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instant messages
Is there a way on this site to do instant messaging or have private conversations?
8 messages
06-12-12 02:01 PM
Large font in "forums list" and its blue, cant upload pics either
forums aren't loading fully either. This all started 3-29 Thursday. ds/User_files/4c2
5 messages
04-01-12 01:34 PM
Spam threads
There has been an influx of spam threads recently that are lingering. Is reporting via the alert button still the appropriate avenue to take? I'm
5 messages
03-29-12 03:58 PM
Flickering Cursor
When I have RTVW site open, the cursor 'arrow' or 'hand' flickers. On this site and on any site I have open. When I close RTVW, the
6 messages
11-27-11 04:45 PM
Aggressive pop-ups [View All]
I realize that the advertisements pay for the site and everything, but is there a way to reduce some of "aggressive" pop-ups I've been getting
24 messages
09-06-11 03:31 PM
I'm playing in Hamster House & as the first HoH have had a LOT of pm's recently. Now tonite, I got another & after I answered it, it
5 messages
08-19-11 00:11 AM
Lost password
not me obviously - I'm here. But a peep has lost RTVW password. Can it be retrieved? http://community.realitytvw
11 messages
07-28-11 03:42 PM
The list on the side is gone....
Is it just me? Is there a reason? Will it come back? I kind of miss it.
6 messages
07-16-11 03:06 AM
Embedding videos
Could someone post the HTML and directions for embedding a video in a post? Thanks!
6 messages
05-24-11 00:57 AM
email spam
Is there any way to get rid of spam email - other than emptying the spam folder every day? It's an AOL account. I must have used m
5 messages
04-20-11 06:16 PM
Sent PM's
Just curious, is there a board setting to keep/store sent PM's as well as the ones received?
4 messages
04-14-11 12:07 PM
Using a public wireless connection
Wondering if anyone can give a simplified answer to how I can use a public wireless connection. My desktop computer fried the other morning when I hit
3 messages
04-03-11 09:55 PM
Under attack
Someone or something keeps trying to attack my computer, and it only seems to happen with this site today... Every time I change pages the attack a
15 messages
02-09-11 10:07 PM
Warning: Something's Not Right Here!
So Chrome informs me. Whenever I click on the forums, I get the [ me%20malware%20warning&u
1 messages
02-08-11 09:18 PM
It's time to play
virus or not! Scan picked up DC11.exe in a recycle folder which may or may not be a virus. I can't find anything definite, but I don%
2 messages
01-24-11 08:17 PM
watching videos
I'm trying to watch Tim Gunn's FB videos and it keeps stopping to continue loading. I can click the pause button & when I start again, it gor
10 messages
11-15-10 10:25 AM
Subscription to topics option
Hi, before posting this I did check topics back to 2007 and ran a search, but my results were from 2003, so hope this is not a much asked questi
4 messages
08-13-10 10:54 PM
linky no worky
Can somebody please help me figure out how to post this? The site where I created it says to just cut and paste to a message board, but it doesn%
3 messages
06-20-10 03:10 AM
HGTV's "My First Sale" Casting in Dallas!!
SELLING YOUR FIRST PLACE? Then HGTV is looking for you! MY FIRST SALE, the popular primetime HGTV show, is looking for first-t
0 messages
05-21-10 12:43 PM
Security problems
For the last week or so, my Avira AntiVir goes crazy every time I come to this site. I get at least one double signal with corresponding "A virus
0 messages
05-17-10 05:01 PM
Microsoft Word 2003
I'm trying to replace straight quotes with curly quotes in Microsoft Word 2003, but it isn't working. I've tried the Autoformat menu (check
3 messages
05-04-10 05:19 PM
Furniture used on Set
I recently viewed a reality show which had several classmates meet after several years so it was a resunion. They stayed at some hotel near beach,
1 messages
03-18-10 01:07 PM
flag waving
I can't turn it off. I read the new messages, but the flag still waves. It used to go away after I had read whatever message turned it
12 messages
03-15-10 09:06 PM
MAJOR pop-ups!
The past 2 days or so I have been getting a lot more pop-ups from this site than usual. Several times today they have compeletely taken over the page
5 messages
02-06-10 04:21 PM
Pictures for Dummies [View All]
Could I please get the severe dummied-down explanation for how to post a picture? Let's say I find a picture on the internet. For instance...%0
38 messages
02-03-10 04:17 AM
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