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BlowsvivorBlows Recruits, It's Time to Vote....Episode 9
All right troops fall in! It's is now time to place your vote for next episodes bootee! I see how you've been voting as of late and I don't
168 messages
07-18-01 07:54 PM
I have an idea for a show
five women wit hdifferent points of View... Damn, already taken by Baba Walters But I think it would be cool if people wanted
5 messages
07-18-01 03:34 PM
Snoopy Come Home
Top Ten reasons Snoopy MUST come back: 10. Every dog has her day. 9. To keep the kittys at bay. 8. Because she is a real party animal
8 messages
07-17-01 01:13 PM
BlowsVivorBlows Tribe: Ep. 8 Voting Time
OK, let's get this carnival on the road, because Ep. 8 is a wrap and coming soon to a terminal near you. Please make this thresd slither like a
41 messages
07-16-01 10:12 PM
PREVIEW TEASER: Blowsvivor Episode 8!
[b]NEXT TIME, ON BLOWSVIVOR, we welcome you to another world--another version of another chapter of another story of people who live right nex
George Tirebiter
16 messages
07-16-01 02:54 PM
Where are the challenge spoilers?
Hey, isn't anyone out there figuring out the challenges from the vidclips? How am I supposed to make my reasoned wrong guess without any real c
10 messages
07-16-01 11:48 AM
Poll #3 [View All]
Nick them Vivors. Yes, amazingly, none of the players has yet got a Scerri or a Bitchell or nothin'! Oh well, they don't really need the
22 messages
07-16-01 01:56 AM
Important spoiler information
Okay... I know it's a long way away, but I was telling my uncle about how interested I am in Blowsvivor, and he reminded me that he was a camera
not sleeeve
12 messages
07-15-01 01:56 AM
PREVIEW TEASER: BlowsVivor Episode 7.5
[font size="3" color="ff8000"][i]Next on BlowsVivor:[/font][/i] [font color="800000"]* A reca
20 messages
07-14-01 02:22 AM
Calling AyaK for Reassurance
OK, AyaK, some of us are getting worried about your radio silence. I don't care about when you air the recap, I just want to know you're OK
6 messages
07-13-01 01:57 AM
Poll #2
Midway point, folks, check the eps and post your favorite lines from each. Get as goofy or as gufu as you wanna!
2 messages
07-10-01 10:35 AM
Poll Time!
It's nearly almost time for the merge and we haven't had a poll yet!? <gasp> Okay then, in this thread, post your guess as
30 messages
07-03-01 02:39 AM
BlowsVivorBlowsTribe! Vote! Vote! Vote!
This is absolutely the last time I'm doing this, I really mean it this time! Okay: This is a voting thread not a TTL, post your p
50 messages
07-02-01 09:09 PM
Official Blowsvivor Website Link... [View All]
Please... <shudder> For the love of all that's holy... Don't make me change the buttons again... <whimper> [%
36 messages
07-02-01 07:34 PM
***** OFFICIAL PREVIEW ***** BLOWSVIVOR Episode 7 "... and then there was one"
Next time on Blowsvivor... The AA and BB tribes are merged into one ... ... hidden alliances are revealed ... ... sec
16 messages
07-02-01 03:29 PM
Official Early Show Preview
Tonight on Blowsvivor... [center][i]Balance and stamina Is what it will take With Individual Immunity Next TC
5 messages
07-02-01 01:14 PM
The Biggest Scoop YET!!!
This Time I got it all! The BIGEST SPOILAGE OF BLOWSVIVOR to date! You remember the page from the disgruntel postal worker I posted la
6 messages
07-01-01 06:20 PM
More Speaking out from the BV Whores
In a similar vein to DK's thread, I want to start a thread for BV cast members and host to speak out about anything in their characters that feels
11 messages
07-01-01 01:32 AM
BlowsVivorBlowsTribe, Voting Time!
AyaK reminds us we need a vote thread before Survivorerist can post Episode 6, so let's get the show on the road. We all know the rules and w
35 messages
06-29-01 09:59 AM
Did Shakes really did the "right" thing? [View All]
There has been lots of praise for Shakes lately for creating interest in the boards during the interim Survivor season but, on the contrary, I thi
36 messages
06-28-01 08:55 PM
A BV Whore Speaks
As you may know, I just like us all to get along. And I have let some remarks and innuendos slide due to this philosophy. But now it is time for D
6 messages
06-28-01 02:23 PM
Episode 6 Preview: Love Makes the World Go Round
[em]Next week, on Blowsvivor... Some castaways find love...[/em] [STRONG]Female Voice[/STRONG]: He was w
14 messages
06-28-01 11:57 AM
Voting history to date
I don't believe this is on the BlowsVivor website, and I didn't want us to lose track of it: [table border=1 cellspacing=0 ce
12 messages
06-28-01 11:54 AM
OOPS!!! and a Scoop [View All]
[table cellspacing="3"] DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN!!! I should have known to never trust that skierdude! Hell it prob
35 messages
06-28-01 01:02 AM
A possible sponsor?
Word has it that SeeB.S., the home network of Shakesvivor, is courting new sponsors. Product placement has been the most heavily pushed method of
4 messages
06-27-01 06:45 PM
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