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Dear Sig Pic Masters
Since I am approaching a milestone in DAWs (1000) I thought it would be nice to start a new millenium with a new sig pic. Below are a few things t
9 messages
05-28-03 01:07 PM
Pictures to add to SB Album [View All]
I have two pix -- one of me with my dog Pepa and one of me with my cat Monty -- that I finally scanned to send to you all to post in the SB Album, b
21 messages
05-28-03 01:03 PM
I'm having trouble getting into chat. It's a loooooooong story but here is the gist. My home PC has been flaking out, I was able to
1 messages
05-23-03 08:30 PM
Fancy links...
I want to make "fancy links" in my SOTS this week. Ya know like, "Matt-vs-Jenna" and have it link to that discussion thread. I read,
2 messages
04-30-03 08:37 AM
Can't log on from home [View All]
Why can't I log on from home? I try and I get the message incorrect password. I know I'm using the right password. Any ideas.... have to use AOL
31 messages
04-11-03 09:44 PM
Will javascript work in posts. I'm kind of doubtful since you can't place the functions in the header, but thought I'd ask anyway. %0
5 messages
04-03-03 03:45 PM
Security Patch for javascript
Regarding the Microsoft Java Script security patch Bulletin MS03-008. Downloaded as recommended by IT at work and now I can't get into chat. Is this
3 messages
03-29-03 01:25 AM
blue peeps- question about new guidelines
Hope someone can answer my question: On the OT board I asked someone to cut and paste the 24 summary from the FOX website (instead of j
2 messages
03-26-03 05:00 PM
RealityTVWorld Community Guidelines
[font size="3"][b] COMMUNITY GUIDELINES[/b][/font] The message board communi
0 messages
03-25-03 11:35 PM
what forum can I talk about the NCAA tourney in?
I posted in "other shows" and the tourney is another show but it was locked. Am I not allowed to talk about basketball?
3 messages
03-21-03 03:34 PM
Where is OT?
I leave for a couple hours, and it is gone. What's up? [marquee scrollamount="3"] http://community.realitytvworl
12 messages
03-20-03 04:00 PM
OT forum
Gone temporarily or permanently? And as a follow up, why? Thanks on behalf of us all.
0 messages
03-20-03 03:28 PM
My husband installed a software firewall on our home computer which was preventing me from posting. It also prevented me from accessing my User Profi
2 messages
03-19-03 01:09 PM
testing glow
<[table style= "filter:glow (color=silver, strength= 3,000)"][font color= navy blue] Just checking out the glow font t
2 messages
03-15-03 01:55 PM
Question on Guidelines
BlueMen/Women, Is there any kind of written policy that can be posted in OT as a reminder of the guidelines here at SB? There have re
6 messages
03-05-03 03:44 PM
Save drafts
I'm a loser, but isn't that what this place is for? The Help Forum, I mean, not SB :-) I am going to be doing an American
13 messages
03-04-03 06:06 PM
Music in a post?
How do I get music to play in a post I make? Kind of like the Halloween thread that Scribe had music playing in. I can't copy off her work, be
5 messages
03-04-03 09:50 AM
Signature Pic [View All]
I tried to put make a signature picture by pasting in the address of the picture... but when i posted, the url of the address (it was higlighted a
21 messages
02-23-03 05:06 AM
help please
dont laugh but how do you create a signature
3 messages
02-16-03 00:38 AM
TAR Boards Messed Up
Is it just me or are TAR boards messed up? All the other forums are working fine for me. But on the TAR ones a yellow screen comes up and then all t
4 messages
02-11-03 06:49 PM
Speaking of emails....
For whatever reasons, I don't seem to be getting ANY emails from SB. Never mind. It somehow got on my block list. dammit.
0 messages
02-10-03 02:27 PM
Calling all might Ice Cat
I have been trying to work with this sig pic to get me name on there somehow...either sandwiched on either side or something...the flaming image here
2 messages
02-04-03 11:07 AM
Is it OK?
Is this sig pic ok? And how do you add your name to it? Any help would be great!
9 messages
02-04-03 01:09 AM
Screen Caps for Exiled
Hi guys, I just got some video capture equipment and am wondering if it would be OK for me to put up some Exiled screen caps for everyone who didn%2
Chrissy gal
6 messages
01-28-03 12:31 PM
Replying to an Email
Um, hi. When another poster emails me, I must scroll down to the bottom of their message to click on the link in order to reply to them. T
8 messages
01-22-03 07:02 PM
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