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How do I make a donation to this site?
I thought I'd start a thread with a title that more specifically addressed this, since it's covered in a thread with a non-obvious title. %
2 messages
10-03-02 10:37 AM
Question about past IDs
I can't believe I am finally asking this question, but with the reveal of AK as flying squirrel, I thought I would ask. Can my DAW levels as Ir
8 messages
09-15-02 09:30 PM
Question about username.
Is there a way to change your username without changing the email listing? I can see creating a new email account and then reregistering, but I
3 messages
09-13-02 07:15 AM
Help with JPEG pictures
I have been trying to post some pictures in a post in JPEG format but they are turning out HUGE. On my computer they are the perfect size, but when
2 messages
09-12-02 03:50 PM
I Can't Log In
Please help me. For the first six months I was a member of this site, my username was sticks, and I had checked the box that says log me in autom
5 messages
09-11-02 09:49 AM
Dazed & Confused
OK...either I am super paranoid or extremely confused! I was responding with an update to a thread for the new Beverly Hillbillies Realit
Red Lady
5 messages
09-06-02 08:45 AM
Email Blues
Whenever you check off that little box on the bottom left side of a post; it asks you if you want an email sent to you, anytime that particular th
28 messages
08-31-02 03:57 PM
Font Issues, non html
Right, so I was about to post something, when all of the sudden, I rolled my scrolly thing on my mouse, and the font for the site got tremedou
4 messages
08-29-02 04:21 AM
Topic Icon Colors, Flames, and Locks
I understand what the lock on a topic icon indicates, but what is the significance of the color of the icon (blue versus yellow), and what doe
8 messages
08-19-02 02:56 AM
What does it mean when someone "flames" someone else?
Sounds stupid, I know. Although I have been lurking and have recently started posting, I've skipped/ignored posts where posters have conflicts
4 messages
08-08-02 06:00 PM
I posted a pic but it later disappeared!
I'm confused! (What else is new!)...I typed the http for a picture, verified on preview that the pic "took", then re-verified after
Red Lady
4 messages
08-07-02 08:53 PM
How does Mark All feature work?
I click Mark All at home, but when I get to the office it seems the same threads are coming up again. I thought this feature was tied into my logon
7 messages
08-05-02 00:40 AM
What is the Inbox?
I was just wondering. I clicked on it, and it never loads. [i]"Elementary, my dear Watson!"[/i]
2 messages
08-03-02 06:04 PM
How do I put words in bold when I post?
I've always wondered how to put some of my words in bold print. There are other tricks like this that I would like to learn if someone would be kin
10 messages
08-02-02 02:33 AM
Anyone Else with Problems with BigBrotherBites.Com Site?
I know at least one other poster, who is also running WIN 95 (yeah, I know, I know...But there are still bugs in the newer stuff and I%2
6 messages
07-18-02 05:38 PM
Search Function
The search function is a great feature around here, comes in quite handy sometimes. If anyone has any hints about how to use it, I invite all to
1 messages
07-18-02 12:47 PM
Problems with sig pic
For some reason my sig pic has disappeared from all my posts.Instead there is a box with an x in it.Can anyone help me fix this problem?
5 messages
07-13-02 08:48 AM
Please Explain What Numbers Mean in Forum Information Column
In the Forum Information Column, in the page that lists all the forums available, I have been watching the numbers posted beside the OT forum, w
5 messages
07-05-02 08:11 PM
Pictures in a thresd [View All]
How do I post a pic? What is the best size for the picture, so that the detail shows but so it doesn't become a burden? THANKS!%
22 messages
06-28-02 07:40 PM
Loading times for threads
I had a hell of a time loading lagre threads when clicking "view all" for ages. I actually started giving up on a thread once it past 30 posts. Th
Canada Girl
6 messages
06-27-02 08:25 PM
Webby HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am having wicked problems with SB today because of pop up ads. Everytime I try to access forum I get so bombed with pop up ads it vapor locks my ent
12 messages
06-14-02 10:10 AM
What is the Zero Tolerance Policy anyway?
I've seen it referenced sevearl times. I've looked around and done a search and I'm not really sure what it is. What is it? I'
3 messages
06-05-02 10:23 AM
I understand how to place a link, by typing out the URL: http:// . . . What I don't understand is how to edit it. %0
8 messages
06-04-02 05:38 PM
Can I use the SB logo...
as a link to SB on my blog? I already did it, then realized it might be some sort of violation.
3 messages
05-19-02 08:45 AM
What are the rules concerning vote change?
[b]Please explain the policy regarding vote changes.[/b] I thought I'd ask this because the polls in Spoilers start Tuesday nig
1 messages
05-16-02 02:28 AM
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