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Help Log Out
Please help me figure out why I can't seem to log out. I will log in, check the boards, go to the lobby page and hit LOG OUT, I am directed to
3 messages
10-08-03 06:16 PM
DAW Level
OK,,, so what is with the "american Cancer Society spokesperson" thing next to my screen name. I am new to this site and noticed that there
2 messages
10-03-03 00:14 AM
Download Popups?
I'm getting a popup that I need to download this Micromedia Flash 7 thingy to view this site, every time I go to a webpage. I can obvio
2 messages
10-01-03 02:30 PM
need a sig pic
Ice Cat, I hear you are the god of all sig pics.. Please pity this computer illiterate mama and help me!! I am just looking for a rose! Sun
3 messages
10-01-03 00:52 AM
Sig Pic Master request
Dear SPM's, please take pity on a needy peep. I feel the need of a new siggie and would pay with smooches and hugs and wuggles. Some
11 messages
09-30-03 06:03 PM
Open In New Window
Just curious how you write it into the coding that everything that's a link automatically opens in a new window. Thanks. http://com
4 messages
09-27-03 12:50 PM
changing time zones...
How does one do this? I can't seem to find it as an option in any of the user menus. I'm sure I'll feel silly when it's pointed
2 messages
09-17-03 02:28 PM
Picture problems
I'm trying to put a picture in my post but it's not working. I clicked the upload your file, clicked on the browse, found the picture and got
2 messages
09-16-03 05:56 PM
Deleting Accounts.
I would like to delete my account, but I'm not sure where to go, any takers on helping me out? I feel stupid for asking but I wanna' know an
2 messages
09-11-03 02:07 PM
Duplicate Threads, Messages..etc etc
Just wondering..I lurked for a long time before beginning to post to the site and I noticed that on some of the boards BB specifically that duplicate
4 messages
09-04-03 10:24 PM
Internal Server Error
Have we ever figured out exactly why we're still getting this for about an hour at about 7am Central Time? It's like clockwork almost.
Draco Malfoy
5 messages
09-04-03 01:52 AM
Another error message
New error message today.... CGIWrap was configured with a server userid that does not exist on this server. The '--with-httpd-user' opt
0 messages
08-21-03 08:24 AM
Latest Error Message
SCRIPT ERROR!!! ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- There was an error in processing you
10 messages
08-20-03 07:11 PM
HTML help
I am trying to put the syllabus for the class I am assisting on Blackboard Courseware, and have it saved in HTML...everything is fine, except in p
6 messages
08-20-03 03:23 PM
I keep seeing messages where people say they are "adding filler" and I was wondering what the is the point? Is there a forum rule or something
3 messages
08-16-03 01:14 AM
I keep trying to post and getting an Internal Server Error from the site. What gives? ds
Draco Malfoy
15 messages
08-11-03 07:36 PM
is alerting anonymous?
1 messages
08-07-03 06:00 PM
Is there any way to add Canadian Idol to AI and AJ or start a new folder or something that has some sort of recognition so people can find it? Tha
0 messages
08-06-03 03:02 PM
Has anyone else had trouble with AOL? Every once and awhile the main page on Survivor and TAR mess up, and go off center...for example, they go
1 messages
07-25-03 10:17 AM
All the words are bold and huge..
It's just on SB not any of the other sites I visit. Like normally the posts and wording look perfectly normal sized, but everything on the messag
3 messages
07-21-03 05:55 PM
For some reason, I am completely unable to post pictures. This is what happens: ds/Us
4 messages
07-21-03 02:11 PM
Assistance with tables
I just posted this question on the OT board, but it really belongs here. I was preparing a post with a table in it, and followed the in
2 messages
07-18-03 05:42 PM
I find that I have to refresh the page a lot lately, particularly in OT, to get anything other than a blank screen. Sometimes it takes several tr
10 messages
07-02-03 10:00 PM
Help needed!!!
I was checking the amazing race board. it was fine and okay until a few days ago, when i checked, the threads are almost all from last year, and
2 messages
06-24-03 01:34 PM
Dearest IceCat
Thankyou ever so much for my wheels now could you please enlighten me on how I keep track of my two beautiful sigpics that you graciously made for me%
5 messages
05-30-03 09:33 AM
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