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Kitty think?
So--the next installment of BV is coming from our beloved Dangerkitty. . . but as I just gained insight into feline thinking from a fragment of a cat%
George Tirebiter
6 messages
08-26-01 08:06 AM
Skeletons in the Closet...
GT is doing such a capable job of bringing us 'hos on dah go', I thought I'd bring up another standard practice of the 'Reality TV' realm.
43 messages
08-25-01 02:16 AM
Vote on pics of SS in "Survivor wear"
OK, I promised that if SnoopySucks was rescued/found I would post pics of her in her "Survivor Wear". Well, here they are as promised%3
6 messages
08-22-01 04:46 PM
***BlowsVivor Ep.11 Preview - The marginally less cryptic version
You're lucky I'm in a vicarious mood. A few more clues that maybe more spoiler friendly. [b][i]-->Dangerkitt
15 messages
08-22-01 02:30 AM
BV Ep 11 Vote Thresd Pt. Deucey
Since the original ep 11 vote thresd has grown too large for ItzLisa to load and highjack, I thought I'd start another one for those last minute v
8 messages
08-20-01 09:19 PM
BV Ep 11 Vote Thresd: Tribal Time-Share Time
No instructions. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt. I have no intention of tallying the votes--I'm just getting the ball rolling fo
69 messages
08-20-01 09:55 AM
IceCat Makes a Challenge... [View All]
Ads for the new television season are appearing everywhere... ... and some of the Blowsvivor stars are getting their own series!
55 messages
08-18-01 11:06 AM
How about a preview for ep 11?
Hey not SHAKES, if you're out there, where's the ep. 11 preview? Spoiling this thing is difficult with previews, but close to impossible
12 messages
08-15-01 00:21 AM
BV Survival Resource Log [View All]
18 days into their ordeal, how are the BlowsVivor players managing with the basics of survival? AyaK raised the question at the end of the EITS S
21 messages
08-14-01 00:20 AM
Omphalos in the News!
Check it Out! /ts/balloon_dc_14.html If I'd only known I might have used the bal
1 messages
08-13-01 02:53 PM
SnoopySucks' new ad?
I found this buried on the lot next to where she buries chiken bones. Needless to say I was shocked. It's a bit crude but it appears to be a c
11 messages
08-12-01 09:23 PM
Episode 10 VOTE THRESD !!!!!!!!!!!! ********************
Ok , you all know how to do this. Now don't screw it up. Vote in the subject line. DO NOT make this curvy ! Vote now!!%
Drive My Car
47 messages
08-08-01 10:04 AM
** EPISODE 10 PROMO ** "The Birds!" [View All]
Well, friends, I caught the promo for episode 10 earlier this morning, would have posted quicker about it except I had a couple of questions I t
31 messages
08-07-01 00:51 AM
Cameo for Pooh (and other spoilers)
OFG, thank you so much for the owl and rabbit connection. I can't believe a Pooh fanatic like myself missed it (note to self: must think outs
2 messages
08-06-01 08:25 PM
The janisella thread
Hmmm. There is absolutely nothing objectionable about this thread, but I have no other way to change the way it appears on the board -- DC Scripts
4 messages
08-04-01 00:22 AM
Ep 9 NEW Vote thread
OK, people, we don't need to force the BlowsVivor voters to load "Who's Still Awake 3" in order to vote. Therefore, I'm locking that
37 messages
08-01-01 02:35 PM
Ep 9 PV: "If You Want Somebody You Can Trust--Trust Yourself" [View All]
[b][font size="4" color="#FF0000"]If You Want Somebody You Can Trust--Trust Yourself[/font][/b] The Daws
28 messages
08-01-01 05:57 AM
Ep. 9 continuation
This is to alert you that Pt. 2 has been added to the main document of Ep 9. The new text begins with a Large Blue Heading indicating Part 2. Part 3
4 messages
08-01-01 05:49 AM
SPOILER! Ep. #9 Reward Chalange [View All]
Dudes!!!! These are kewl pix from the Episode 9 Reward Chalange. The queshtion is, WHO are these people, [b]WHERE[/b] are they%2
23 messages
07-31-01 11:39 PM
BlowsVivorBlowsVoters, Tribal Time! [View All]
This time I really mean it, this is [i]it![/i] This is [i]absolutely,[/i] positively, [i]definitely[/i] The Las
143 messages
07-31-01 10:26 PM
TopTen "Real" Reasons that OFG Hasn't Posted Episode 9...........
(for shakes...yeah, it was the clowns idea. I admit it.) From the home office in Wahooooo, Nebraska. I've got a little something
20 messages
07-27-01 09:52 PM
My Top 5 List for today. . .
Normally, I wouldn't stoop to posting someone else's comedy shtick. . . but today's mail brought a perfectly hilarious and topical entry relat
George Tirebiter
9 messages
07-26-01 11:07 AM
If you want something you can trust, it's not your email
Hi, this is not funny. I have the dreaded SirCam virus as of this afternoon...I will have to postpone writing until I get rid of it as it could pot
4 messages
07-26-01 09:29 AM
Apology for delayed airtime
Hi everyone, apologies that Episode 9's not up, but I'm experiencing major delays: one of two runways closed due to brainfog and other fligh
16 messages
07-25-01 11:27 AM
Ep. #8 SPOILER!!!!!!!!!
Listen up, folks. I have NO time for game playing today. I have spent the past three days following The evil Kismet, and her puppy AyaK, in hope
6 messages
07-21-01 03:40 AM
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