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FAQ: How big can my Sig Pic be?
Your entire signature should be limited to a [b]height[/b] of 60 pixels... This is so that the threads stay somewhat tidy, and are more fi
69 messages
02-14-06 07:29 PM
Logged in but no inbox
Hi, Just writing about about my Mom. She's logged in but does not have an inbox so she can't check for her red wavy flags. %
1 messages
02-06-06 01:02 PM
What Order to Post within a Thread?
Please help me . . . I'm uninitiated as this is my 1st time posting to a message board. Not only have the moderators (whose volunteered time keep
6 messages
02-05-06 05:33 PM
Graphics Whine
Even since I accidentally got rid of ArcSoft on my computer, I can't resize photos. I had a killer cicada photo that I wanted to post
5 messages
01-27-06 11:29 AM
I'm New - Trouble logging off
I hit the log out button and it takes me to "username & password" . I enter these b/c that's what it seems to want but I'm not logged ou
1 messages
01-25-06 11:48 AM
Will there ever be a message board for Beauty and the Geek
I really like the show Beauty and the Geek!!! I would like to post some messages about that show. Will there ever be a message board on that s
1 messages
01-19-06 09:26 PM
Will there ever be a way to mark individual threads within a forum?
Or is that feature already available and I'm just not seeing it? Thanks! ds/User_f
3 messages
01-19-06 02:34 PM
OK, so I know how to do marquees, BUT...I was wondering how I could make it so it was like one continuous thing? For example, I want to post t
Das Mole
4 messages
01-17-06 02:51 PM
IceCat, Help Please
My old siggy with a SBlows ident seems to have gone bye-bye, doggonit. I really love that smiling Woodstock siggy, have you got it saved. There
3 messages
01-06-06 10:26 PM
Problems accessing site
The past three days, there have been periods of a few hours during the day when I cannot access the RTVWorld site. The page appears to be loading,
3 messages
01-06-06 08:44 PM
HTML help
Hi. I want to know the code for making a portion of my background behind the text black. (Kinda like the way the SOTS begins.) I'm
11 messages
12-31-05 01:56 PM
Why do I see this site in EXTREMELY large print??
All of a sudden, between going from one post to another, the page popped up in HUGE print. What's this all about? Is there a setting I can c
6 messages
12-03-05 11:24 PM
Internet Question
This question isn't specifically about this site, but I know there are people here who could identify the problem. And it did happen while I was
9 messages
12-03-05 11:20 PM
maybe too real
I had to throw my two cents in after watching the real world reunion. First up. Nehemiah. As a black male i'm always pissed at MTV for ma
1 messages
12-02-05 08:06 PM
TAR All-starz
Go Linz XGo PaoloX XGo GaghanX I'm spending time on TAR all-starz, and i really don't want this to go out the window, because
2 messages
12-01-05 06:32 AM
Can't change settings? [View All]
When I try to change my settings I get this: The webmaster of this site has disabled User Management Console. To change your password or
24 messages
11-30-05 00:52 AM
IE Windows keep shutting
I am hoping someone can help. Something strange has started happening to my home computer. When I try to open more than one Internet Explorer window
3 messages
11-27-05 09:47 AM
Odd Pop-Up Occurence
I returned home after two weeks yesterday and found that every time I log onto any of the SB messages boards I get a pop up telling me that Windows 20
Canada Girl
16 messages
11-26-05 02:08 AM
where'd it go?!
i just posted on the s/o board, but i don't see my post? in fact, i don't see anything new on there. am i doing something wrong that i a
2 messages
11-01-05 06:28 PM
I'm sure you've heard this one a million times...
But how do I create a sig pic *embarrased newbie question*
Tough Cookie
7 messages
11-01-05 02:56 PM
How can I contact a moderator?
I just re-read the complete guidelines and would like to discuss something off-forum with someone “in charge” here – how can I do so? Thank y
2 messages
10-30-05 12:46 PM do I contact you?
I would like to bring a topic to someones attention that I think needs to be looked at.....thanks!
4 messages
10-30-05 11:31 AM
Republication of summaries
Question - what is RTW's policy on republication of the episode summaries we've written for the site? If we want to post our own summaries on a
1 messages
09-23-05 04:24 PM
A suggestion
I enjoy reading the episode summaries of various shows here. I wonder if, after a season is over, someone could put all the summaries t
11 messages
09-21-05 03:02 PM
Firefox issue with the boards?
Forgive me if this is something already known, or if I'm wrong in assuming this is the problem, but over the summer, I did two things. First%2
4 messages
09-20-05 07:00 PM
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