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Is there any way we could bump up the # of posts required to make a thread have single posts shown or all posts shown. For most threads on OT, 20
1 messages
06-19-05 00:33 AM
name change
Hi, I sent 2 e-mails to AyaK, who was listed as a moderator. I was requesting a name change - when I registered, I did not realize there was so
3 messages
06-08-05 01:19 PM
Question about summaries??
I was wondering how to become a reviewer/episode summary writer here? do I have to apply somewhere? Or do I just sign up somewhere?
2 messages
06-06-05 04:16 AM
Sig Pics
Is there anyone out there that creates these for those of us that are sig-pic challenged? Please??
1 messages
06-04-05 01:24 AM
Email Problem
I cannot seem to successfully disable my email. I have turned it both on and off and can still receive emails. How can I change that? %0
0 messages
05-12-05 11:09 PM
Server not found
Is anybody else experiencing server problems here? Recently, I'm finding that with some frequency, I get server not found errors. The page t
8 messages
05-09-05 02:27 AM
Changing Nickname?
Hi, is there any way to change my nickname from Steph_Fan to something else? Not that I'm not still a fan, and not that my 12 or 15 posts are
0 messages
05-01-05 07:43 PM
Oooh look at the pretty colors...
How do you get the text to appear in colors? What are the code names that need to be used for each color? Including invisible. http:%
3 messages
04-28-05 07:15 AM
log on email address
I used my school email address to create my profile. I will soon be graduating, so the address will be deactivated. I use hotmail as my active acc
2 messages
04-27-05 09:58 PM
Can someone help me with this
Hi. Can you change my name in my sigpic from Sharking49 ds/User_files/425eb70b1044
2 messages
04-14-05 06:53 PM
How do i put an image in my signature???
1 messages
04-09-05 04:17 PM
Red wavy flag thiny
[font color=purple] My read flggy keeps waving and telling me that I have new messages in my inbox, but when I go to check it there's nothin
2 messages
04-01-05 05:54 PM
Help with profile
Hey, this is what i get and other error messages. What do i need to do? ERROR: User Management Disabled The webmaster of this
1 messages
03-28-05 02:14 AM
Printable Summaries??
Hi I love reading topics on these boards, and I highly enjoy the summaries that people make about the new episodes. But sometimes,
1 messages
03-05-05 10:02 AM
Who's in charge here?
Was there a shake-up at headquarters. Why is AyaK now the only listed mod for OT? Or is something wrong on my end? http://commu
0 messages
03-01-05 12:43 PM
Is chat broken? It won't let me log on, says it can't connect to the server, etc.
1 messages
02-20-05 08:59 PM
Survivor Insider error
Not really an RTVW help topic, but maybe someone can help. I'm getting an "Unable to establish a connection with the server" error whenever I
1 messages
02-20-05 11:36 AM
where can I find the photo album?
Months ago, a thread was created for people to post pics of themselves. I know its true because I posted my own photo. Now I have no idea what the t
1 messages
02-19-05 02:18 PM
new at this
i am unfamiliar with a lot of the abbreviations people use some of them i can catch on to, but there's plenty i don't get ????
11 messages
02-16-05 05:03 PM
I hate to complain but...
Is there any way we can get rid of the pest control ad with the crawling roaches? It's creepy. :P Thanks, Mon
Mon Cherie
1 messages
02-16-05 04:59 PM
Posting Puzzler
Why is it that sometimes when I respond to a post, my post shows up and then I can continue reading other posts in the thread. But sometimes my pos
3 messages
02-13-05 12:52 PM
Web site not responding problems
I have noticed that when I'm AOL and go to post a message it almost always says "web site not responding" but when I go to post a message on int
0 messages
02-10-05 03:23 PM
User Management Console disabled - why?
Armed with the FAQ, I was all set to upload my first sig pic, so I began following the directions. When I went to the Lobby and selected Users,
Cygnus X1
3 messages
02-06-05 00:45 AM
I noted the other day that I seem to have some fan mail :) and I'm likely to do what I mainly do with emails: ignore or delete. I am curious%
5 messages
02-02-05 09:30 AM
Flash ads
Ok, I realize the need for ad banners and popups. That's fine. But is there anything that can be done about the ones that suddenly fill up the e
Draco Malfoy
1 messages
01-29-05 10:26 PM
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