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You tube help
Hi Webby and Mods, hope all is well Is there a way to embed you tubes, so that we don't have to click on a link and open another wind
0 messages
07-09-07 09:30 PM
Food Networks Next Top Chef
Is there a forum for this?
5 messages
06-27-07 04:33 PM
Did it again....
Whenever I open up the forums, they are in some weird order and I have to click "date". This just started. Even more recently is that they now
Sagebrush Dan
0 messages
06-26-07 05:43 PM
Difficulty with Live Chat
whenever I click on the "Live Chat" link, the page loads, but only partially. I cannot read the chat or participate in any way. The
5 messages
06-05-07 09:28 AM
Live Chat
When I go to the live chat section in "other fun" I can't get anything. I just see a small square with an X in it in the upper left corner of a
2 messages
06-04-07 10:38 PM
Can't log in at home
At home, I can access and read messages, but when I try to post, I get the log in screen; I log in; it gives me the box for writing my messa
8 messages
05-13-07 04:16 PM
FAQ: Invalid User ID
[b]Q: I had to create a new ID because my other one gave me an Inactive User ID error. Could you please fix it so that I can log in?[/b]
1 messages
04-24-07 10:09 PM
Addomg clip art to sig pics
Everytime I try adding a clip art pic using the opaque setting,as soon as I put the clip art on my background, the whole picture gets very grainy.
1 messages
04-23-07 06:55 PM
Downloading Fonts
I have what may seem like a dumb question but I need help. I try to download fonts but I'm not sure where to download it to so that I can add it to
1 messages
04-22-07 04:52 PM
FAQ: How Do I Add a Graphic to My Signature? [View All]
The instructions for incorporating a sig pic into your posts follow: Go to the 'Lobby' (the screen where all the different Survivor
286 messages
04-21-07 02:43 PM
Can I have my old account deleted?
Is there a way to get an old account I can no longer access deleted? I have tried every combination of passwords I use and cannot access it and wou
3 messages
04-19-07 09:56 PM
How to make fonts different
How do I make the font different OR a larger or smaller size? How do I leave a word in BUT draw a line thru it? How do I change the colo
7 messages
03-30-07 09:24 PM
Is it possible to upload smileys, from smiley central into your posts? If so,How is this done.
17 messages
03-27-07 05:28 PM
will this work
http// ds/user_files/45f335046bf6b53.jpg
2 messages
03-13-07 07:22 PM
wrong picture
I hope this is not going to duplicate a thread. If it is, I know I'm going to get locked. I have a different question regarding uploading. Ever
7 messages
03-13-07 06:21 PM
I can't find the Spring summary signup thread
I found the fall one last year, but can't find that one now, either. I'm sure I am overlooking somewhere obvious. Thanks, %
1 messages
01-31-07 06:53 PM
Please resize this
Came accross this on the net. And I like it! I'd like to use this as a siggie sometimes but it doesn't fit the guidelines. If someon
2 messages
01-31-07 06:07 PM
Is there a Rachael Ray forum?
2 messages
01-12-07 02:14 PM
HELP! Have to refresh constantly...
Just to get page to show up! OK, I am having a big problem, mostly at this site, but occasionally at others to a MUCH lesser extent...
5 messages
11-22-06 04:55 PM
Sort order is changed
Whenever I have come on for the past couple of days, the threads are sorted by number of posts, as well as reverse date order. For instance, th
Sagebrush Dan
5 messages
11-16-06 10:48 PM
I know I am stupid to ask but the only way I know how to post to a post is to click reply. How do you do it so your message is squarely under the one
11 messages
11-14-06 00:15 AM
What does DAW stand for? [View All]
I've read the FAQs but couldn't find it. What are the various DAW levels? The ones I've seen crack me up.
43 messages
11-12-06 09:36 PM
FAQ: What is a Bump?
This question has been asked often in the SO Forums, and it doesn't have a thread of its own here (although it's hidden in at least one other
Cygnus X1
3 messages
10-28-06 03:02 PM
FAQ: Why an I getting an 'anonymous email' error trying to register?
We define "anonymous email" addresses as free, web-based email addresses from places like Yahoo!, Hotmail, etc. Because ANYONE
0 messages
10-17-06 06:50 PM
Wait a sig pic isn't showing's broken...
The sig pic that I use in the Be The Survivor forum (my Cao Boi's Goatee one) didn't show up, and the part that is the name of the picture a
Colonel Zoidberg
3 messages
10-03-06 09:26 PM
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