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Windows XP question ?
I recently got a new PC that has windows XP on it, and ever since, navigating between pages on this site has become extreamly slow. I
2 messages
01-29-05 09:01 PM
Tag Lines
I would like to insert a longer tag line under my sig pic, but every time I go to the user profile area to do so I can never write more than thirty
3 messages
01-29-05 04:12 PM
Any help would be great. But everything seems to be still now. The "flame" that flickers, indicating a "hot" thread, the bouncy sig pics
3 messages
01-28-05 02:56 PM
How come my total DAW-ness is being neglected? cles/summarylisting.php?a=shakes+the+clown ...I recently stumbled upon th
shakes the clown
7 messages
01-22-05 02:42 AM
Does RTVW crash my web browser?
I think that this might actually be a general computer use type of question rather than a RTVW specific question, but I'm going to throw it out th
2 messages
01-22-05 02:37 AM
How do I cancel my membership?
I no longer want to be a member and want to stop getting email notifications.
1 messages
01-20-05 08:57 AM
a technical question followed by one about maybe etiquette
First, the technical question: I see on the Help FAQ that you can mark posts as having been read, but I don't see how to do it on the actual
2 messages
01-18-05 08:04 PM
How do I permanently link to a thread?
I have created bookmarks for a number of posts, but it seems when they go to archives the links no longer work. Any help would be appreciated.%0
3 messages
12-31-04 07:16 PM
Question for Webby
I am posting this question because there are a few others who might be interested in the answer. Do you know if Reality TV shows now genera
2 messages
12-24-04 12:51 PM
A Question About the Blue Peeps
Who are all of the blue peeps? And how did they become blue peeps? Not asking because I want to be one, I'm just curious.
1 messages
12-23-04 03:33 PM
banner ads not working
[font color=teal] the popup ones come in when you get to the site, but the banner ads are not working. just thought someone would want to
2 messages
11-30-04 08:24 PM
Live Chat
So its totally dead here at the 'restaurant' so I thought I'd try to see if I could get this puppy to go on to 'Live Chat'. It wo
probably clueless
7 messages
11-25-04 12:05 PM
Sig pic request question ?
I've read several posts that have been locked for asking if anyone can help/make up a sig pic. I was just wondering where would be the place to
11 messages
11-20-04 06:38 PM
About Search results
How do I go from one page to the next? To explain, I did a search of all the posts I'd posted, and I know there are more than 8. So, obvio
Sagebrush Dan
6 messages
11-16-04 09:03 PM
Expanding thresds
Here's a question I've had for a while. I understand the "view all" button for threads that have gone beyond the 20 post mark. But when I po
2 messages
11-12-04 10:06 AM
Red wavy flag issues.
My red wavy flag is going like crazy, but no messages. I've checked around from time to time, and yes, people are PMing me, but I'm not g
Sagebrush Dan
2 messages
11-02-04 11:57 PM
Have pic, but it's *.bmp
I have stored a sig pic as a *.bmp - the form it came in. However, it's an animation. When uploading, what do I choose? There is no *.b
8 messages
11-01-04 02:20 PM
Are there any rules or guidelines
about the meaning of an "Official" thread? In my view by custom "Official" threads are typically summary threads written by folks designate
2 messages
10-27-04 03:04 PM
Upload files - Houston: We have a problem!
Short story: computer crashed. I replaced C drive, NIC and have reloaded all programs. Everything works fine, but I cannot upload a file... no j
3 messages
10-17-04 03:29 AM
email webmaster
Hey,I'm a newbie. Canya tell? I set up username and want to change password they gave me. It says "user (something) disabled,email webma
3 messages
10-14-04 08:36 PM
New message notification
I must have accidentally checked the box that says "check here if you want to be notified of new messages in this thread" when making a post on Sp
5 messages
10-13-04 11:06 AM
I have to re-login every time I return to RTW
Even though I click the "remain logged in", I still have to re login. Fixable?? [font size="1" font color="green"%
Sagebrush Dan
7 messages
10-09-04 09:35 PM
could someone tell me how to upload a pic onto a message i want to post? /boards/User_files/3eb0825b1b
13 messages
09-15-04 08:57 PM
Recommended anti-spyware software
Probably an IceCat question - This latest round of adware/spyware attacks have been devastating. I can't currently sign in to RTW (or
1 messages
09-12-04 05:52 PM
I could use some help in sending private messages..please
Although I can get my e-mail, I can't seem to remember how to send a private message. Thanks.
2 messages
09-10-04 06:01 PM
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