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Could some of you...
...try to e-mail me through my e-mail icon? Just a test message. Apparently, various posters have tried to e-mail me this way, and I haven't
Cygnus X1
7 messages
08-13-05 01:52 PM
Friday 8-12-2005 morning--site slow
May just be BB HOH competition traffic, But the site has been slow for me from 9-10 am and volsfan noticed it too. Thanks.
2 messages
08-12-05 11:06 AM
stoopid question
why do some post have flames and others don't? what do the flames mean?
2 messages
08-02-05 04:57 PM
starting over forum
something weird is going on in the starting over forum... over the weekend (maybe since friday?) all of the new threads have disappeared. i jus
2 messages
08-01-05 12:13 PM
Posting A Reply
I'm new to this board and it is unlike any I've ever seen. I started a topic and received replies and I want to reply to them, but I don't se
1 messages
07-23-05 03:20 PM
Whats wrong with BB Bashers Site
You can't read any of the threads and it looks a little scrunched up. Just curious. It was happening about 4:05. http://community
0 messages
07-20-05 04:00 PM
I'm having a problem getting into chat that I never used to have. I would say it's been going on for a couple months now. Where it says to log on%
2 messages
07-11-05 03:34 PM
PM'ing banned posters...
Without stirring up a hornet's nest, can one still pm/email a banned poster through the RWTV boards? Or would one need their actual e-m
2 messages
07-11-05 10:08 AM
"Notify me via email when someone posts" option
This friendly checkbox no longer exists when posting in a thread. When checked, an email was sent anytime someone added to the thresd. Was eliminati
4 messages
07-08-05 03:09 PM
Ummm... guys?
I think we've got a porn pop-up coming up. All I know is it opens up a new full screen window at various times when I'm on here. Since we have s
Draco Malfoy
15 messages
07-08-05 10:49 AM
Please help the tech-challenged
I've figured out how to post a link, but I really want to figure out how to replace the words of the link....I don't know if I'm making sense%
3 messages
07-07-05 03:44 PM
Problem with posted messages
Lately (and this does seem to have gotten worse recently) whenever I post a new message to a thread and then try to go to the "Conferences" pa
0 messages
06-30-05 07:19 AM
Question about summaries
I just wrote my first summary (have I mentioned that yet?) and wanted to make sure I wasn't supposed to do anything special besides just posti
1 messages
06-27-05 03:53 PM
Photos/sig pics storgage
Is there a central location where my uploaded files are stored under my username? I've noticed that peeps seem to be able to pull out various sig
3 messages
06-22-05 06:27 PM
desparate attention @#$@#%# ????
did i miss something? yyyyy do we have this awful phrase connected to the listing of each post? aren't we supposed to refrain from serious pro
2 messages
06-21-05 08:16 PM
Search tool
Hi. I used to have no problems using the search tool within the archives or not. Now, it seems that I can only get a successful result
6 messages
06-19-05 07:04 PM
View all
Is there any way we could bump up the # of posts required to make a thread have single posts shown or all posts shown. For most threads on OT, 20
1 messages
06-19-05 00:33 AM
name change
Hi, I sent 2 e-mails to AyaK, who was listed as a moderator. I was requesting a name change - when I registered, I did not realize there was so
3 messages
06-08-05 01:19 PM
Question about summaries??
I was wondering how to become a reviewer/episode summary writer here? do I have to apply somewhere? Or do I just sign up somewhere?
2 messages
06-06-05 04:16 AM
Sig Pics
Is there anyone out there that creates these for those of us that are sig-pic challenged? Please??
1 messages
06-04-05 01:24 AM
Email Problem
I cannot seem to successfully disable my email. I have turned it both on and off and can still receive emails. How can I change that? %0
0 messages
05-12-05 11:09 PM
Server not found
Is anybody else experiencing server problems here? Recently, I'm finding that with some frequency, I get server not found errors. The page t
8 messages
05-09-05 02:27 AM
Changing Nickname?
Hi, is there any way to change my nickname from Steph_Fan to something else? Not that I'm not still a fan, and not that my 12 or 15 posts are
0 messages
05-01-05 07:43 PM
Oooh look at the pretty colors...
How do you get the text to appear in colors? What are the code names that need to be used for each color? Including invisible. http:%
3 messages
04-28-05 07:15 AM
log on email address
I used my school email address to create my profile. I will soon be graduating, so the address will be deactivated. I use hotmail as my active acc
2 messages
04-27-05 09:58 PM
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