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BlowsVivor Index
For those of you with no knowledge of BlowsVivor (an imaginary Survivor-styled game that was created and played on this board between Memorial Day a
14 messages
04-05-04 08:12 PM
HUGE NEWS: new reality show exclusively at SB.COM....casting applications being taken right now! [View All]
....well, I've figured out my summer project (besides being a full fledged media whore that is). It is with great pleasure that I bring you t
shakes the clown
53 messages
08-13-02 06:45 PM
HUGE NEWS: New reality show exclusively at SB.COM........cast appliations being accepted NOW [View All]
....well, I've figured out my summer project (besides being a full fledged media whore that is). It is with great pleasure that I bring you t
shakes the clown
33 messages
08-13-02 06:43 PM
Shakesvivor Audition Announcement..... [View All] s/User_files/3b05bdcc37beaa21.gif Shakes Burnett Production is looking for ONE pe
shakes the clown
50 messages
08-13-02 06:42 PM
Let's meet the ladies of Shakesvivor! [View All]
Before we begin with the big announcement, I want to say a few things about the casting process. 20 women tried out for the eight available spots a
shakes the clown
62 messages
08-13-02 06:41 PM
And now.......the men [View All]
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 05-20-01 AT 07:31 PM (EST)[/font] s/User_files%
shakes the clown
27 messages
08-13-02 06:39 PM
Shakesvivor Press Release [View All] s/User_files/3b05bdcc37beaa21.gif [I]Associated Press: May 21, 2001[%2
shakes the clown
23 messages
08-13-02 06:38 PM
Say hello to PepeLePew
Pepe just submitted his full BlowsVivor application retroactively. As all the others were published, I am posting it so that everyone can get a gli
6 messages
08-13-02 06:31 PM
Cast Photos to Date - 23 May [View All]
Sorry this is taking so long... :( Had to transfer these to a new thread as the edit timer ran out. [h3]Arrogantaussies
54 messages
08-13-02 06:30 PM
Ode to Shakesvivor
Where did it go, that one man show Some have called Shakesvivor? When it arrives will it really blow Or can we give it a high fiver
2 messages
08-13-02 06:28 PM
Another ode to Shakesvivor
Are you dreaming of being a star? Do you have what it takes? Will you give all in the boudoir Just to be with Shakes?
2 messages
08-13-02 06:26 PM
EITS Interview With Shakes Burnett
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 05-23-01 AT 09:10 AM (EST)[/font] [table cellspacing="5"] [tr][td bgco
18 messages
08-13-02 06:25 PM
*******OFFICIAL SB.COM SHAKESVIVOR SUMMARY, Episode #1........."Send In The Whores".******* [View All] s/User_files/3b05bdcc37beaa21.gif [B]DAY 1[/B] [I]it begins....[%
shakes the clown
53 messages
08-13-02 06:24 PM
The Early Guys Gabfest
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 05-31-01 AT 03:58 PM (EST)[/font] [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON
Drive My Car
18 messages
08-13-02 06:23 PM
SHAKESVIVOR EPISODE 2…BA TO THE RESCUE Last week on Shakes,,opps BAVIVOR our attention deficit posting whores were dropped
48 messages
08-13-02 06:22 PM
It's The EGG Show!!!!!!!!!
Yes folks it is that time again. Time for another episode of the Early Guys Gabfest- The Lame-o Show. Once again GG won't be with us sinc
Drive My Car
20 messages
08-13-02 06:21 PM
A Day in the Death of Shakes the Clown
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 06-15-01 AT 06:15 PM (EST)[/font] Well, I just got back from the post office, where a package
13 messages
08-13-02 06:21 PM
BlowsVivor Ep. 3 : "Spoiled Again!": Pt 1, Day 7
Hi all, For the moment, I am just pasting a link to Part One. I need to get some sleep before I try to post the text here. I got great advi
5 messages
08-13-02 06:20 PM
BlowsVivor Ep. 3 : "Spoiled Again!": Pt 2, Day 8
Warning: Spoiler! Do not read until you read Pt. 1 Again, sorry folks, but a link is the best I can do for now. http:
2 messages
08-13-02 06:19 PM
BlowsVivor Ep. 3 : "Spoiled Again!": Pt 3, Day 9, IC
Here we go, the IC. Yes, believe it or not, Day 9 was too long to load as one link by a few paltry bytes so I have to make 4 parts. Arrrg!
4 messages
08-13-02 06:18 PM
BlowsVivor Ep. 3 : "Spoiled Again!": Pt 4, Day 9, TC
Spoiler Alert: Read Parts 1, 2, and 3 first. No cheating! OK, this is all she wrote folks and about time too. http:
19 messages
08-13-02 06:18 PM
BlowsVivor Ep. 3 : "Spoiled Again!" Combined Thread, Pt 1-4
Hi everyone, here's one post with links to all 4 episodes. I can't think why I didn't do this in the first place except I could no long
12 messages
08-13-02 06:15 PM
**********OFFICIAL BLOWSVIVOR EPISODE 4***** "Silence of The Lamber" [View All] s/User_files/3b289ae42cb56d68.gif Previously on, ummm....Supesv..
37 messages
08-13-02 06:14 PM
**********OFFICIAL BLOWSVIVOR EPISODE 5***** "Ch-ch-changes" [View All]
Previously, on Blowing the Band: We see the groupie wannabes shopping. [b]VolMel:[/b] Does this top show off my perky
36 messages
08-13-02 06:13 PM
**********BLOWSVIVOR EPISODE 6*********** "Love Makes the World Go Round [View All]
Previously, on Blowsvivor... [EM]A former contestant decided the time was ripe for revenge...[/EM] [STRONG]VampK
23 messages
08-13-02 06:13 PM
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