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Battlestar Galactica Season Premier 1-16-09 [View All]
Where's Seana? I didn't really want to start this thresd, but it comes on in 35 seconds.... Who's watching? They've found Ear
29 messages
03-16-09 07:14 PM
Aside from a few things that were annoying, I rather liked this pilot. There was a lot of the pilot-y stuff, like the describing of the character
5 messages
02-11-09 05:29 PM
Scrubs returns.
Remember, that's [b]My Network Change[/b], 'cause NBC finally moved the show around so much it built up spin and flew all the way to
5 messages
02-11-09 10:52 AM
Damages Season 2
Did anyone else besides me watch last season? New season starts tonight, can't wait.
3 messages
02-10-09 01:56 PM
U.S. Skins fans thread- Who's your favorite cast member?
Greetings, everyone! :D My name is Donna and I’m helping BBC Video release the first season of Skins to DVD! As a big fan myself, I'm
4 messages
01-29-09 05:08 PM
Swingtown [View All]
Any watchers? I like it so far. There was a lot to follow in this first episode - lots of characters. I was surprised at ho
65 messages
01-17-09 06:33 PM
Dexter: Season 3. WDOJJMkxL._SL500_AA240_.jpg ds/User_f
8 messages
01-09-09 10:57 PM
My Own Worst Enemy - cancelled
It's all my fault - whenever I find a show I like it gets cancelled. No word on how many episodes they will air or if they will wrap everything up
13 messages
01-03-09 09:38 PM
NBC moving Leno to 10 p.m. slot 051.html?categoryid=10&cs=1 [i]NBC moving Leno to 10 p.m. slot Tonight S
3 messages
12-20-08 09:05 AM
Journeyman [View All]
I searched for a Journeyman thread and didn't find one, so if I missed it...sorry. This is another show that's growing on me. Is th
93 messages
11-24-08 10:12 AM
The Brave & The Bold
Camp. Deliberate camp. Megacamp.
1 messages
11-22-08 11:09 AM
The Ex-list
I would watch this every week if they would make Eric Balfour a regular. He was so much hotter as Johnny Diamont than Milo :) http:%
7 messages
11-20-08 08:51 PM
What can you relate to?
What tv shows do you guys feel you can relate to best?? I mean which ones really hit home and when you watch it you feel like you know exactly wha
5 messages
11-03-08 05:17 PM
My Own Worst Enemy
Premiered tonight, and I am a Christian Slater fan so I had to watch it. What did you think? Without giving anything away all I can say is I found
15 messages
11-03-08 01:39 PM
Bonnie Hunt Show
It will be interesting to see how long The Bonnie Hunt Show lasts. BH is a congenial host, so her show may not last (as was the case for The Mega
0 messages
10-29-08 01:12 PM
CSI Episodes Turned Into Movies
Ok, so has anyone seen the CSI episode “Burked”? Easily one of my favorites…I saw the last few seconds of an ad on tv the other day for a mo
1 messages
10-23-08 11:44 AM
Tribute to Johnny Cash
“Johnny Cash’s America” just screened at the Woodstock Film Festival, but fortunately, it’s coming to TV. On October 23rd at 9 PM ET, th
0 messages
10-21-08 05:39 PM
Worst of the worst Premieres
Have you anticipated something that you thought was going to be really good, only for it to turn out to be a dud. Or maybe you just "accidently%2
1 messages
10-10-08 08:50 AM
Brothers and Sisters - Season 3 (I think)
Out of everything that happened last night my favorite was a dressed up Nora telling Holly that William had another affair and had a child by her. Lo
3 messages
10-03-08 02:28 PM
Raising the Bar
Anyone besides me watching this show? I like it but I have a hard time not seeing Zach from Saved by the Bell!!! http://comm
2 messages
09-24-08 07:54 AM
Previews for the New Fall Shows [View All]
Anything intriguing you yet? I just saw a commercial for My Own Worst Enemy with Christian Slater. As a Slaterlover I really hope this i
31 messages
09-21-08 10:08 PM
The final season of The Shield.
I've been waiting for this one for a long time, and I know there are a few other Shield fans on these boards. The finale season starts Tuesday 9%
2 messages
09-16-08 03:04 PM
Torchwood [View All]
BBC America show. There's only 3 shows left for this season and I'm sad. I really like this show and Jack is hot. Which begs the ques
28 messages
09-12-08 10:22 PM
Gossip Girl
A new guilty pleasure. Loved it!
7 messages
09-05-08 01:59 PM
..another D.O.A.? I was kind of enjoying it whenever I could find it on, which was anywhere from 11:00pm until 3:00am. With such regul
0 messages
09-02-08 01:02 PM
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