:54 AM
Can I venture a guess on who the final 2 will be?
Based on the clips that they show, my guess is that it comes down to Wade and Chad V. I can't decide if she will go for Wade, who tried to make
2 messages
08-01-03 00:45 AM
Erin just annoys me
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-10-03 AT 09:52 PM (EST)[/font] I hate that goofy quirky fake smile. Doesn't she just look su
3 messages
07-31-03 07:10 PM
Those of us in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico can't believe they're bringing back that DORK !!!! ROB!!!
Rob was really boring on the first show, but maybe we will be able to laugh at his lame, totally void of character, personalty for a few days.
0 messages
07-30-03 11:54 PM
Song from last episode *URGENT*
who is the guy that was singing during the date with Wade and Erin?????
0 messages
07-30-03 02:07 AM
The song during the romantic dinner
Does anyone know the name of the song or who that was that was performing for Wade and Erin at the Hollywood Bowl? I really want to know! It is bu
0 messages
07-29-03 09:34 PM
Does anyone want to take on the task of summarizing this show? If the last edition is any indication, interest will build as we head toward the e
1 messages
07-29-03 04:51 PM
Is It Me?
Is it me or does Erin seem to be a spoiled, snotty, arrogant little brat??
2 messages
07-29-03 04:32 PM
Erin.... looks different?
Does it appear to anyone else that Erin has had something changed on her face? She looks totally different than on the first run of the series. I ju
5 messages
07-28-03 04:17 PM
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