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How do I get those quotes along the bottom of a post
I see where they can be typed in if you want to do an individual quote, but several have the same quotes at the bottom of their posts. How do you d
Sagebrush Dan
6 messages
03-25-04 09:04 PM
"Annonymous Emails"
For becoming a part of this community, and if you can not use your work email address. What does one do?? My DH wants to join, but can not use
0 messages
03-25-04 08:58 PM
I hope someone can help.......
I have been having issues with my clock on my computer! I know it sounds silly, but it chugs along in warp speed. I'll adjust it to the correct
5 messages
03-24-04 02:36 PM
"Level" shading only appears in "View All" mode
The line shading that indicates what reply-to level a particular post is on is very helpful, but only appears when all posts are visible. Is there
0 messages
03-19-04 03:44 PM
Sure is slow
I'm experience slow loading. when I look at my browser it says Transferring data from and sometimes googlesy
0 messages
03-17-04 02:36 PM
I don't know any of the abbreviations people use and feel really it standard IM talk or what? what does IMHO mean? is there a diction
2 messages
03-04-04 09:22 AM
Am I an idiot?
I'm trying to get to the bar. I click on Live Chat, and nothing happens. I click like a maniac and still nothing. I did get to Select a T
Sagebrush Dan
3 messages
02-22-04 07:48 AM
All posts suddenly in large font?
I feel like I should be able to figure this out, but hey, there's this great forum for my dumb question, so ... Haven't been post
4 messages
02-16-04 06:12 PM
webtv issue?
I'm not sure if anyone else has had this problem lately, but whenever I come to this board, only the first four threads are shown. I can click
6 messages
02-02-04 01:36 AM
Getting Spam through email!
Got this in my email box just now. [i]Following email was sent from user roseguei2004 at Reality TV World Message Board Forums.
Draco Malfoy
5 messages
01-23-04 02:57 PM
ads at top with sound
Can you tell me how to turn the sound off on the American Idol ad. I understand the need for the ads, but it is a little long. Most of the ad have
7 messages
01-20-04 02:13 PM
Can't yse User Management either. What's going on here???
Gosh my beloved SB doesn't like me anymore! I can't do any updates with the user utility as I get this message: ERROR: User Man
5 messages
01-18-04 01:09 AM
Can't Upload Files/Images
I feel pretty silly for asking as I've never had a problem before, but I just tried to upload a file to enter into the WSC3 and I kept getting thi
5 messages
01-18-04 00:41 AM
Something wierd
has been happening to my signature. here's a link to a discussion of the problem on OT, as well as various solutions that have been offered, bu
2 messages
01-17-04 03:40 PM
Remain Signed In
I'm having problems with my account. Every time I come back to the site, I'm not signed in. And I've repeatedly checked the "Remain Signed
7 messages
01-16-04 06:26 PM
Annoying Pop Up....
I keep getting this annoying pop up asking me two download something from Gain, I can't get it to go away and it is messing up my posting, etc.
5 messages
01-16-04 04:37 PM
I want my monkey back
I stayed away too long and the board wouldn't let me log on as Calypso, so I'm back as Calypso redux, but I want back my snoozing monkey sigpi
Calypso redux
3 messages
01-07-04 05:28 PM
Changing my Username
I'm b-a-a-a-a-ck! Hiya Sleeeve. Have thought about what you said about changing my Username. Makes sense, but I'd thought I'd make one la
1 messages
12-27-03 00:38 AM
How do I get off from being notified?
As an uway novice, I checked the little square to receive email when a new message is posted on the thread. I had misread, thinking it was only r
3 messages
12-18-03 07:58 PM
more signature help, how to turn on the signature once it's set?
I did everything right and got the correct preview, but there's nothing happening on my posts. Is there a place I have to turn on my si
8 messages
12-13-03 11:30 PM
The small pop up ads
Sometimes I get a small pop up ad right when I open up SB. Not a problem, I certainly have no problem with pop up ads. However, when I click to
2 messages
12-09-03 06:45 PM
Abnormally wide format today on my posted messages
I went to post a message this evening, and for some reason the width of the text in the preview box was not the normal size. It was at some sort of
3 messages
11-29-03 03:12 AM
linux popups
I am using linux at work. the browser appears to be konqueror 3.2.1. I am having issues with popups. I checked the cookies and it is set to always acc
1 messages
11-23-03 05:52 PM
*** Please take our RealityTVWorld user survey ***
In an attempt to better present to potential advertisers (which should hopefully result in a better and less annoying class of ad
0 messages
11-21-03 01:54 PM
Ice Cat - can you help me?
I need help with a holiday sig pic. I'd like to incorporate a snow globe. Here's what I currently have, but it's boring and I'd like to sp
2 messages
11-18-03 02:34 PM
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