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You know, Six Feet Under?? Haven't posted on OT forever, but I was curious if anyone watches this show on HBO. What do
8 messages
05-13-03 04:12 PM
farscape is on...
Just reminding folks. -- JV ds/User_files/3e552110403b9027.gif
0 messages
03-07-03 08:00 PM
Buffy to end
After seven seasons, Buffy is ending. Discuss. ory&u=/ap/20030226/ap_on_en
16 messages
02-27-03 00:52 AM
Fox renews 'Simpsons' through 2005, post your favorite quote.
Yeah! I am quite happy about this. Although it is a non-reality show, I has been my favorite for a long time now. And now we have two more seas
23 messages
01-18-03 09:20 PM
The Iron Chef
Are there any Food Network, [b]Iron Chef[/b] fans out there? If so, would anyone care to chat about the show? I have to sign off fo
Red Lady
55 messages
08-26-02 01:49 PM
Anybody remember Full House? 0602/images/olsens13.jpg I really never liked that show, but I did watch it a lot
80 messages
06-17-02 09:52 AM
South Park
It's 9:30 on a Friday night, so that means it's time for South Park. I just wondered if there are fans at SB. If so,
1 messages
05-31-02 10:17 PM
All My Children
Anyone watch All My Kids? Does anyone think that the new Kendall looks like Jerri from Survivor 2? Shes as bad an actress as she is.
7 messages
02-19-02 06:24 PM
Need a quick recap of the last 14 weeks of 'Friends'
OK, apparently there's no Survivor to watch this week (what?! :)) so I'm watching that 'Friends' show for the first time in 14 w
5 messages
01-25-02 05:42 PM
Has anybody seen the show "Bargain Hunter"?
It's a Brittish PBS show where they give two teams 200 "pounds" each and then send them out to flea markets to buy antiques. A week later they
7 messages
10-09-01 01:13 AM
"Boston Public" Theme
Has anyone seen the show on Fox, Bostin Public? Not only do I think it is one of the BEST shows since Seinfeld, I LOOOOOVE the theme song.. I ca
12 messages
04-20-01 03:17 PM
Is the La Femme Nikita show really over?
The series ended sort of like a warped love story -- true love prevailed but they can't have each other (bummer). Has anyone heard whether or n
0 messages
03-09-01 11:24 AM
Any more La Femme Nikita fans out there?
Irish: I saw your post and was thrilled to see another Nikita fan out there. I was horrified at the way the season ended this year but it was a gre
17 messages
09-11-00 10:58 PM
Iron Chef
I know I'm not the only one who loves this show. You have to love the level of respect they treat cooking with. They make a cooking contest into a
15 messages
08-16-00 09:01 PM
dennis miller on monday night football
in my opinion he sucked, im lookin forward to monday's game to see if he can redeem himself, just by saying genitalia dont make him funny. anybo
7 messages
08-14-00 05:02 PM
Monday Night Football
Wow, an interesting matchup. Rams vs Titans. I too get that sense that Dennis Miller isn't adding to the show. I propose ABC treat its viewers w
2 messages
08-14-00 10:08 PM
OMH! Is anyone else an Alias fan? I couldn't believe that season finale...I won't spoil it for those who haven't seen it yet, but I'd lo
16 messages
05-05-03 11:35 PM
TV Shows
After debating w/ my friends on what the best tv shows are, im asking u! What are the best shows on tv? i think scrubs, friends, and the
58 messages
04-28-03 02:18 PM
Law and Order faves
[font color=navy blue]I am fairly sure we have done this before, but who are your favorite characters? [b]ADAs[/b%5
27 messages
04-28-03 09:12 AM
How to ruin CSI: A petite rant
Two words-GILBERT GOTTFRIED. Like nails on a blackboard! There's not just one thing about him I find annoying. It is his whole person. The face,
19 messages
04-25-03 06:07 PM
Tribute to Buffy
Watching this weeks Buffy made me sad. There is only one episode left of this fantastic series. I have loved this series since it started. %0
19 messages
05-15-03 03:06 PM
CSI Finale
Sort of spoiler alert warning, don't read if you want next week to be pure. Now for the rest of you, hopefully there are some, how do you thin
Canada Girl
22 messages
05-15-03 06:15 PM
Buffy-- The Finale !!!!!
WOW !!!!! The ending was better than I ever expected it could be. It was action packed, hilarious and the final shot was classic.
16 messages
05-22-03 06:21 AM
Country Music Awards
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 05-21-03 AT 11:21 PM (EST)[/font] Did y'all watch this tonight? It wasn't too bad. Best o
24 messages
05-22-03 01:55 PM
Six Feet Under
Did anyone watch the season finale last night? Thoughts: Claire: I liked that we got to see what's in her head more. The scenes wit
Mon Cherie
3 messages
06-05-03 07:54 AM
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