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A riot at the Monkey Hilton
Dear Blowsvivor LL Inc., Last night, your castoffs had a huge riot at the Monkey Hilton where they were staying and did considerable damage t
1 messages
08-13-02 05:42 PM
24 messages
08-13-02 05:41 PM
HawkEye's CornerTime with, well not Kismet [View All]
[center]http://community.survivorblows.- om/boards/User_files/3b5b547e09966896.gif [b]HawkEye's Cornertime[/b][/ce
21 messages
08-13-02 05:40 PM
BV Episode 13: The Glory of Conquest [View All]
[font color="BB0000" size="1"]NOTE: Special thanks to AyatollahKhomeini for his contributions, including the song choices.[/fo
flying squirrel
35 messages
08-13-02 05:39 PM
Huge huge spoiler...
I was checking out Survivorerist's official Blowsvivor website earlier today and here is what I found on the front page... ====%3
10 messages
02-01-02 12:46 PM
Radio ad for the recap? [View All]
Good heavens, it happened again. I've really got to be more careful about what I eat for lunch, because there seem to be some weird after-effec
26 messages
02-01-02 12:44 PM
This is it! The one, the incredible, the stupendous, most amazing, extraordinary, over the top, unbelievable, spoiler of all spoilers
8 messages
02-01-02 12:40 PM
Damn I pick a good time for a vacation, and this is in my inbox! I sure hope it is not too late :) http://communit
5 messages
02-01-02 12:38 PM
***BLOWSVIVOR EPISODE 11 Preview: "Nonsense and No Sensibility" [View All]
The New York Times calls it: [i][b]"Craptacular."[/i][/b] Roger Ebert gives it [i][b]“a middl
29 messages
02-01-02 12:31 PM
Shut Up And Spoil! [View All]
<purrs> Hello to all of you.. I was daydreaming about a certain Le Pew.... um.. I mean.. I was hired by SVB to um...rub up against the legs of the
23 messages
02-01-02 12:27 PM
Theme Song
Isn't it about time we had a proper tune for BlowsVivor? Something which would suitably depict this jamboree? Ayak had 'The Flame%
13 messages
02-01-02 12:21 PM
NEW BlowsVivor Spoilers!!!!
The Evil Dictator has blown it this time. I have recently uncovered a secret correspondence for the Ayatollah himself. It appears that the writers %
15 messages
02-01-02 12:16 PM
Well Done
I am taking it upon myself to say, job well done. I loved BV, and I was always so excited I had to read the end first. The writers, I can't
3 messages
01-31-02 11:04 PM
new PTTE thresd [View All]
Greetings all... (yes I'm back) Now that there are 7 left, may I suggest a new PTTE thresd to predict the order of the final 7 lead
28 messages
09-07-01 11:56 AM
BV Final 4 Vote Thresd: Still Chicago-style, so vote like the show's ending [View All]
Vote in the subject line like this here (except you'll want to use people who are still in the game, of course): Skierdude/Rhin
22 messages
09-04-01 03:54 PM
An Apology to the BV people
I want to apologize to you guys for sticking my monkey nose where it didn't belong. The BV game is really none of my business and I shouldn't
10 messages
09-04-01 00:09 AM
Come play Monkeyboyvivor
Hey guys, We're starting a new game of online Survivor and we need players. Go to
Art Vandelay
2 messages
09-03-01 10:12 PM
Commentary on the Friday Night Fights [View All]
To all posters in the BV forum, My apologies for the delay in responding -- I took the weekend off from the Internet completely. I was w
31 messages
09-02-01 01:17 AM
OT on the BV
I FINALLY got word from DALTON!!!! Woo-HOOOO! She sounds as feisty as ever, and will undoubtedly show up full of piss & vine
George Tirebiter
14 messages
09-01-01 01:44 AM
Compassion and Concern
First, let me apologize for bringing up this subject again. I know that many of you feel that enough has been said. Second, let me say that I am
0 messages
08-31-01 02:40 PM
Don't look if you don't want to know!!! SV2 Spoiler: Contestant list!!!!!
Don't ask don't tell. I can't really say how I got this list because the fuggin clown will kill me if he knew that I was releasing it. But,
not shakes
11 messages
08-31-01 02:12 PM
Now accepting appicaltions for Shakesvivor II [View All]
Now that Shakesvivor has been lauded by all on the boards as a "roaring success" (STC, from a thresd in BV forum since locked for absolutely N
shakes the clown
32 messages
08-30-01 07:07 AM
[b]Blowsvivor Ep. 12: Synchronicity...or... The Song Remains The Same[/b] [i]What does Ru
7 messages
08-28-01 07:58 PM
Shakesvivor a roaring success!!!!!
Everything I ever set out to accomplish with Shakesvivor has happened, that being that NONE of you people have even one ounce of what it takes to de
shakes the clown
15 messages
08-28-01 10:27 AM
BV Ep 12 Vote Thresd: Chicago Style (Vote Early, Vote Often)
Well, it's been several daze since Ep 11 appeared and yet no vote thresd has appeared. Or has one appeared and slid into oblivion, sucked under
4 messages
08-27-01 04:11 PM
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