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new messages
Sometimes when I log in that little red wavy flag is there saying I have new messages, so I get all excited ([i][font size=1]yay...someo
4 messages
07-15-04 09:47 PM
Archive query problems
I've tried and failed numerous times now over the past month to search the OT archives for threads I KNOW exist. Even when not searching for anythin
5 messages
07-15-04 00:47 AM
Trying to get sig pic URL
okaychatt -Everyone is entitled to my opinion!
2 messages
06-13-04 12:27 PM
Component Download failure
Every time I bring up this website I get a message that Internet Explorer is trying to download a component. Then a message comes up and says download
1 messages
06-09-04 06:08 PM
Is there somewhere..........
.........I can find a record of Inboxes I've SENT? I know each response quotes my original message, but is there a "Sent" area, like ther
3 messages
06-05-04 12:19 PM
That darn GAIN Publishing pop up ....
is showing up again everytime I change message boards or even threads. Can somebody check it out please, it's very annoying. http:%2
8 messages
05-31-04 01:32 AM
What Is A Swoop
Can someone tell me? Thanks. Samboohoo
2 messages
05-28-04 10:03 AM
Please stop the Superstar pop-ups
I don't mind the superstar ad at the top of the screen but every time I change boards or post, a superstar pop-up comes up. I've closed about 10
4 messages
05-18-04 07:28 PM
Most recent replies aren't bumping
[font color=navy blue]I've noticd on OT that the threads are staying in the same place. Threads with new replies are halfway down while old th
5 messages
05-17-04 07:36 PM
what is comiccrawler and whose tribe is it on?
This is about the main survivorblows page, not the message boards...and it's probably not important, and probably just a techie thing that noone
2 messages
05-13-04 07:13 PM
How Do I Get My Old Username Back?
I used to post on this form several years ago under another username: Juicylicious. I'm now not able to log in under that name. I've tried cr
Mizz Eve
3 messages
05-05-04 04:26 PM
Response indent question
I know that when I respond directly to a post that my response is indented under the original post...but I have seen others that are not necessarily r
2 messages
04-27-04 04:57 PM
chat issues
problems getting in to chat-try to log in, get "wait" and it hangs. There's probably not much you can do about this but since it's being ban
10 messages
04-24-04 07:20 PM
How do I add a qoute...
How do I add a qoute.... Yeah it should appear under my sig. picture but i don't know how.... How do i get to my profile thingy... IM COFUSED!!
1 messages
04-21-04 01:09 AM
objection to language used by site
In my opinion, the site itself is violating its own rules, namely, Section III by referring to its users as desperate whores. I just signed ont
0 messages
04-11-04 11:37 PM
How do I get those quotes along the bottom of a post
I see where they can be typed in if you want to do an individual quote, but several have the same quotes at the bottom of their posts. How do you d
Sagebrush Dan
6 messages
03-25-04 09:04 PM
"Annonymous Emails"
For becoming a part of this community, and if you can not use your work email address. What does one do?? My DH wants to join, but can not use
0 messages
03-25-04 08:58 PM
I hope someone can help.......
I have been having issues with my clock on my computer! I know it sounds silly, but it chugs along in warp speed. I'll adjust it to the correct
5 messages
03-24-04 02:36 PM
"Level" shading only appears in "View All" mode
The line shading that indicates what reply-to level a particular post is on is very helpful, but only appears when all posts are visible. Is there
0 messages
03-19-04 03:44 PM
Sure is slow
I'm experience slow loading. when I look at my browser it says Transferring data from and sometimes googlesy
0 messages
03-17-04 02:36 PM
I don't know any of the abbreviations people use and feel really it standard IM talk or what? what does IMHO mean? is there a diction
2 messages
03-04-04 09:22 AM
Am I an idiot?
I'm trying to get to the bar. I click on Live Chat, and nothing happens. I click like a maniac and still nothing. I did get to Select a T
Sagebrush Dan
3 messages
02-22-04 07:48 AM
All posts suddenly in large font?
I feel like I should be able to figure this out, but hey, there's this great forum for my dumb question, so ... Haven't been post
4 messages
02-16-04 06:12 PM
Uploaded Files
Is there any way to list the files that I have uploaded? I want to reuse a pic, but I don't remember when or where I used it. I don't wa
0 messages
02-12-04 05:43 PM
webtv issue?
I'm not sure if anyone else has had this problem lately, but whenever I come to this board, only the first four threads are shown. I can click
6 messages
02-02-04 01:36 AM
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