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Oprah's secret
Hello all, On the weekend a friend told me that she had seen a promo for a future Oprah show that was about a secret she was hiding. The
14 messages
01-25-07 05:29 PM
The New View Review.
...will have to be written by someone else, 'cause I can't be bothered to watch it. I'm just curious about whether Star broke into the set an
10 messages
01-25-07 01:43 PM
Worst SNL cast members [View All]
We all know who the best members of Saturday Night Live are(I vote for Bill Murray, Eddie Murphy and Will Ferrill), but not too many people co
26 messages
01-23-07 05:33 PM
What About Earl - Jan 18 Edition
I hope the lack of posts abuot this show don't come from a lack of viewers, because I really like this show and want it to continue.
3 messages
01-23-07 12:39 PM
7th Heaven
NOT a favorite.....but is anyone watching the new season on CW?'s getting pretty racy. ANd I read that it is based on Eric
3 messages
01-22-07 03:26 PM
Megan Mullally Show
I am not surprised that the Megan Mullally Show was cancelled. IMO, the show couldn't compete w/other talk shows that were more focused, alth
2 messages
01-22-07 02:55 PM
I watched iV once (it replaced Starting Over in Los Angeles' Noon time slot). Won't watch it again. IMO, the hosts are obnoxious.
1 messages
01-22-07 02:37 PM
Scrubs: the musical.
The single highest compliment I can pay: I would pay to see that on Broadway. Well, a ninety-minute version of that where I
3 messages
01-19-07 04:37 PM
What About Brian?
Really? What about him?
13 messages
01-16-07 01:24 AM
CSI: Vegas
I'm going to start with a little bit of filler just in case someone missed last night's episode. I think I have forgotten to mention th
7 messages
01-12-07 05:08 PM
How I Met Your Mother
Is it true that Canadians discovered the 80s in 1993? Let's Go to the Mall!
4 messages
01-10-07 11:46 PM
Deathwatch - The Clock is Already Ticking For... [View All]
Webby mentioned keeping a deathwatch a while back. We've done it different ways, including having people guess which shows would die first, etc
36 messages
01-08-07 04:55 PM
ABC can kiss my...
Bad enough they cancel my show (Daybreak) but when I go to watch the streamed video I get the message "Only residents of the United States can w
5 messages
01-07-07 09:37 AM
What do you think? I am enjoying it.
5 messages
12-18-06 10:22 AM
Nip/Tuck [View All]
Great new episode for the long-awaited new season. The producers were messing with our minds for the first few minutes. Good editing job with the var
40 messages
12-14-06 09:11 PM
CSI - Ep. 7.02
Did my recording end suddenly? I do not know who killed Danny Bonaduce? Last thing I saw was that Grissom found a photo or something while exami
7 messages
12-07-06 02:46 PM
Prison Break - Season 2 [View All]
Starts tonight! Yay! I know I sure am ready to have some yummy Wentworth eye-candy back on my screen. Let's hope that season 2 can ke
76 messages
12-05-06 12:56 PM
1 vs. 100
I can count two strikes against NBC's newest game show before ever seeing it. 1. It's hosted by Bob Saget, who is probably not in %5
15 messages
12-04-06 09:55 PM
Has Deal or No Deal jumped the shark?
The series started out as a mega-hot hit. Such a simple concept and potential payday. Howie Mandel is simply marvelous and of course the briefcase gal
2 messages
11-28-06 09:24 PM
Best New Drama: Monarch Cove
I like this show. I saw this on Lifetime on Friday Nights at 11 and it's pretty good. In some way I think it's like the OC mets Prison break since
0 messages
11-24-06 03:31 PM
SciFi Investigates
Anybody watching this new show with Boston Rob? It's sort of like unsolved mysteries but all sorts of wacky stuff is getting investigated: for
4 messages
11-20-06 02:07 PM
Ghost Whisperer
I love this show. I think that it is so creative. I love how every episode is different but yet the same. My favorite episode so far has been the orph
18 messages
11-13-06 11:27 PM
Hottest Males on TV over 35
Who else turns on Early Edition to drool over Kyle Chandler raise your hand. I'll start by saying ME!!!! As hot as the twenty something
12 messages
11-13-06 11:23 PM
the new adventures of old christine
is anybody lovin this show as much as me? i laugh so hard at all the characters...i love ritchie...and you can't top the "meanie moms
2 messages
11-13-06 11:19 AM
Has anyone seen this show? And what do you think? I watched it even though the critics have panned it as a snore fest just to see if it
12 messages
11-10-06 09:35 AM
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